The Hidden Health Benefits of Laser Tag


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Laser tag is one of those activities that kids and people of all ages love to engage in. What you may not know is how participating in laser tag can be highly impactful for your health, in addition to being enjoyable for people of all ages. So, what are some of the top health benefits of laser tag to consider when deciding what to do with your family or friends in your free time? In this article, we’ll discuss the hidden health benefits of laser tag, including how laser tag can be a fun way to exercise and help you to enjoy exercise in general. You may find yourself surprised to learn some of the impactful health benefits of this exciting game.

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Health Benefits of Laser Tag

Do you personally prefer playing sports to some of the more typical fitness activities, such as going for a run and working out at a gym? A range of outdoor and indoor sports have a number of comparable health benefits to some less fun fitness activities, so why not be entertained while you’re getting healthy? Physical activities such as laser tag have a number of health benefits to consider when you’re deciding what to do in your free time or simply what activity to pursue for your personal health and fitness. When you’re pursuing physical activities, laser tag also has the benefit of being an indoor activity, so you aren’t in the hot sunlight or exposed to harsh weather.

Some of the top hidden health benefits of laser tag include getting your heart beating, working your leg muscles, increasing your speed control, and improving both your fine motor skills and your gross motor skills. There are also other internal benefits to laser tag as a team or group activity. These benefits include improving your team-building abilities, developing your socialization skills, increasing your sportspersonship, and improving your strategic thinking. This activity also effectively reduces your screen time, which has its own unique benefits. Owing to these various benefits, laser tag can also increase your amount of healthy sleep.

Heart Beating

Cardiovascular disease is a widespread disease that affects many people each year. However, physical activities such as laser tag can work to prevent this heart disease by making your heart more efficient. As you engage in cardio through this activity, your muscles circulate blood more effectively, which takes some of the strain off your heart, and works to strengthen it.

Leg Muscles

Many of the physical movements of laser tag make it a fun way to exercise. When you’re playing laser tag, you are frequently dodging, crouching, and ducking, among other physical movements that focus and exercise your leg muscles.

Speed Control

When you are playing a game that requires quick reflexes, you are allowing your body to build up its speed control. You can improve your reflexes, agility, and speed as you build up your muscles and learn to move quickly to succeed in the game. Laser tag also allows you to work your arms and other muscles without any squat racks or weights.

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Fine Motor Skills

Skills such as flexibility, coordination, balance, and stamina all require practice to hone. Laser tag can increase your precision and other fine motor skills that can otherwise decrease drastically if you don’t use them regularly. 

Gross Motor Skills

Developing gross motor skills involves the large muscles in your torso, arms, and legs. Gross motor activities are significant to common physical activities you can encounter regularly, including running, lifting, walking, throwing, and kicking.  Playing this game can help develop your gross motor skills as you jump and run while aiming a laser.


Working on a team or in a group as you play a physical game can help you to further develop your teamwork and team-building skills. As a fun exercise for kids and people of all ages, laser tag can serve as a good refresher on how effective teamworking is a highly valuable skill at home or work.


Whether you choose to do laser tag as a treat, during free time, or as a part of a birthday celebration, this activity can work to increase your socialization skills. You’re interacting with others frequently during the game, building up not only your muscles but also your interpersonal abilities.


You can’t win all the time, and learning how to accept wins or losses in equal measure is another highly valuable life skill. In laser tag, you may win a game and then lose the next game. Through these balanced experiences, you can develop high sportspersonship, accepting wins and losses with equal amounts of both grace and humility.

Strategic Thinking

When it comes to developing your interpersonal skills, laser tag is a fun way to go. Beyond developing your skills, this indoor activity can also help develop the strategic thinking and other interpersonal skills of your co-workers or employees. It develops team-building skills, socialization skills, and strategic thinking as you determine where to hide and when to strike!

Screen Time

There are a number of impactful dangers and risks to high amounts of screen time. Many studies exhibit these dangers, especially for kids as their brains continue to develop. These risks aren’t limited to kids, either. With an activity like laser tag that doesn’t require screens, you can reduce amounts of screen time while maintaining high levels of excitement and engagement for all.

Healthy Sleep

You can burn off a great deal of energy as you play laser tag. With such a physical activity that gives you a solid workout each time you engage in it, you can be more assured that you’ll receive a good night’s rest. Laser tag is a healthy choice that results in healthy sleep.

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Enjoy Exercise With Laser Tag

If you’ve ever wondered how to enjoy exercise, look no further than laser tag at Wintrust Sports Complex. There are many hidden health benefits of laser tag that make it a fun way to exercise today.