Can I Bring My Kids to Wintrust Sports Complex?


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Wintrust Sports Complex is a multi-purpose sports tourism and entertainment facility- great for bringing your kids to have a funtastic day! From basketball and volleyball to e-sports gaming lounges, we have sports for everyone! If you’re asking, “Can I bring my kids to Wintrust Sports Complex?”, yes you can! You can bring your family for a surprise day of fun at Wintrust Sports Complex or you can plan a truly memorable birthday party. A day at Wintrust Sports Complex is certain to give your family life-long memories! The premier Bedford Park sports complex, Wintrust Sports Complex welcomes everyone of all ages to have fun!

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Bedford Park Sports Complex

Participating in sports has so many health benefits for kids, and what better way to make it more fun than by playing at Wintrust Sports Complex? At our Bedford Park sports complex, we offer many different sports and other activities that are fun for the whole family and your friends! Wintrust Sports Complex is great for a family adventure. Here are just some of the sports and activities we offer:


Our Bedford Park sports complex is proud to offer 8 basketball courts– perfect for family and friends! Play with or against your family and friends in a game of some friendly competition! Play some 3v3 or 5v5 and practice your basketball skills with your friends and family. 


Next to our 8 basketball courts, we have 16 volleyball courts ready for your family and friends! If you’re asking, “Can I bring my kids to Wintrust Sports Complex?”, we’re proud to welcome everyone with an interest in these or our other activities! Regular physical activity is great for kids, and our volleyball courts are perfect for playing around or learning how to play the game!

Laser Tag

Besides our basketball and volleyball courts, our Bedford Park sports complex has a laser tag area, which brings the videogame atmosphere to life! Our facility is a 2,000-square-foot laser tag arena perfect to let your kids run around. Fun for the whole family, laser tag is a fun activity while not seeming like exercise. Laser tag helps get kids active, and when done as a family, you’ll spend quality time with your kiddos! If you’re asking “Can I bring my kids?”- of course! Laser tag is a great way to spend time with your family.


We at Wintrust Sports Complex also offer an extensive arcade! You and your kids can play classic and new arcade games and win prizes. Our arcade is 4,000 square feet of fun with so many arcade games to choose from! From skeeball to air hockey, your family will have the pick of the arcade for a memorable time. 


After running around during basketball or around the arcade, why not try some e-sports? E-sports is the term for competitive video gaming, and our e-sport lounge is open to all! We have the newest tech and top PC games for everyone. If you’re asking “Can I bring my kids to Wintrust?”- we say of course! We have video games for kids of all ages to enjoy. Maybe your kids can teach you how to play the latest video games!

Other Amenities

Besides 8 basketball courts, 16 volleyball courts, laser tag, an arcade, and an e-sports lounge, we also have other amenities to offer your family. Need a quick snack after basketball or volleyball? We have concession stands easily accessible courtside. If you need more of a meal, we at Wintrust Sports Complex are proud to house the Station Grille, which offers entrees, kids’ meals, and more! 

Once you have fun at Wintrust Sports Complex, you’ll want to come back! We offer birthday party packages and winter camps so your family can continue the fun. 

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Midway Sports Events

At Wintrust Sports Complex, we provide memorable experiences for the whole family and premier midway sports events, including birthday parties and camps! Keep reading below to see how your family can continue your adventure with us:

Birthday Parties

There are so many health benefits to activity for kids, so why not during a birthday party? We offer a number of different birthday party packages for basketball, volleyball, laser tag, arcade use, and e-sport gaming! Our birthday party packages can provide pizzas, fountain sodas, and water, as well as a 2-hour private room rental and 1-hour court rental. Party package details may vary between gaming, sports, and e-sports packages, but endless fun is certain! Our packages are also customizable. When you choose us for your midway sports event, your family and friends are sure to have a great time!


Besides birthday parties, we also offer an Ultimate Gamers Camp for four weeks, two days a week. This camp takes place from February to March and it includes laser tag, arcade play, e-sports, basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball. This experience is certainly ultimate! Regular activity is so important for kids’ well-being, so this biweekly adventure is perfect for your kids to get regular exercise at our Midway sports complex! During the Ultimate Gamers Camp, your kiddos will learn how to play these sports while getting regular exercise. 

At Wintrust Sports Complex, we offer many different sports and activities for your family to enjoy. Our basketball and volleyball courts, arcade, and e-sports arena are here for your next family adventure! Enjoy laser tag with friends or compete in a friendly game of basketball! At Wintrust Sports Complex, we want your friends and family to make lasting memories. We hope to see you here soon. Be sure to consider us for your next birthday or after-school camp!

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Village of Bedford Park

Wintrust Sports Complex is located in the Village of Bedford Park, which is right on the southwestern border of Chicago’s city limits. The Village of Bedford Park is part of the Illinois enterprise zone and a partner of the Illinois and Michigan Heritage Canal Corridor (IMHCC). Wintrust Sports Complex in the Village of Bedford Park is near the Visitor’s Center.