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How Can I Find a Good Kids Party Venue Near Me?

As a parent, it can be hard to find the right good kids party venue that will fit all your needs for your child’s next birthday party. Just like in the Goldilocks story, some party venues are too small, some are party venues are too expensive, and one party venue is juuust right. The perfect kids party venue in the Chicago area is brand-new, so you might not have heard of it yet: it’s Wintrust Sports Complex in southwest suburban Bedford Park! 

How to Find the Perfect Kids Party Venue

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When you have a baby or toddler, birthday parties are easy: what can the adults do while the kids play? However, once your toddler has grown into a big kid, you need to throw a birthday party that will keep the kids happily occupied and entertained, while hopefully not boring the parents to tears. And forget trying to host a kids birthday party at home! Between the germs, cooking, decorating, and setting up, it will take tons of time. Instead, book a party at a venue in your area that will handle the details for you so you can actually enjoy your kid’s birthday party along with them and the rest of your friends and family! 

However, it can be tough to find a party venue that is the perfect combination that both kids and adults will have fun, but won’t break the bank. Most venues cater solely to children or don’t offer many fun and exciting options for everyone. 

We have some tips to look for when you are looking for the perfect kids party venue near you: 

Choose a Venue the Birthday Kid Will Love

What is your guest of honor’s favorite activity? Make sure to choose a venue that your birthday boy or girl will love. Whether it’s sports, gaming, or arcade games, we have all three at Wintrust Sports Complex. Or, we can create a completely customized birthday party just for your child! 

Choose an Affordable Party Venue

You don’t want to break the bank when you are choosing the perfect kids party venue (there are many future birthdays to plan for!). A few hundred dollars is a reasonable price for a few hours of fun! An all-inclusive birthday party package is your best bet from a financial perspective. There are no hidden costs at Wintrust Sports Complex. Our birthday party packages range from $300 to $350 and include everything from a birthday party concierge, to pizzas and popcorn, and even arcade game cards for your guests! 

Make Sure Food is Included in the Package

Anyone who has kids knows that snacks are the key to success! No one wants to deal with hangry party guests. That’s why food is so important at a kid’s birthday party. Make sure your venue has an option for food and drinks (preferably, already included in the price.) At Wintrust Sports Complex, we offer two large cheese or pepperoni pizzas and unlimited fountain sodas, water, and popcorn with each of our party packages! 

Pick a Convenient Location 

You want to make sure that everyone can get to the party’s location smoothly. Wintrust Sports Complex is located in southwest suburban Bedford Park, and near Midway Airport, in case you have any visitors coming in from out of town! There is also public transportation that makes it easy for anyone to find. 

Choose a Kids Party Venue with Options 

Sure, you can host a birthday party at a laser tag venue. Or, you can choose Wintrust Sports Complex, which has a laser tag game, an e-sports gaming room, hardwood basketball courts, an arcade, and a bar and lounge with full kitchen service. In other words, there is something for everyone – both kids and adults – to enjoy at Wintrust Sports Complex. 

Kids Party Ideas at Wintrust Sports Complex 

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When you choose Wintrust Sports Complex for your next family birthday party, you don’t have to compromise. We have something for everyone. 

At Wintrust Sports Complex, we already came up with the best kids party ideas so you don’t have to. You’ve spent enough time parenting during this pandemic. Take a break and let us plan and execute the party for you! 

Check out our amazing birthday party package options:  

Gaming Birthday Package 

Our gaming birthday package is the best option for the gamer in your family! Enjoy some laser tap and our arcade with this option. Our gaming birthday package includes: 

  • A two-hour private room rental
  • Two large pizzas (cheese or pepperoni, whichever the birthday girl or boy prefers!) 
  • Unlimited fountain soda and water 
  • Unlimited popcorn 
  • Two games of laser tag per guest 
  • $20 arcade game card per guest 
  • Birthday party concierge 
  • Customized birthday party invitations 

Sports Birthday Package

Our sports birthday package includes a rental of a basketball or volleyball court for one hour, so your little Lebron James or Kerry Walsh Jennings can show off their sports prowess with some friendly competition! It also includes: 

  • Two-hour private room rental
  • Two large pizzas (cheese or pepperoni) 
  • Unlimited fountain soda and water
  • Unlimited popcorn 
  • One-hour court rental 
  • $15 arcade game card per guest 
  • Birthday party concierge 
  • Customized birthday party invitations

Esports Birthday Package

Our esports package is all about the games. 

  • Two-hour private room rental 
  • Two large pizzas (cheese or pepperoni) 
  • Unlimited fountain soda and water
  • Unlimited popcorn 
  • Two-hour esports lounge rental 
  • $10 arcade game card per guest 
  • Birthday party concierge 
  • Customized birthday party invitations 

About Wintrust Sports Complex 

Our facility at Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park has state-of-the-art indoor spaces for year-round sports and events. Our facility includes: 

  • 116,000 square foot venue 
  • 8 high school hardwood basketball courts
  • 16 NCAA volleyball courts
  • One championship court 
  • Redemption arcade 
  • Laser tag/laser frenzy 
  • Esports lounge 
  • Flexible meeting and event spaces 
  • Station Grille bar and lounge with full kitchen service

Birthday Party Places for Kids

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