Family Fun in Chicago


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Visiting Chicago with Your Family

Whether you’re just passing through, staying for a week-long visit, or you’re a local family, Chicago is a great place to find all sorts of family fun. However, many people gravitate to the most famous tourist attractions with the family instead of places where you can actually strengthen your connection as a unit.

There are plenty of places both within and outside of Chicago that offer incredible experiences, but they are often overlooked for more complicated but popular destinations. If your family is interested in bonding more than they’re interested in seeing Cloud Gate (a.k.a. The Bean, we definitely have a place for you. 

Ways to Enhance Family Fun When Visiting Chicago

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There are plenty of undiscovered gems in and around the Chicago area that are worth visiting as a local or even as a family that’s passing through the area. If you love sports or video games or both, you’re in for a treat at Wintrust Sports Complex.

We are located  in Bedford Park and exist to offer multipurpose sports tourism and family entertainment at our venue. This means that we host many sporting events like high-level tournaments, and yet we also entertain kids and families who come to our facility. Whether you’re just visiting or you live in the area, we can help you reconnect with your family through memorable entertainment and sporting events.

Inside of our complex, we have eight high school-sized basketball courts, which can also be converted into 16 NCAA volleyball courts, one championship court, our Redemption Arcade, esports gaming room, plenty of meeting and event spaces, as well as a lounge with a full-service kitchen and bar.

There’s something here for everyone in the family, which means that you’ll never run out of activities to do. Whether you’re coming from Midway Airport or you’re a local Bedford Park family, we guarantee you will have a blast. If you’re a hands-on parent, you can easily get into the fun with your kids, or if the kids are old enough to do their own thing, you can always hang out in the lounge and relax.  

Arcades in Chicago

Our 4,000 square foot Redemption Arcade is the perfect place to host a family night. The kids will be thrilled with all the new gaming titles we have to offer while you might be more interested in the tried-and-true classics. There’s a game for every type of person in our Redemption Arcade. 

Similarly, we have our very own esports gaming room, which has the latest in technology with top PC games that every kid will love. You can stop by to play a quick game or even get your family to battle each other. In our esports gaming room. We have 12 consoles setup which are customizable. And once you’re done, the login system welcomes you back at any time. 

Dine at Station Grille 

On the second floor of our facility, you will find our Station Grille, as well as our lounge. Station Grille is a great destination for watching sports, having a drink, and eating a great meal. Have lunch or dinner with the family, between games of laser tag or time spent in the arcade. The grille is open all weekend, starting on Thursday all the way through Sunday. For more information about our hours of operation, check out our website.


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At Station Grille, we serve some of the best beer and bar food in Bedford Park. To give you a taste of our menu, here are some of the drinks you can order at the bar. Station Grille serves a wide variety of different cocktails, beers, and wines. For those who gravitate toward sweeter drinks, we would recommend ordering a cocktail like the Purple Rain Martini or the Prickly Pear Margarita. All of our cocktails are top notch, but won’t break the bank. 

When it comes to beer, we are proud to serve Goose Island on tap. You can choose between Goose Island 312, Neon Beer Hug, Green Line Pale Ale, and plenty of other options. We also serve some of the classics like Budweiser, Bud Light, and Guinness. And what would a Chicagoland bar be without Old Style? You can choose these and many other drink options from our menu. We also serve Oyster Bay merlot, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc for all wine enthusiasts. 


As for food, we serve quality meals that will leave the whole table feeling satisfied. You can start off with an appetizer, like the Bavarian Pretzel, served with beer cheese. Or, you can order the Wisconsin Breaded Cheese Curds served with a side of chipotle ranch. 

For your main course, you can take a look at the many different burgers and sandwiches on our menu. We offer fried and grilled chicken sandwiches, smash burgers, barbecue pork sandwiches, chicken tenders, and more. We also serve classic Chicago dogs. All of our main dishes are served with a side of crinkle fries. Additionally, for the younger ones, we have a kids menu available as well. 

Fun Family Games

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Because of the internet, it seems like kids are growing up faster and faster these days. It’s hard work to preserve a child’s youth in this day and age, especially when you struggle to find child appropriate places to take the whole family. This alone can make living in Chicago an issue for families. It seems like there are so few places that truly are kid friendly. 

Lucky for you, Wintrust Sports Complex aims to fix this issue by making a safe and welcoming environment for everyone no matter their age. Plus, we don’t sacrifice the adults’ fun for the kids’ needs. Under our roof, the entire family will all enjoy themselves. 
If you have any questions about Wintrust Sports Complex, our arcade, or Station Grille, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. You can contact us via our website or by phone. Consider coming out to Bedford Park to take a look around, grab a bite to eat, and play a game or two before you leave. We guarantee you’ll be happy with your experience here!