Kid’s Sports Birthday Party


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How to Plan a Kid’s Sports Birthday Party

For a kid with a love for sports and who has a birthday coming up, there’s nothing better than a sports birthday party. A sports birthday party can be one of the best gifts for a child who has lots of energy, loves to run around, watches or plays sports regularly, and loves all the food, entertainment, and possibilities that can come from a sports-themed birthday party. However, you may not be sure where to begin planning for a kid’s sports birthday party. In this article, we’ll discuss how to start planning a sports birthday party for the sports-loving kid in your life, including where to host it and what events to consider.

Planning a Sports Birthday Party

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An important first step to planning your sports-themed birthday party is deciding on the specifics of the sports theme itself. Arguably the easiest choice is to focus on just one sport. Likely the kid already has a top favorite right now. Deciding the sport you want the party centered around will help guide the rest of your planning and decisions. Does your child like watching football on TV, playing soccer in the park, shooting basketball hoops, playing tennis on a court, or other specific sports activities? 

For a sports theme, a lot of what you need is your sport’s ball and/or equipment around. You can also plan the birthday party to include the Super Bowl, depending on the time of the year. A basketball, soccer, baseball, or other sports theme can also have similar locations in your yard space or a local spot. Some top ideas for a sports birthday party are a kid’s sports game, team colors and mascots, sports-themed kid’s food, favorite sports decorations, laser tag and arcade time, a team package party bag, a sports birthday package, and an awards ceremony.

Kid’s Sports Game

One of the top ideas for a kid’s sports birthday party is to have a sports game as the main event. For that ideal game location, nothing could be more safe, convenient, and customizable than an indoor sports complex. Booking an indoor gym area also provides your party with a private, realistic sports area for your game. At Wintrust Sports Complex there are 8 hard court options and proper court seating as a venue that helps you with your party planning for less stress.

Team Colors and Mascots

Another way to add some realism to engage your party guests is to also include more team specifics. Consider having the kids on each team side wear similar colors, such as t-shirts in the same color. You can incorporate these same team colors throughout your party decor, food, and atmosphere to further encourage game participation. You can also include team mascot names and mascot decor to this idea.

Sports-Themed Kid’s Food

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When considering what foods to sustain the party guests, sports-themed kid’s food is another fairly easy choice. Also, some of the best game food and kid favorites are the same! Include hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, and sports cake or cupcakes to keep the kids happy and energized for the activities. At the Station Grille, take it easy by having many sports foods and more, with options for the kids and parents alike!

Favorite Sports Decorations

If the birthday kid has any favorite athletes in the given sport, a cost-efficient decor idea is a cut-out of the athlete or athletes. The kids can take turns taking photos with the athlete cut-outs. A cut-out idea also works if you want to buy a generic athlete cut-out, remove the face portion, and let the kids be the athlete themselves in photos. Athlete and equipment cut-outs can also work as regular room and wall decor for even more sports aesthetics.

Laser Tag and Arcade Time

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Other active events to consider including in your party events are laser tag and arcade games, which you can do in the same entertainment complex as the kid’s sports game. These are easy activity additions for your sports birthday party that can cut down party costs, decrease time and transit restraints, and diversify activities for increased engagement. Continue the energy and competitive spirit while competing for laser tag team wins and arcade prizes. 

Team Package Party Bags

One of the best additions to a kid’s sports birthday party guaranteed to be a big success is team package party bags as party favors for the guests. Continue the sports theme through the entire event with a sports party favor bag of any small sports-themed treats and candy, reusable post-game water bottles, small sports equipment, sports toys, trading cards, and any winning or participation metals you desire. 

Sports Birthday Package

Another great idea to maximize your party planning, venue, time, and funds is considering a birthday package that includes some top birthday items. In addition to the benefits of a regular birthday package, using a sports-specific birthday package ensures you keep with the sports theme and endure minimal planning and stress in providing your kid with the best birthday experience possible. Enjoy a private room, court access, arcade access, and more in one!

Game Awards Ceremony

Sometime after the sports game or toward the end of the party as you choose, an awards ceremony is a great addition to your celebration. DIY some handmade awards, including awards for “Best Team”, “Best Player”, and “Best Goal”, among other options, and have fun presenting them to the players. Handmade sports awards make for great party souvenirs and help reward the party guests for their game participation and teamwork.  

Enjoy Help Planning Your Sports Birthday Party

Birthday parties for kids aren’t always easy to plan and can come with stress, budget, and time constraints. It can be hard to come up with ideas for events, food, and decor that maintain a theme. For your next kid’s sports birthday party, consider these ideas and planning help from Wintrust Sports Complex and enjoy an easier, quicker way to a great birthday party!