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Take the stress out of Arranging Travel

Wintrust Sports Complex and AwayTeam Travel have partnered to simplify hotel reservation management for individuals and families participating in our events. AwayTeam’s expertise lies in enhancing the entire accommodation process, enabling teams to concentrate on competing and event organizers to focus on crafting outstanding experiences. This collaboration guarantees a smooth and exceptional customer experience, spanning from booking to checkout. By uniting all essential stakeholders, our goal is to provide an outstanding experience for every event attendee.

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Midway Airport Information

Midway International Airport is conveniently located just minutes north of our facility. It conveniently services Delta, Southwest, North Country Sky, Porter, and Volaris airlines as well as offering other services including on-site car rental and access to public transportation.

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Visit Bedford Park

The Village of Bedford Park is an Illinois Home Rule community located on the southwestern border of the Chicago city limits. The Village is near Chicago’s Midway Airport and is minutes away from downtown Chicago. It is part of an Illinois Enterprise Zone and is also an integral partner of the Illinois and Michigan Heritage Canal Corridor where the IM-HCC Visitor’s Center is located in the heart of the Village. We believe we have the perfect combination of a great place to live and a great place to do business.

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