Arcade Parties to Keep Your Friends Happy


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Adult Arcade Parties That’ll Keep Your Friends Happy

Arcade games can make for many engaging and fun moments for people of all ages. The best part is older games stay classic and as beloved as time goes on and you grow older. If you’re looking to incorporate some of those classic games into a party, especially a birthday party that’ll keep your friends happy experiencing arcade games as you celebrate together, you may wonder where you can go. In this article, we’ll discuss adult arcade parties, including different party games, adult games, and some of the top adult birthday party ideas to get you inspired and having a great time with friends the next time you’re looking to celebrate with a great arcade experience.

Adult Birthday Parties

There are a lot of options to consider when you begin planning the next party or birthday celebration for one of your close adult friends. You may wonder what, if any, themes to incorporate into the celebration, what entertainment to include, and where to plan on hosting the birthday party. There are some great choices out there, especially if the birthday person has an interest in any arcade games. With an adult birthday party, making the right choices for the celebration can mean the difference between a party that flops and might result in partygoers leaving early and a great time they’ll remember.

A great adult birthday party keeps the birthday person in focus during the planning and execution, ensuring they have the best experience possible. Some of the top adult birthday party ideas include going to an arcade, playing some adult games, booking an entertainment complex, group card games, having a group potluck, indulging in a bar tasting, hosting a murder mystery, and having a costume competition. Each idea is an easy way to have a great time, ideal for a large party, and goes great with an arcade scene!

Go to an Arcade 

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If the birthday person you’re planning for has an interest in arcade games, an arcade is a perfect place to start when figuring out the birthday items, events, and location where you’ll host. Enjoy rediscovering classic arcade games and some of the latest games with your fellow partygoers to show the birthday person how much you know and care about their interests. There’s something for everyone with this venue as you have fun playing for different prizes.

Play Some Adult Games

There are also some great options out there for party games for adults. Keep your guests entertained and happy with a blend of some unique and classic party games you can easily modify for the number and type of guests. You can continue with an arcade-theme spin, or change up your party with games like Great Minds Think Alike, Who Am I?, Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare?, and Spoons. Let the inspiration flow toward these among other party games.

Book an Entertainment Complex

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You can also book some time in the other areas of an entertainment complex if you use one for your arcade experience. This idea valuably opens up your time, party event options, and party budget by using the same location for various stages of your celebration. Explore the wide range of entertainment, including laser tag, e-sports, and a full gym in addition to your arcade time. Enjoy the convenience of shifting events between wide spaces in one convenient location.

Play Group Card Games

Add some more variety to your party events with some card games alongside the other events. Some top favorites for adult card games include Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme?, Exploding Kittens, If You Had To…, Codenames, Search History, New Phone, Who Dis?, The Voting Game, Quickwits, and Hot Seat. There are many more options out there, but these are a great place to start. You can also customize these for taste and theme.  

Have a Group Dinner

Lean into a theme with the foods and names as you desire, or focus on taste choices the birthday person and guests will love, with maybe even some contributions from other attendees to add to the celebrations. There are selections for easy appetizers, finger foods, dips, wings, roll-ups, and more. You can enjoy this idea after your time out with the partygoers or take it easy choosing from the wide range of cafe and concessions options at the entertainment complex.

Indulge in a Bar Tasting


In addition to the wide range of cafe and concession options at the entertainment complex, you can also add a wine or bar tasting event to the adult party, either at another location before or after arcade events, or the venue with signature cocktails, draft beers, wine options, and spirits. Have some of your favorites and try some new tastes with the other partygoers as you indulge.

Host a Murder Mystery

As you enjoy the various arcade games, party games, birthday foods, and bar drinks at your adult arcade party, why not also add in a little mystery? Consider adding a murder mystery to the list of events. You can come up with the characters and plot yourself, with your fellow partygoers beforehand, (just enough that you don’t give away any big plot points), or you can sit back and enjoy a pre-planned mystery. 

Have a Costume Competition

In addition to or in place of the murder mystery idea, you can also have fun with a costume competition. If the competition is in addition to the murder mystery, everybody is likely already wearing the costumes, making this a cost-efficient party event addition. If the competition is in place of the murder mystery, you can come up with various original costumes or relate them to your arcade or another theme!

Planning the Best Adult Arcade Party

There are so many great choices out there for an adult birthday or other party activities, especially with an arcade. For the best adult arcade party, consider these top options that include Wintrust Complex’s range of customizable entertainment that’ll keep your friends happy.