Best Private Party Venues in Chicagoland


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When hosting a private party of any size or for any occasion, one of the biggest considerations you need to make is your venue! Choosing a private party venue in Chicagoland is no easy task. There are a lot of things you’ll want to think about. 

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Reasons to Throw a Private Party

Who doesn’t love a party? We know that we do! There are plenty of occasions that may call for finding a private party venue. If you’re not sure what calls for one of these venues, here are some ideas.


Probably the most obvious reason to throw a party, birthdays are a great milestone to celebrate. From young kids’ celebrations to milestones such as 18, 21, 50, or even 100 – a birthday is always an excellent reason to throw a party.


Every year a couple is married is an achievement that should be celebrated! Whether it’s a significant anniversary like 25 or 50 years or any year in between, it’s an excellent time to get everyone you love together in one place. 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, divorce parties have become somewhat commonplace in recent years. Instead of mourning the end of a chapter in one’s life, it can be marked with a happier ending such as a divorce party. You can host it with your ex or on your own with just your closest friends.

Calendar Events or Holidays

Christmas and New Year’s are always common times to throw a party. But what about Easter or Halloween? Any calendar event or holiday could be a cause for celebration. After all, who really needs an excuse to get all their friends or family together?

New Job, Retirement, or Work Anniversary

It’s very common for the people you work with to become a second family. You probably spend just as much time with them as you do your actual family. So it goes without saying that when a member of this second family is moving on, you want to have one last hurrah. Whether they’re moving to a new company or retiring, a party can act as a great bookmark for this part of their lives and careers. In addition, when people are promoted or celebrate a significant work anniversary, it’s common for teams to want to celebrate!

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How to Choose a Private Party Venue in Chicagoland

We put together this guide to help you evaluate your private party options. 

Know Your Target Audience

The first, and possibly most important, thing to think about is your target audience. What are the interests or requirements of the people who will be attending this party? For example, the needs for a retirement party would be very different than a kids’ birthday party. Make sure you think about whether your space is really compatible with the needs of those you’re inviting.

Choose a Convenient Location

You’ll also want to make sure the location of your party venue is convenient for your guests. You don’t want your guests to have a long commute, which could make them not want to attend the party. That’s what makes Wintrust Sports Complex the ideal party venue in Bedford Park. We are minutes away from downtown Chicago and Midway airport. Plus, there are multiple bus lines that come through the area, making it convenient even for those who need to take public transportation. 

Consider Optional Extras

Another thing to think about is whether the venue has equipment or other designated items already on-site. It will be a lot easier to organize your event if some of the equipment is already there. Things like chairs and tables are easily forgotten about in the lead-up to a party. If the venue already has them for you, it can make setting up a breeze. You’ll have a lot of other things to worry about on the day, you don’t need this to be one of them.

Options for Amenities

One amenity that a private party venue in Chicagoland can have that makes planning the party go much smoother is a kitchen on-site. This means you do not have to find a caterer or get approval from the venue to bring in outside food. A great party venue will have a kitchen that serves all your favorites at the location!

Another amenity you may look for is whether there is a set up and clean up crew. You might think every venue has this, but they don’t. Finding the best venue means you don’t have to worry about setting up and cleaning up yourself. This means you can relax and just enjoy the party!

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Best Party Venue in Bedford Park

Wintrust Sports Complex is one of the best private party venues in all of Chicagoland because it meets all of these needs! Our convenient location is ideal for parties in Bedford Park. We also take more responsibilities out of your hands by having a full-service restaurant and bar on our second floor. Station Grille serves all of your favorite foods, along with an impressive selection of drinks – both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Our staff would also be happy to help you set up and clean up for your party, so you can enjoy it with less stress. 

Wintrust Sports Complex has the ability to host parties and events of all kinds. Whether you are throwing a kids’ birthday party, a family reunion, or a corporate event – we can do it all. No matter what the reason for the party is, we guarantee your guests will enjoy all the great features of our venue. From our arcade to our laser tag arena, there are options for people of all ages to have fun. We would love to tell you about all the private party options at our party venue in Bedford Park. You can book yours now!