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The Best Classic Arcade Games and Where to Play Them

Arcade games are a timeless, traditional pastime beloved by many generations. Many people have fond memories of spending afternoons or evenings in front of many of the best classic arcade games. The good news is, there’s still something to arcade games to interest current and future generations of game and electronics lovers. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best classic arcade games and where to play them, including some of the best classic and retro games. With so many options to choose from, this article can help guide you to some old and new favorites worthy of sharing.

The Best Classic Arcade Games

classic arcade games

Throughout the last decade, both arcade games and arcades themselves have withdrawn somewhat from the public consciousness, but there are a lot of timeless legacies to behold, experience anew, and share with friends and family. There are also a lot of iconic game titles with a legacy that lives on even for those less familiar with the arcade-style. Today and tomorrow’s generations can find a lot to love about many popular and famous retro arcade games to continue sharing their legacy with their own current and future generations of game-lovers. However, when it comes to these games, it can be hard to find the best classic arcade games and where to play them.

The original inspiration for competitive gaming and a significant part of technological advancement history, arcade games such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man are among the top choices for re-living and continuing the arcade game era. Some of the best classic arcade games to relive or try playing for the first time include Galaga, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Street Fighter II, Ms. Pac-Man, and Frogger. There are many more fantastic options but these top choices give a fun, diverse experience for old and new players alike.


For a classic fixed shooter game, be sure to try Namco’s Galaga. The sequel to Galaxian, this game was one of Namco’s first big arcade hits. You control a starship and work to eliminate the Galaga forces at each stage while avoiding projectiles and enemies. Some enemies can take hold of a player’s ship with a tractor beam. Rescue them and have additional firepower as a “dual fighter”!

Donkey Kong 

Created by Nintendo, Donkey Kong is one of the early platform game examples. The objective of the game is to guide the character, Mario, up and down ladders and through various platforms while avoiding the obstacles Donkey Kong throws. You want to save Pauline, the character nearby the angry ape, Donkey Kong, at the top of the game screen. 


Truly world-famous to this day, the highly addictive Pac-Man features the uniquely-colored ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. This game quickly became an icon of popular culture in the 1980s. The main character, Pac-Man, eats pellets to increase the player’s score. As the game escalates, Pac-Man faces off against pursuing ghosts he can eat for more points, unless one gets to him first! One of the most influential games, it established the maze chase genre.


Inspired by Spacewar, one of the first-ever video games, Asteroids is one of the original successes of the so-called Golden Age for arcade games. It is an iconic space shooter game created with vector graphics for a highly unique look. There are two threat types to choose from; flying saucers and asteroids, and a wrap-around map. Asteroids even out-sold Space Invaders to become a top hit for the Atari brand.

Street Fighter II 

A fantastic fighting game, Street Fighter II is the second game in the Street Fighter series. Enjoy the improved command-based moves, six-button configuration, combo system, and larger selection of characters to play. Each character has their own original fighting style, and you can play in two-player mode to engage your competitive spirit with another person. 

Ms. Pac-Man 

The original Pac-Man game gets a new spin and additional options with Ms. Pac-Man. Packed with more random ghost movements, flexible warp paths, and more types of mazes to choose from, Ms. Pac-Man is potentially a more fair, fun version of its predecessor. It also continues to prove a challenging retro arcade game for all to enjoy.


For a Sega game experience, try Frogger. It is an arcade action game in which you guide frogs one by one across a river full of hazards and a hectic road to reach their home. Many hail Frogger as one of the best arcade games, followed later by various sequels and clones.

Where to Play Them


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