Indoor Family Activities to Keep Cool This Summer


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Keep Cool This Summer

There is much to look forward to as summer gets closer, but what do you do for fun summer activities when it’s hot outside? There are many options for family activities this summer season that keep the excitement, fun, and bonding moments going regardless of how fickle the outdoor temperatures can get. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best things to do when it’s hot outside, including different indoor family activities to keep cool this summer. Enjoying the summer season need not come with compromises, there are many great activities to try together!

Family Activities During Summer Heat

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Summer is a favorite season for many, with endless new activities to enjoy that are less possible during the colder seasons. However, summer can also come with some intense heat of its own, and the Chicago area is no exception at times. Especially if air conditioning or a pool aren’t readily available or accessible, you may be wondering what some other options are to keep your family cool and happy this summer. 

Weather can vary as can the available activities, including in public spaces. Some of the top options for indoor summer activities include enjoying indoor laser tag, trying out ice cube painting, hosting an indoor summer party, rediscovering an old board game, playing some e-sports together, creating an indoor scavenger hunt, setting up a family spa day, and planning an indoor sports day.

Enjoy Indoor Laser Tag

When looking for indoor summer activities, one of the top options is enjoying time at a family entertainment complex. Far cheaper than buying the equipment or making the spaces yourself, there are so many fun activities to enjoy, with new activities each time you come. Enjoy one of the best state-of-the-art sports facilities for ultimate entertainment in one place, including some indoor laser tag that everyone can enjoy.

Try Out Ice Cube Painting

To avoid summer heat stopping family fun this season, try your hand at some ice cube painting! It’s an easy activity with little preparation or outside supplies needed, making your dollar go further toward keeping your family cool and entertained. Simply fill some ice cube trays with water and different food coloring options of your choosing. Get the family involved in choosing and mixing color options of their own between the ice cube spaces. Once the ice cubes have frozen solid, enjoy painting paper and other items of choice with the different colored ice cubes.

Host an Indoor Summer Party

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For more options for indoor family fun this summer, you can also plan an indoor summer party. This suggestion is especially great if you know anyone with a summer birthday or other event to celebrate during the hot weather. Keep the party going indoors with different options for a gaming birthday, sports birthday, e-sports birthday, or other summer party celebration. There’s always a reason to celebrate with family and friends no matter the weather, with options that take planning and stress out of the equation.

Rediscover an Old Board Game

Many families also have a few different board games on hand. It can be fun and a great bonding experience to show your family and friends some old board games you grew up with, enjoyed over the years, or to explore some new board games together. Take advantage of the heat outside that can bring everyone together under one roof and make a day of game discovery and rediscovery.

Play Some Esports Together

Multiplayer video games continue to grow in popularity for various players and spectators alike. Have fun getting in touch with your inner gamer and learning about some new and old favorites of your friends and family. E-sports games are fun for everyone, whether you’re watching or playing. Entertain each other in an e-sports lounge that has top PC games and the latest technology for all ages. You can stop by for a quick game or enjoy group battles and journeys.

Create an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Another top DIY thing to do when it’s hot outside is to create an indoor scavenger hunt using different items at home. Have fun customizing your scavenger hunt with the ability to make changes for endless new scavenger hunts later on. For younger participants, you can use pictures of items to look for. For older participants who might enjoy more of a challenge, you can use puzzles and riddles. Decide whether to hide the clues or write a single checklist of the items to find. You can use specific items, such as a toy car or striped socks, or keep the search more open-ended with searches for something fuzzy or blue.

Set up a Family Spa Day

For a relaxing thing to do when it’s hot outside, set up a family spa day. Enjoy getting a deep cleanse and relaxing together with cucumber slices for your eyes and robes for all, or you can get inventive with other options. You can make an easy DIY face mask from many different natural products you likely have on hand for another cost-efficient activity. 

Plan an Indoor Sports Day

You can also enjoy some more cool summertime indoors by planning some sports time or a sporting event with your family and friends. Booking a facility makes it easy to enjoy staying fit and active with loved ones at a dedicated and ample court space that is ideal for a friendly tournament, family basketball time, a cool sports practice, and other customizable options. 

Have Fun While Staying Cool This Summer 

There can be some unpredictable days in the summer, but you can still keep cool and continue having endless fun with different cool summer activities. The next time a summer day rolls around too hot for outdoor play, consider these top indoor family activities to keep cool this summer. Have memorable DIY time at home or out of the house with Wintrust Complex’s options for laser tag, parties, sports, and e-sports time that everyone can enjoy.