Summer Sipping at Station Grille: Our Favorite Drinks for Game Night


friends having drinks

Summer nights in Chicago are perfect for heading out on the town and enjoying a few delicious drinks. However, it can be hard to find somewhere that has cocktails, beers, and fun games! Wintrust sports complex has it all! Check out Station Grille for the perfect night out: drinks and games. 

friends having beer

Summer Drinks

If you’re looking for somewhere close to home to enjoy a classic summer cocktail, look no further than Station Grille. Several of the cocktails have that summer feeling that everyone can enjoy. What would summer be without lemonade? Our Purple Rain Martini has that lemonade kick with a sweet sugar rim, and just the right amount of Deep Eddy Vodka. Another fan favorite is the Bedford Elderflower, inspired by Bedford Park itself, with elderflower liqueur and fresh lemon juice. And who could turn down a prickly pear margarita, that couldn’t be more enticing with its sweet, sour, salty, and fresh flavor? Summer cocktails in Chicago are easy to find, but only at Wintrust will you find delicious cocktails, sports bar-style eats, and game nights for you and your partner! 

Summer Beers

Station Grille proudly serves Goose Island beer on tap! A classic Chicago brand and summer beer, there are several varieties to choose from. Goose Island 312 was inspired by the city of Chicago and is a crisp fruity ale with a bright, lemony flavor. Perfect for a summer night, Goose Island’s Neon Beer Hug will light up your night with its electric and tropical flavor, unique to an IPA! For those who are looking for a comfortable and classic beer, Goose Island’s Green Line Pale Ale is a buttery and lightly sweet delight. There is nothing better than a crisp Goose Island beer, especially when you know it’s supporting our local Chicago companies. However, they aren’t the only thing on tap! If you’re looking for something classic, we have some of the best beers available. 

Sports Bar Eats

What’s a good drink without tasty bar food? Pairing a summer cocktail or beer with delicious sports bar food makes it twice as nice. For a quick bite, nachos or a huge Bavarian pretzel could be your go-to. When you’re in for a full meal, you can’t go wrong with our hearty sandwiches, burgers, and delicious salads. Station Grille’s signature “Smash Sauce” will make your night! 

friends having drinks

Drinks and Games

When it comes to having a fun summer night, it’s hard to find somewhere with high-quality drinks that also has entertainment. Drinks and games are the perfect summer night activities, especially when it’s so hot outside. Indoor activities can be somewhat limited when you want to go out and have a fun night. There are several ways you can have delicious summer drinks while still having a great time! 

Esports Gaming

Don’t forget to make a reservation for our esports arena! For only $10 per hour per person, our esports lounge takes drinks and games to a whole new level. Esports is one of the most fun, interesting, and new ways to be competitive. Esports is starting to get huge, so you can try it out for yourself and stay out of the summer heat. Millions of people all over the world watch, play, and enjoy esports. Maybe you could be the next champion! 

Laser Tag

While you may want to play laser tag before consuming alcohol (please drink responsibly), laser tag is such a fun summer night activity. Stay out of the heat and humidity but still have the time of your life! Laser tag can be a night out with your bros, a date night, or even with your family. Everyone can enjoy a good round of laser tag. 

Arcade Games

Drinks and games really come from the idea of arcade games. At Wintrust, our 4,000-square-foot arcade has games that suit every style, from modern to classic. Not only is it a great way to spend a summer evening, but it’s affordable, fun, and you can take it at your speed. Maybe you want to take a break and grab dinner from Station Grille or a snack from our concessions. You can spend $10 or $100, whatever works best for your budget. You can spend $20 per person and have a great night out with drinks and games at Wintrust, with $10 summer cocktails and our refillable arcade cards! Not only that, you can take your time at an arcade. If you only have an hour for a date night, cash it in at Wintrust. Maybe you have several hours to fill. Wintrust is the perfect place to spend whatever time you have. 

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Summer Events

Drinks and games don’t have to just be you and your partner or your close friends! Bring along your extended family or your entire office with our reservation packages. Custom solutions are available for your group, and you can make it whatever you want. Arcades aren’t just for kids! You can have the best night out with your group and make it look however you want. Too many summer events are boring and professional. Have fun and bond with drinks and games! 

Bring the Family

Another way to enjoy drinks and games is with a family night out. Maybe you have adult children or your extended family loves to go out! Wintrust is family-friendly, so you can even have a night out with your favorite people! Station Grille has an amazing kids’ menu and a very child-friendly atmosphere that you can enjoy even with your summer cocktails and summer beers. Playing arcade games, laser tag, and more with your kids will be the greatest family night ever! 

Make it Happen

Wintrust Sports Complex has something for everybody, and the best part is, you can come try it for yourself. Some things require a reservation, but for everything else, you can just show up! Make a memorable summer night with our classic drinks and games that you’ll remember forever.