Why Arcade Parties are Making a Comeback for Kids


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Many adults have fond memories of meeting friends at the mall or the local arcade to play video games together during the weekends or after school. With the development of personal gaming consoles, gaming became a more solitary activity for youths. A different approach to socializing while gaming became popular. 

The internet and advanced technology changed the landscape of video gaming drastically. What was once a fun way to spend some time with friends on occasion became available to the masses in their own homes. Kids could now spend limitless amounts of time playing with plenty of game options that were not available in arcades. 

Online gaming from your bedroom or home office also made it so that kids could game and chat with people who lived across the street or even across the globe. Streaming became a tool used for creating communities and further brought gaming onto the internet. With this evolution came the fall of video game arcades. 

While arcades have unfortunately gone out of fashion in the past years, there seems to be a new wave of interest from younger generations. The arcade is no longer just a short piece of video game history. Face-to-face interaction is more valuable than ever before in our society, and kids are fed up with doing everything online. Read along to learn more about how the arcade, along with arcade parties, are making a huge comeback. 


Real Arcade Games

There is something about a real retro arcade game that appeals to the younger generation today. Neither as simple nor as readily available as the games they grew up on, kids are becoming more curious about video games featured in arcades. Nostalgia for simpler times runs rampant in our movies, books, and television shows. 

Kids are naturally curious about the world that came before them, and this pop culture obsession with everything retro and vintage reflects that. Generation Z is nostalgic for a time period in which they weren’t even born. While malls seem to be shutting down and other staple community centers from the past have become less important, kids are practically begging for them back. 

Of course, kids will still love and play games on their consoles at home. But the social aspect of the arcade is especially enticing for those who have lived through a pandemic during some of their most formative years. This interest has even sparked the rise of arcade bars, targeted toward adults who used to frequent these spaces in their youth. 

Retro Arcade Games in Chicago

While arcades are popping up all over the country, Chicago is having something of a gaming renaissance right now. Despite Los Angeles being an epicenter of gaming for many years, Chicago is looking to give the west coast city a run for its money. 

In fact, the first university to offer an e-sports scholarship to gifted students was our own Robert Morris University. Additionally, plenty of e-sports venues and arcades have been popping up in the Chicagoland area. One of these spaces that stands out from the rest is Wintrust Sports Complex

At Wintrust, we offer an inclusive, family-friendly environment for sports and video game fanatics. Our facility is 116,000 square feet with an e-sports gaming room and redemption arcade. It’s the perfect place to throw a kid’s birthday party if they’re interested in video games or want to try something new and different. 

Not only do we offer incredible facilities, but we put in the work to make sure your child’s birthday party is memorable. We offer different packages customized to your child’s preferences, which you can review on our website. 

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Arcade Gaming Activities

Even if your child is not particularly passionate about gaming, Wintrust is still a great venue to host a party. Birthday packages can include laser tag/laser frenzy, unlimited food, private rooms, and different activities for the kids. Most importantly, Wintrust is a place where you can hang out and feel at ease. 

With whoever you decide to invite, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a different world when you come to our complex. There are fun and engaging activities for the kids and a lounge for the parents. If the parents want to get in on the fun and games, they’re also more than welcome to.

Wintrust offers premier game machines, event spaces, and areas to unwind and have a meal or a drink. We also host sports and e-sports events periodically. See our calendar for more details about our schedule this month. 

Kids and parents alike love Wintrust because of all the opportunities it presents them for entertainment. There’s never a dull moment when you’re here. All located under one roof, there is something for everyone here. Whether your child is an athlete or a gamer (or both), this is the one place where the entire family can really have it all. 

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Arcade Parties for Kids

We see the comeback of arcade games and arcade parties as a net positive for kids as well as parents. Not only can these two groups bond over a shared love of a childhood hobby, but they can also grow this bond even stronger through the other activities we offer. 

Community is important in a young person’s life. Having a positive relationship with your child and the community through arcade games is a step in the right direction for the society we all want to live in. At Wintrust, there’s an opportunity to meet new people in the community and to strengthen bonds between family and friends. 

It’s been a trend for kids to isolate themselves and turn to the internet. But ultimately, in-person social contact has won them back over. Kids want to connect with others (especially their peers) now more than ever, which is why arcade parties are making a comeback. So if you live in the Chicagoland area, stop by and hang out for a few hours. We guarantee that it’ll be worth your time.