Where to Rent a Party Room


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Renting a Party Room

If you are in charge of hosting a party for a friend or family member, that’s a lot of responsibility. You’ll want to ensure you deliver a fun, vibrant, and memorable occasion for everyone invited. One of the ways you can do this is by securing a party event rental.

Benefits of Party Event Rentals 

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An event space rental gives you access to certain perks and advantages instead of handling everything yourself. It might seem like a huge undertaking at first, but it will likely be much easier than using your own space for the same event. Having a private party at an event venue puts most of the stress in the hands of professionals who do this all the time!

Peace of Mind

If you were hosting a party at your home, you’d have a lot to worry about. You would be in charge of all of the decorating and preparing yourself. What if you live on a street with little parking? Where will all of your guests find a place to park? With a party event rental, you know all of that will be taken care of for you! In addition, you may be able to take advantage of discounts on things like catering packages, which is another huge bonus!


A lot of event space rental venues have experience handling all kinds of events from business conferences to kids’ birthday parties. This means that no matter what occasion you need the party event rental for, they know exactly how to deliver it. They can quickly adapt the room to meet your needs. The room could be unofficially separated into separate areas for different activities or used as one large room.


Your own home can quickly get crowded when hosting events. If you think your home feels small when just your family is in it, imagine how it will feel when 20 others are there – or more! Renting a party room means you’ll have much more space available, which means no one will be stepping on anybody’s toes. If guests have a little bit of room to breathe, they’ll be able to enjoy the party even more!

No Cleaning After

One of the worst parts of hosting an event? All the cleanup that needs to be done after! Obviously, you wouldn’t want to leave your room in a disastrous state, but much of the cleaning up won’t be your responsibility.


Does your home have an arcade, laser tag, or e-sports gaming room? Probably not. What about an onsite bar and lounge? At Wintrust Sports Complex, all of that and more is at your disposal. You are not limited to your private room, you can enjoy all of the great amenities we have.

How to Make a Party Event Rental Feel Personal

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Sometimes, a hired event room can feel like a big, impersonal space. But you can quickly create the atmosphere you are looking for with some simple decorations.  Keep in mind that you should always get the venue manager’s permission before decorating for your private party. 

Separate Into Smaller Areas

Instead of one large room, consider breaking up the space with different “stations.” This is an especially attractive approach for children’s birthday parties. With this approach, you can offer a wide variety of activities for the kids and keep them spread out throughout the space.

The Room Itself

Ask the venue manager if you are able to decorate the ceiling or the walls of the room. Can you hang a backdrop for a photo area? Will you be able to hang streamers from the ceiling? Could you create a balloon arch? The specific decorations you use will depend on the theme of your party, but they should be chosen wisely – and only with the permission of the venue manager. The decorations should serve the purpose of creating an easily-identified centralized party area.

Table Decorations

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You’ll want to make sure that your tables are adequately decorated. Whether you’re serving food buffet style or having themed place settings, the table decorations are the things that your guests will be seeing up close. These decorations don’t have to be anything intricate or complicated, but they should match the theme you’ve chosen. Confetti laid on the table or dinnerware should be chosen to match the color scheme. If you are thinking of having floral decorations on the table, be mindful of how large the pieces are. You do not want to create a barrier that makes it impossible to talk to the person sitting across from you. 

Think About Photos

Many parties today are also great photo opportunities. Don’t forget to consider how your event’s decorations will photograph as you’re setting up. Some people may even want to hire a photo booth. Or, you could dedicate a specific part of the room to taking fun pictures, with an attractive background and props.

Make It Personal and Unique

Most parties are designed to celebrate personal milestones, anniversaries, graduations, or birthdays. Personal touches are a great way to keep the party’s focus at the front of everyone’s mind. You can do so by incorporating names or the event into the themes or other favors. You could even make your own personalized banners. This is where you should feel free to get as creative as possible!

Party Event Rentals at Wintrust Sports Complex

At Wintrust, we have packages for parties of all kinds and for all ages! You can choose from one of our themes or make your own. Our most popular birthday party themes are gaming, sports, and esports. Each comes with a 2-hour room rental, unlimited fountain soda and water, and unlimited popcorn! But birthdays aren’t the only reason you may want to rent a room at Wintrust. We can build a custom party to fit businesses, families, and more.