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How to Take Your Kid’s Graduation Party to the Next Level

When there is a graduation level you are celebrating for your child or other loved one, a graduation party can be one of the best ways to send them into the next stage of their life the right way. You want to celebrate how far they’ve come, the accomplishments they have made so far, and inspire them toward their future goals and success. In this article, we’ll discuss how to start planning your kid’s graduation party, including how to take your kid’s graduation party to the next level with some top party ideas and graduation party themes that you and your graduate will love.

Planning Your Kid’s Graduation Party

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When a beloved child in your life is graduating from school, including from high school or college, you want to throw them a worthy celebration to show your love and support for them, their accomplishments, and their continued potential moving forward into the next life stage they choose. When it comes to planning your kid’s graduation party, some of the top considerations include the party location or venue, party events, and food. You will want to have ample space, enough events to sufficiently entertain your guests, and enough food for the number of guests.

Amongst your other top considerations is whether or not you want a graduation party theme and how to incorporate the school colors and mascot of the school they’re graduating from into the party. The decor you use can impactfully elevate your graduation party with a highly-visual and consistent theme throughout your party space, events, and food, among other party aspects. Some of the top suggestions to take your kid’s graduation to the next level include personalized graduate decor, extra preparation help, abundant theme decor, indoor and outdoor time, creative outdoor lighting, a party package, two different celebrations, and party food out.

Personalized Graduate Decor

Nothing could be better to help you celebrate the graduate in your life than an abundance of personalized graduate decor at your celebration. An easy, cost-efficient decor idea, there is so much warmth and personality to having various photos of your graduate at different stages in their life throughout your party space. Add color, theme, and pattern aesthetics with DIY frames, photo strings, ribbons, striped paper, and endless other options to make the decor your own.

Extra Preparation Help

You could easily benefit from some extra help with preparation as you work to take your kid’s graduation party and graduation party themes to the next level. For some impactful help with party planning and activities, especially as spring and summer turn up the heat, consider Wintrust Sports Complex. With the easy booking and abundant options for indoor entertainment, your graduate will love spending some of their party time at Wintrust!  

Abundant Theme Decor

One of the easiest decor choices comes from the teams, mascots, and colors of the school your kid is graduating from. How can you incorporate their school into the party decor, food, and activities to maintain a consistent graduation party theme? In addition to a consistent school theme, you can add your graduate’s favorite colors, a “smart-cookie” theme with cookies, a taco theme, an “oh, the places you’ll go” theme, or more school vibes with magnetic chalkboards! 

Indoor and Outdoor Time

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Choosing between having indoor or outdoor celebrations for a graduation party can be more challenging than you might think. When the heat starts to kick in, consider dividing your celebration time between indoor and outdoor activities. Wintrust Sports Complex has different activities that everyone can enjoy, with an arcade, party spaces, laser tag, and full gym courts. Keep the party going strong regardless of the weather with a blend of indoor and outdoor time.

Creative Outdoor Lighting

Having some creative outdoor lighting for your graduation party can be a warm, inviting touch, especially for a graduation party with some party time outdoors. Outdoor lighting is essential for a graduation party that continues into the evening hours after the sun goes down, to keep the party going. There are options for store-bought or DIY backyard lights, and you can get creative in different aspects with material, color, pattern, and other additions to suit taste and themes.

A Party Package

Another top way to take your kid’s graduation party to the next level is to arrange your party budget during planning. You can make your budget go further with a party package. There are options for a gaming package, sports package, esports package, or you can have help customizing to find a deal right for you and your party goals. A party package can relieve you of a lot of your party planning stresses so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

Two Different Celebrations

For a high school graduate, the easiest party choice is a high school graduation party close to the ceremony. However, if the same graduate is heading off to college in the fall, you may want to also consider having a second party later on in the summer. This second summer party could be closer to the college send-off date. Maximize both your high school graduation party ideas and your top college graduation party ideas with separate parties for maximum celebration.

Party Food Out

For even more help with the planning and events of your graduation party, consider outsourcing your food options to the sports complex that already has some of the best party activities your graduate will love. There are endless options for appetizers, delectable main courses, and drinks for the adults celebrating too! Make the most of this special time and enjoy a new food experience together.

Taking Your Kid’s Graduation Party to the Next Level

Whether you’re looking for some top high school graduation party ideas or truly unique college graduation party ideas, these top suggestions can take your kid’s graduation party to the next level. With a little help from Wintrust Sports Complex, your graduate can enjoy the ultimate celebration with you.