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Facility Policies & Rules

at wintrust sports complex


The following rules are in place to make sure guests have an enjoyable and safe experience!

Facility Code of Conduct:

Please review Wintrust Sports Complex’s Code of Conduct.

In addition to providing excellent customer service for all of our guests, the Wintrust Sports Complex “Facility Code of Conduct” was developed to assist in providing a safe and fun atmosphere for all athletes, coaches and spectators.

Wintrust Sports Complex is dedicated to creating a unique guest experience. The Management at the Wintrust Sports Complex reserves the right to deny entry to the facility or eject fans displaying undesirable behavior, as determined by event personnel or management.

The following are several guidelines that have been established to ensure our events are successful and enjoyable for all guests.

1.    All persons are subject to search before entry into the Wintrust Sports Complex.

2.    Weapons of any kind are not permitted, including lawfully concealed firearms.

3.    You must be 21 years of age to purchase and consume alcohol. Your ID is required.

4.    No outside food or beverages are permitted, including coffee (personal travel mug allowed).

5.    No illegal drugs, laser pointers, selfie sticks, bicycles, rollerblades, or skateboards are allowed in the Wintrust Sports Complex.

6.    No loitering, trespassing, soliciting, or peddling on the property, inside or out.

7.    Cameras and audio equipment may not be permitted during certain events.

8.    Video recording or picture taking may be in progress during any event inside the sports complex. Your presence acknowledges your permission to use your photo on television, online, on social media, or elsewhere. You hereby waive all residual rights or claims, monetary or otherwise that might arise because of any additional use of the above–described material at any future date.

9.    All ticket sales are final – no refunds unless the event is canceled.

10. Doors typically open 30 minutes before the event starts unless stated otherwise.

11. No parking in the fire lane and drop-off zone.

12. No artificial noisemakers or helium balloons are allowed.

13. Lawn chairs are not allowed, only bleacher stadium chairs are allowed.

14. No fighting or unruly conduct will be tolerated – players, coaches, or fans in violation of this policy will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament and will not be refunded gate or player fees.

15. We will collect lost and found after each tournament and hold items up to 10 days following the tournament. If you feel you left an item behind, please call Wintrust Sports Complex within 10 days of the event.

16. All hours of operation are subject to change based on events.


Wintrust Sports Complex
Bedford Park, IL