Unique Birthday Parties for Your Sports Fan


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Unique Birthday Parties for Your Sports Fan

If you have a passionate sports fan in your life and you want to go all out for their birthday this year, a sports-themed party seems like the right call to make. Whether it’s a husband, wife, friend, child, or anyone in between, there are sports party ideas littered across the internet waiting to be turned into a reality. 

Depending on the sport of your person’s choice, you can have a lot of fun with decorations, party locations, and more. We’ll give you some unique sports-themed party ideas for the special occasion. 


Why a Sports-Themed Party?

To put it simply, throwing a sports-themed party for your loved one shows that you take interest and care about something that brings them joy. Whether this person is a professional athlete or your daughter who plays club soccer, a sports-themed party can bring all of the party-goers together through incorporating team activities. 

Contrary to popular belief, sports parties are not just for kids. It can be fun for adults to step out of their serious party persona for a couple of hours, and enjoy a little healthy competition. It even gives those who might be considered on the fringe of a group a chance to get to know the others better. With a sports-themed birthday party, no team member gets left out or left behind. 

In addition to being a great way for kids or adults (or a combination of both) to socialize, creating a playful environment for your special one’s birthday party will create memories that will last a lifetime. So go out on a limb and plan your sports fan’s birthday party with games, activities, and decorations that they’ll love. 

Parties for Your Sports Fan

So now that you’ve dedicated yourself to planning a sports-themed birthday party, it’s time to pick out a theme. Of course, base the theme off of whichever sport your loved one likes the most. Or, if you’re lucky enough to call someone who plays multiple sports a friend or family member, combine some of these ideas. 

Above all, try to get creative with it. These ideas are just an outline to get you started. Take a baseline idea and run with it. Don’t be afraid to tailor it to the personality of your loved one. They will only appreciate you for it. That said, here are some unique sports-themed birthday party ideas to run wild with. 

Start With the Invitation

The invitation sets the mood for the event. Part of what makes a themed party fun is the dedication to the theme. So, if you’re sending out invites—real or virtual—here are some ideas for creating entertaining ways to draw in your guest list and get them excited for the event. 

The best idea for sporty invitations is, of course, a game ticket. When you send or hand these out, the guests will immediately know the theme of the party, and they’ll be impressed with the commitment and creativity it took to make them. Because an invitation is the first impression of what a party might be like, it’s important to create a good perception of the party in the guest’s mind. 

You could hand out tickets for nearly every sport–basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, etc. You can order the invitations online or make them yourself. If you’re creative with photoshop, you can even make your own invitations digitally. 

Find a Location

You’ll want to choose the appropriate location for your sports-themed party. For example, it’s probably best to choose somewhere a group can feel free to run and goof around. So, it’s probably not a good idea to host this type of party at, say, a restaurant. 

As for venues that are best suited for sporting events and sports fans already, consider planning your event with Wintrust Sports Complex if you live in the Chicagoland or Midwest area. Our sports center is located just outside of Chicago in Bedford Park, Illinois. 

Not only do we have plenty of room to host actual tournaments, but we also offer party packages for people of all ages. We’re the Midwest’s best in sports tourism and programming, and if you live in the area, it’s the perfect venue for your loved one’s sports-themed birthday party. They’ll be like a kid in a candy store when it comes time for the party. 


Decorations are subtle details that make all the difference in party planning. Everyone appreciates a good decoration at a themed party when they see one. Depending on the sport, there are so many different ideas you could implement into your party.

From drinks to wall decor, there are almost too many decoration options to choose from. You could make cupcakes or cookies with basketball or baseball designs on them. Use Gatorade cups or water bottles for drinks. Break out packets of Big League Chew bubble gum for a baseball-themed party. 

You can even have some fun with the cake too by decorating it like a soccer ball or adding cute figurines playing the sport on the cake. Incorporate pre and post-game or tournament snacks, like peanuts for baseball, or pigs in a blanket for football. 

You can even give out themed party favors with plushies, pencils, erasers, snacks, and memorabilia for your guests to remember the party. 

Games and Activities 

This is possibly the most crucial point of a sports-themed party. Without games, the party won’t be nearly as interesting or engaging. The game is the entire point of the party. You can play paper football, or have a create-your-own-jersey station. If your sports fan is more of a watcher than a player, get creative with sports trivia. Play a real-life or miniature version of the game. Shop around for themed games and activities that you think would be fun for the whole group


Bedford Park Birthday Ideas

Remember to keep the theme creative and bend it to the personality of the person you’re planning it for. Most of all, keep fun at the forefront of your plan. If you’re interested in hosting a party at Wintrust Sports Complex or you need more ideas for your party, send us a message or give us a call today. We’d be more than happy to help plan your sports themed event.