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It can seem difficult, or even impossible, to find an activity that your entire family will enjoy. Often when we think of family fun in Chicago, we focus on what’s fun for the kids. And that may come at the cost of fun for the parents! But Wintrust Sports Complex is an amusement center that your entire family will enjoy spending time at. 

Wintrust Sports Complex Is Your One-Stop-Shop

Wintrust Sports Complex is a one-of-a-kind amusement center with countless activities for your entire family to participate in. You know that finding family fun in Chicago could mean driving around multiple parts of the city. This eats up lots of valuable time that you could be having fun. At our family entertainment center near you, everything is centralized in one location. Families could easily spend the entire day here and never get bored. 

Spend Time at Our Large Arcade

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The arcade at Wintrust Sports Complex is 4,000 square feet of fun! You can play the latest video games or your old favorites. Plus, we make playing easy and convenient. Our refillable card means you can play once and come back over and over. You can fill your card for as little as $10. 

But don’t think that this section of our amusement center is just for kids. You may have grown up and have lots of responsibilities now, but your inner child is still in there. Spending some time at an arcade can help you get in touch with your youthful side. At the same time, you can bond with your kids, possibly even introducing them to the games you grew up with and loved.

Arcade games often have the reputation of only being a waste of time. That may not be entirely true. For example, one study of laparoscopic surgeons found that those who played at least 3 hours of video games a week committed 32% fewer errors than those who didn’t play any. Even if you’re not a surgeon, that hand-eye coordination could come in handy. 

Finally, arcade games are simply fun. As adults, we often get caught up in feeling like we need to be productive at all times. The truth is, doing things purely for the sake of fun is just as important as being productive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing something purely because you enjoy it.

Play a Fun Game of Laser Tag

Now, this is an activity the whole family will love! Whether you want to take it easy and have some relaxed fun or get extremely competitive, our 2,000-square-foot laser tag arena is tons of fun. Feel free to bring your cousins and other family members because the experience is open to parties of up to 20 people. 

A lot of parents struggle with getting their kids active and helping them stay active. We now spend so much of our time behind computer screens or on phone screens, leaving minimal time for exercise. Laser tag is a fun, interactive way to get your entire family moving. The best thing is they won’t even realize they’re getting active, they’ll just think they’re having fun.

Participate in E-Sports

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E-sports have been taking the United States by storm in the past several years. Now you have all the equipment and software you need right here at our amusement center in Bedford Park. Our e-sports lounge has all the latest technology and the most popular PC games for you to take part in. Our login system even lets you come back anytime, so feel free to make this a weekly or monthly thing with your family. 

Video games aren’t reserved just for kids anymore. There are actually many benefits to gaming together as a family. Many of the most popular games on the market today are not designed to be played alone. They inherently require players to work together and even reward those who work together effectively. Today, gaming can be a great way to learn teamwork, good communication, and social skills. All of these lessons can be used every day in the real world.

Problem-solving is another important skill that will be useful for kids in school and later in jobs. Every game requires the player to learn rules and develop new skills in order to achieve the objective. That could mean figuring out what your next move should be or anticipating problems and figuring out a way to dodge them. In fact, there have been several studies that have found players develop important problem-solving abilities that can easily be transferred into real-life situations.

Finally, gaming can support learning and even spark an interest in new things. Many games introduce players to new activities or hobbies. You may play a game set in countries you otherwise wouldn’t have thought to visit or participate in a cultural activity you’d never heard of before. 

Grab Some Food at Station Grille

All that gaming and other activities are sure to make you hungry. On-site we have Station Grille, your one-stop-shop for food and drinks. It has a full-service kitchen and bar, with a wide array of meals and beverages for you to enjoy. The kitchen has all of your family friends from fish and chips and chicken tenders to mac and cheese and cheese curds. Our bar proudly serves Goose Island along with a full liquor selection. 

Plan Your Family Outing at Our Amusement Center

As you’re researching family entertainment centers near me, Wintrust Sports Complex should be your first choice! We have fun activities that your whole family will enjoy from arcade games to e-sports. We even have a full-service kitchen and bar, so you can fuel up in between rounds of laser tag. It’s easy to spend an entire day at our amusement center, staying entertained the entire time. We hope to see you and your family here soon!