Making the Most of Your Watch Party


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When a big game is kicking off, and you want to make the most of your watch experience, you’ll likely begin looking at who you want to watch with and where to watch live sports. To make the most of your watch party, you’ll want to have the perfect venue to watch with your friends and family. When it comes to sports watch parties, a sports bar is an ideal location for space, food, and drinks. In this article, we’ll discuss what a watch party is, the benefits of a viewing party, and where to watch live sports the next time you want to watch and celebrate some of the best sports moments of your favorite team with friends and family in the Bedford, Illinois area.

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What Is a Watch Party? 

Generally defined as an occasion during which people congregate to watch a live event together, watch parties are among some of the most fun ways to celebrate sports and spend time with your friends and family in your spare time. As individual sports seasons can seem all too short, it’s important to make the most of the time you have to celebrate the victories and lament the failed passes and losses as they happen. There is no one type of sports fan, and whether you are a diehard fan or still learning some of the basics of a sport, a watch party is a perfect opportunity to learn more about and experience a sport with others. Watching a game with others as it happens can also have several great health benefits.

As society continues to navigate the impacts and considerations of COVID-19, people can benefit all the more from a safer opportunity to experience some valuable collective effervescence when watching an exciting game with a group. To protect your friends and family from the risks of a stadium full of people, a sports bar is the perfect place to spend time with the people you care about and watch a game together. Not only does a sports bar provide a special environment where you can worry less about COVID-19, but there are also a number of other benefits to choosing a sports bar for your watch party compared to a home or a stadium.

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Benefits of a Viewing Party

Nothing quite matches the experiences and the benefits you can receive from an in-person viewing party. As social distancing continues in many social spaces, and people continue to take individual, cautious steps toward more in-person time with friends and family, a sports bar watch party is a perfect compromise between isolated safety and in-person group experiences. With a sports bar, there are fewer people to pose specific health risks to you or add unnecessary noise to your game-watching time. You can enjoy the benefits of more exclusive watching while still enjoying some of the best food and drinks that continue to make game-watching so popular. 

With a sports bar, you won’t have to wait for a stadium vendor to come near your section, then frantically wave and shout to gain their attention just to enjoy one of your favorite game snacks or drinks. You can also lose valuable watch time when you wait behind stadium crowds in walkways and behind concession counters. Stadium food and drinks can also come at some truly unbelievable prices, taking advantage of people simply wishing to enjoy a game with friends and family. You can beat the lines and excessive costs, while not losing any valuable watching time when you choose to watch at an indoor venue such as Wintrust Sports Complex.

Where to Watch Live Sports

When you aren’t hosting your own viewing party and instead choose to have your watch party at a sports bar, you can also take advantage of a hands-free experience. When you host a party, you have to worry about providing seating, space, food, drinks, and decorations. With a sports watch party, you can also find yourself preoccupied with worries that your TV and internet connection will become unreliable or short out at the worst possible time. To avoid the hassle, expenses, and unnecessary worries that often go along with planning, producing, and maintaining your own sports watch party, a sports bar is a great choice. 

At a venue such as Wintrust Sports Complex, you can enjoy delicious and creative food and drinks without the wait, and continue enjoying the game with your friends and family, distraction-free. You deserve an exciting, fun time out, enjoying all the benefits of a watch party without any of the drawbacks of a stadium or home experience. There are also many new options to try at Wintrust, including salads, shareable appetizers, sandwiches, and some truly craveable main dishes. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, including offerings for kids and an alcoholic drink menu, which has a wide selection of signature drinks, draft beers, and more.

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Entertainment at a Sports Bar

There are so many things to love about a sports bar when making the most of your next watch party. Not only is a sports bar a worry-free, safer, and more intimate venue to watch a game in, but a sports bar can also provide greater access to diverse food and drinks and numerous large screens. A sports bar can offer more options and accessibility, especially in comparison to a home watch party. It also provides more affordability in comparison to a stadium watch party.

Wintrust Sports Complex is even more unique than other sports bars, as there is so much more to do there beyond simply watching your next big sports game. In addition to game-watching, you can also enjoy laser tag, arcade games, a full gym, and more with friends, family, or co-workers!

Making the Most of Your Next Watch Party

There are so many reasons to choose Wintrust for your next watch party or other event. For more ways to celebrate with friends and family, connect with Wintrust Sports Complex today.