End of Summer Fun at Wintrust


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The end of the summer season and the start of fall can come quickly. However, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the time you have left before the leaves start to change and the weather chills more. When the weather begins to cool, but you still want to take advantage of the summer you have left, there are also some great indoor activities. Indoor activities are also ideal for the Chicago area, with its unpredictable weather changes. In this article, we’ll discuss what activities to do this summer and check off your Chicago bucket list, and some ways to have end-of-summer fun at Wintrust Sports Complex, including summer activities for kids.

Fun Things to Do in the Summer

During summer in Chicago, you can see Millennium Park’s concert and film series, ride kayaks along the riverfront, and enjoy all your favorite beaches, festivals, patios, and day trip destinations. With so many fun things to do in the summer, it can be difficult to decide how to spend your time, especially as summer comes to a close and fall begins. Some of the top fun things to do this summer and check off your Chicago bucket list include listening to jazz at Shedd Aquarium, watching the Navy Pier fireworks during standup paddleboarding, participating in a Logan Square brewery hop, and checking out some of Chicago’s unique street festivals.

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Navy Pier Fireworks

When you think of watching fireworks during the summer season, you usually don’t picture yourself in the middle of a body of water as you look on. However, one of the most unique summer activities in the Chicago area combines paddleboarding and beautiful fireworks at the Navy Pier. Enjoy a spectacular evening with stand-up paddleboarding and unobstructed views.

Logan Square Brewery Hop

The Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago boasts some great drinks and bar scenes amidst its art galleries and regal Greystone buildings. If you enjoy beer, taking a day trip to Logan Square for a brewery hop is well worth it. Stop by Pipeworks Brewing Co., The Double Tavern, and Hopewell Brewing Co. during your trip, and enjoy the vast selection with someone special.

Street Festivals

Few things say summer more than street festivals. The street festivals available in Chicago during the summer are a great way to celebrate the end of the season with time outdoors. There are many different festivals to enjoy year-round, with some of the best arriving during summer. Be sure not to miss out on some of the best creativity, entertainment, food, and drinks. 

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End of Summer Fun

When the summer weather begins to turn cool and the fall season grows closer, there are also some great indoor activities to enjoy. If you want to have an entertaining time out without worrying how the weather might shift, ruining your day or evening plans, Wintrust Sports Complex is an ideal place to take your friends or family. There’s something for everyone at Wintrust, including laser tag, e-sports, a full gym, an arcade, and a sports bar. Once you’ve enjoyed the many outdoor activities to do in the Chicago area, there’s nothing better than spending your remaining time indoors, cooling off, and continuing to make the most of summer.

Laser Tag

If you’re looking for summer activities for kids as well as the rest of the family, laser tag is an ideal option. Not only can participating in laser tag provide you with impactful exercise, but it’s also a great way to have end-of-summer fun indoors. Stay active and engaged with a group as you hide, dodge, and strike opponents, making lasting summer memories together.

Full Gym

In addition to laser tag, you can also enjoy a full gym at your disposal. Wintrust provides a 116,000-square-foot space for multiple groups to stay active, get in touch with their competitive side, or host events with acquaintances or local teams. You can have fun with a basketball game, volleyball tournament, or you can take advantage of the championship court.


Many adults remember spending time with friends at the local arcade. With an arcade that includes many popular games and more for people of all ages to enjoy, you have the opportunity to re-experience arcade fun and share it with the next generation. Face-to-face interaction is endlessly valuable. Enjoy meaningful bonding time and contribute to the comeback of arcades.


After a summer filled with time spent outside, or at the end of another glorious summer day, you can relax inside an e-sports lounge. If you or someone you know loves video games, consider bonding over e-sports. At Wintrust, you can enjoy a modern lounge to satisfy your competitive spirit and enjoy the elation of wins and the challenge of skilled opponents during different games.

Sports Bar

If you’re looking for unique and delicious food and drinks near downtown Chicago, consider spending some more of your end-of-summer moments at Wintrust’s sports bar. For the avid sports fan, there’s nothing better than relaxing and rejoicing during some of the best game moments as they occur live. There’s nothing quite like experiencing games in a group atmosphere. Wintrust’s Station Grille provides a wide range of appetizers, main courses, and drink options. Drinks include signature cocktails, draft beer, spirits, and wines.

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Have End of Summer Fun at Wintrust

When you want to make the most of your summer from beginning to end, there are some amazing outdoor and indoor activities in the Chicago area. For more ideas on how to spend the end of your summer and jump into fall entertainment, connect with Wintrust Sports Complex today.