Why Wintrust Sports Complex is the Best Option for Your Child’s Birthday Party


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Every child loves their birthday, especially when they get to invite all their friends and have fun together. It makes parties even better when there is a theme. It just makes sense that kids who love sports love sports parties! Wintrust Sports Complex is one of the best places to celebrate birthdays in Chicago, for kids, teens, and grownups alike. 

Sports Birthday Party Ideas

When a kid or a teen loves sports, it can be hard to find a venue to hold a sports party. At Wintrust, we offer three incredibly fun party packages to help you host the perfect sports party for any child, teen, or even adult. Each package includes some basic amenities, but also includes special benefits for a deal that fits any group. The party packages require at least 10 participating guests, but additional guests can be added for even more fun! Each party package also includes the full attention and guidance of ‘Birthday Party Concierge’ to ensure the safety of each guest and help keep the fun going!

Sports Birthday Package

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In the sports birthday package, for only $35 per person, guests can enjoy an hour of court rental, two hours in a private party room, unlimited popcorn, soda, and water, 2 large pizzas and a $15 arcade card for each guest! You can use the court time for basketball games and activities, but another fun way to use that time could be large-scale party games. The private party room is a great place to play as well as a place to wind down for cake, ice cream and the included amenities. The arcade is a great place to get some of the energy out, and no kid feels left out when they all have an arcade card! Everyone can enjoy a sports party like this while staying active and increasing their skills in a safe, family-friendly environment. 

E-Sports Birthday Package

Another sports birthday party idea is the Wintrust’s e-sports birthday package! With a very affordable price of $30 per person, the e-sports package includes many of the amenities of the sports birthday package, while including a two hour rental of the e-sports lounge! E-sports are one of the fastest growing activities in the country, with e-sports competitions and games continuing to delight and intrigue audiences around the world. The 12 available gaming consoles ensure fun for every player! Another reason why e-sports is so popular is that it is extremely accessible and inclusive. Kids with disabilities, or kids that don’t enjoy classic sports can easily participate in e-sports! While it may be difficult for some children to participate in more active or physical activities, e-sports are a way for all kids to have fun at a sports party. With the e-sports birthday package, you can enjoy one of the most unique places to celebrate birthdays in Chicago and still appreciate the other birthday package benefits!

Gaming Birthday Package

Last but not least, Wintrust offers a birthday package called the Gaming Birthday Package. For $35 per person, guests can enjoy the same amenities as the sports birthday package, minus the court time, but with an additional $5 per arcade game card and two games of laser tag per guest (with upgrades available). Laser tag and arcade games are some of the most entertaining activities available at the Wintrust Sports Complex, and each guest can play for hours! Sports parties are so much fun and truly are enjoyable for every age group.

Other Reasons to Hold A Party at Wintrust Sports Complex

Wintrust Sports Complex makes it easy for people to rent a space and have a sports-themed party, but there are other fun ways to hold a party there for perhaps a smaller group of people or for adults. Within the 116,000 square foot venue, there are options for groups of all sizes and interests. A sports party is just one way to enjoy the recreational activities available at Wintrust.

Entertainment Options

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For smaller party groups, court rentals are available by the hour, the 4,000 square foot arcade is open for anyone to play, and the e-sports lounge is available by the hour as well. Laser tag is also available by the game, and it has two levels for exciting gameplay. Room rentals are available for more intimate gatherings, even for work events and meetings. Onsite Wi-Fi can make these much more accessible for each group. There are plenty of fun ways to enjoy the party rooms and make use of your time there.

Food Options

One of the best reasons to hold a sports party or other party at Wintrust is the food! With an on-site concession stand, there are plenty of treats or entrees for any age group to enjoy. The convenience of a concessions style-restaurant is perfect for a more casual group that would want to run around having fun and can’t stop for a longer, sit-down lunch. However, a great advantage of using Wintrust Sports Complex is that not only do they offer a wide variety of fast and affordable concessions, but they offer a full-service kitchen and bar service on the second floor called Station Grille! Station Grille offers a variety of delicious midwestern cuisine including Chicago favorites. They also carry local Goose Island beer on tap, as well as signature cocktails and an assortment of other drinks. For an adult party, Station Grille is a great local eatery and bar, with a family-friendly atmosphere for those with children.

Why Wintrust Sports Complex?

If you want to experience one of the best places to celebrate birthdays in Chicago, check out Wintrust Sports Complex. With options for all ages and levels of activity at a fair price range, it truly is a great fit for anyone. With delicious eats, fun games, and more, there are many options for parties and get-togethers of all kinds. As a sports tourism and entertainment facility, it’s family friendly, easily accessible for everyone, and a great place to throw a party.