Sports Tourism versus E-Sports


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Everyone knows about classic tourism and the benefits it can bring to a city or town, but what is sports tourism? Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing divisions of tourism, and that is due to America’s love of playing and watching sports, no matter how far they have to go. Many Americans are also adding sports-related tourist attractions to their unrelated trips. In the Chicago area, Wintrust Sports Complex is the perfect place to enjoy sports and e-sports tourism!

What is Sports Tourism?

One of the classic, larger examples of sports tourism are the Olympic games. Whichever city hosts the Olympics experiences a huge influx of tourists for about six months before the games begin until about six months after they end. However, it is expensive for a city to host the games as well. More moderate sports tourism includes playoff games like bowl games, championships, big rivalry games, and more. Smaller-scale sports tourism includes youth and amateur sports, and has a lot to do with young athletes travelling with their families for tournaments and other competitions, along with families or others on vacation who need activities to fill their trip. A place like Wintrust Sports Complex meets both of those needs! Sports tourism is a gold mine of excitement for both spectators and participants.

E-Sports Tourism

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The newest sport in sports tourism is e-sports! E-sports is one of the hottest new sports, attracting professional players and amateur gamers from all over the world. This is an explosive, billion-dollar industry! E-sports are different from other sports because they are competitions within video games. Everyone can participate regardless of age or physical stamina, which makes it much more accessible to the public.Younger generations are swarming to these events, creating an entirely new level of tourism. E-sports tourism is the future of tourism, and there are many reasons to embrace it. 55% of Gen Z kids say they would rather interact with or watch video games than watch television. That’s a big audience!

Why is Sports Tourism Important?

The benefits of sports tourism and e-sports tourism are easy to see, especially in a big city like Chicago.

Fun for All Ages

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Family friendly events are hard to find on vacation, especially because family friendly events often are not fun for the parents. Sports and e-sports events are fun for everyone! They invite people to become invested in something they love, but you don’t even have to know the rules of the game to have a good time. Many adults love to reminisce over their times as children attending sporting events with their families or playing on the original Nintendo or Atari gaming systems. They may not remember exactly what happened in the game, but they will remember how they felt with their family and how much fun they had. That is one of the best benefits of sports tourism, both for the families and for the event organizers involved.

Immersive Experience for Everyone

Another great benefit of sports tourism is that it isn’t just sitting and watching something. It can be as immersive as you want, and there are more things to do than just going to the games. Many sports and e-sports venues offer on-site food, which can range from a snack bar to a full-service kitchen and bar. At Wintrust Sports complex, between games or if you need a break from a game, you can enjoy arcade games, laser tag, and more. E-sports especially have a great benefit for crowd participation and even minor league tournaments can compete at the same time. While in traditional sports there isn’t much of an actual participation side, in e-sports, the fans have a lot to do with what occurs in the games and it can be very immersive. E-sports are the future of sports, and right now is the perfect time to give it a try! The economic impact of e-sports events is just beginning to unfold. 

Sports and E-Sports Tourism

While the tourism industry fluctuates, people globally have always loved sports. Many people live their lives completely immersed in sports. It is something that brings people together, creates bonds, and embraces teamwork and other important values. E-sports tourism may be only beginning, but take one glimpse at the huge impact it has made in countries like South Korea, and you can see the economic impact that e-sports can have. Sports are accessible for everyone and they bring happiness and fun into the lives of all who enjoy them.