Arcade Games and Laser Tag: The New Date Night


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One of the major complaints of any long-term relationship is that at times, it gets a bit boring. Stagnant date nights that are all the same, like dinner and a movie, get worn out after a few years. There are many ways to keep your relationship happy, but one of them is by keeping it exciting. An amazing, fun, memorable date night you can afford is arcade games and laser tag at Wintrust Sports Complex. 

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What Makes A Good Date Night?

The main things that a date night can have that make it exciting and also enjoyable vary from person to person, but most people can agree that a date night should have certain things to be memorable. 

Date Night Food

Most people can agree that a great date night involves some form of food. Whether that’s the popcorn at the movie or a dinner or just drinks, it takes a date night to a next level. This isn’t a necessary element, but date nights are usually in the evening around dinner time. Sometimes a date night is later than dinner and at that point, people tend to look for drinks or desserts.

Date Night Cost

Unfortunately, dating is expensive, especially when you’re trying to make it memorable. When you want to take someone out to somewhere high-end and expensive, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on one date. Most people want to spend as little as possible while still having fun. The price of a date night doesn’t really matter as long as you are having fun and are happy with the price, so it can be up to you what that looks like for you and your budget. 

Date Night Fun

A very important aspect of date night is having fun! Having fun is another thing that is objective, where having fun for you may not be fun for someone else. For some, spending a date night at home with a candlelit dinner and quietly reading together is the best night ever. Some people love sports and want to enjoy a night out watching games. Others love to get out and do something athletic that will expend energy. But what if you and your date have different interests? It can be hard to find something that both of you will like. 

Date Night Conversation

An important factor of date night is being able to converse with your partner. While this may not be the focus of every date, there should be some form of conversation going on. After all, it’s about spending time together. Whether you have been together for years or are just getting to know one another, conversation brings everyone closer. Movie dates are at a disadvantage when it comes to conversation, as you are too busy watching the movie to talk. Finding something fun where you can still talk is important.

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Date Night Game

Why are arcade games and laser tag the new date night? Because they have every aspect of a great date, all wrapped into one! A date night game night has everything that makes a date night exciting and fun, and most people haven’t done it, so it can be a new experience. 

Arcade Date Food

Not every arcade game and laser tag date will have food options. At Wintrust, the Station Grille is a great place for high-class eats and drinks for before, after, or during your date. There is also a great concession stand for quick, affordable snacks as well! Arcade and laser tag dates can be versatile when it comes to eating as well, because you can choose to mix them up. Maybe you play laser tag first, then eat, then play games to end the night. Maybe you eat dinner before and then play games, finish up with laser tag, and get a drink at the end of the night before heading home. There are so many ways to make this date different, so you can do it over and over! 

Arcade Date Cost

An arcade date is one of those dates that really helps with spending, as you can set a price limit at the start and play until you run out. You can spend $20 or you can spend $100, it is up to you and your budget. Laser tag prices are always the same, so you are also aware of your price point before you even come on the date. You can also decide to eat before and just get a snack at the concession, or you can have dinner and drinks. It’s all up to you! 

Arcade Date Fun

One of the ways that this kind of date can be fun for everyone is that it is so accessible. Virtually anyone can play arcade games. It isn’t a very physical activity, and most games are very simple. If you can push a button, you can play most arcade games. This makes this kind of date so fun for anyone of any physical ability. Laser tag can be a little harder on your body, but it is also up to you. You can hide and shoot from a corner, or play as a team and have one person cover you. There are so many things about arcades and laser tag that make them a fun and memorable date. 

Arcade Date Conversation

Arcades are a great place to get to know someone, even if you’ve been together for a long time. Take the time to play together, and you may discover things you didn’t know before about your partner. It truly makes a difference if you have a new place to talk instead of just over dinner. 

arcade date

Date Night at Wintrust Sports Complex

Arcade games and laser tag: the new date night that anyone can enjoy! You can make reservations or just come on in at any time. There are so many ways to play and have fun, and make memories with the person you love. 

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