Can I Bring My Kids to Wintrust Sports Complex?

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Wintrust Sports Complex is a multi-purpose sports tourism and entertainment facility- great for bringing your kids to have a funtastic day! From basketball and volleyball to e-sports gaming lounges, we have sports for everyone! If you’re asking, “Can I bring my kids to Wintrust Sports Complex?”, yes you can! You can bring your family for […]

Arcade Games and Laser Tag: The New Date Night

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One of the major complaints of any long-term relationship is that at times, it gets a bit boring. Stagnant date nights that are all the same, like dinner and a movie, get worn out after a few years. There are many ways to keep your relationship happy, but one of them is by keeping it […]

Making the Most of Your Watch Party

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When a big game is kicking off, and you want to make the most of your watch experience, you’ll likely begin looking at who you want to watch with and where to watch live sports. To make the most of your watch party, you’ll want to have the perfect venue to watch with your friends […]

The Hidden Health Benefits of Laser Tag

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Laser tag is one of those activities that kids and people of all ages love to engage in. What you may not know is how participating in laser tag can be highly impactful for your health, in addition to being enjoyable for people of all ages. So, what are some of the top health benefits […]

Summer Sipping at Station Grille: Our Favorite Drinks for Game Night

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Summer nights in Chicago are perfect for heading out on the town and enjoying a few delicious drinks. However, it can be hard to find somewhere that has cocktails, beers, and fun games! Wintrust sports complex has it all! Check out Station Grille for the perfect night out: drinks and games.  Summer Drinks If you’re […]

End of Summer Fun at Wintrust

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The end of the summer season and the start of fall can come quickly. However, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the time you have left before the leaves start to change and the weather chills more. When the weather begins to cool, but you still want to take advantage of the summer […]

Why Esports Parties Are So Popular Right Now

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Esports parties are not a new thing, although their popularity has increased tremendously over the last few years. For some, video games are a way to de-stress and unwind. For others, they’re a competitive sport. Either way, esports is a common theme for parties in Chicagoland.  Maybe you’ve stumbled across this article because your child […]

Why Arcade Parties are Making a Comeback for Kids

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Many adults have fond memories of meeting friends at the mall or the local arcade to play video games together during the weekends or after school. With the development of personal gaming consoles, gaming became a more solitary activity for youths. A different approach to socializing while gaming became popular.  The internet and advanced technology […]

Stress Less: Why You Shouldn’t Host Your Next Party at Home


You’ve heard it before: home is where the heart is. So it makes sense that a lot of people like to host their events at home. Plus, it might seem like the most convenient option. You don’t even have to leave your own home! But let’s be honest, most of the time the disadvantages of […]

Best Private Party Venues in Chicagoland

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When hosting a private party of any size or for any occasion, one of the biggest considerations you need to make is your venue! Choosing a private party venue in Chicagoland is no easy task. There are a lot of things you’ll want to think about.  Reasons to Throw a Private Party Who doesn’t love […]