Things to Do on Labor Day with Your Kids


indoor family games

While it may not mark the official end of summer, Labor Day and the surrounding time off from work or school can present great opportunities. You can relax, have fun, and enjoy much-needed bonding time with your kids and other friends and family. The weather during this time can also present unique opportunities and potential challenges, depending on your particular area. If you’re living in the Bedford Park area or another Chicago area, you can take advantage of popular outdoor activities with your friends and family members. When the weather turns rainy, cold, or evening sets in, you can also take advantage of your area’s top indoor entertainment offerings. In the Bedford Park area, one of the top indoor entertainment venues to take advantage of during Labor Day and other times of the year is Wintrust Sports Complex.

Labor Day weekend does mark the general transition from summer to fall. This transition period also marks the transition back to school for many families with kids. Thus, Labor Day and Labor Day weekend are ideal for spending some valuable relaxation time while bonding and making lasting memories with your friends and family members. There are numerous things to do on Labor Day with your kids that your entire family will enjoy and look back on fondly. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top fun things to do on Labor Day with your kids. There are many creative ways to spend Labor Day and Labor Day weekend, including various options for indoor family games, arcades and food, and other Chicago family fun.

things to do on labor day

Chicago Family Fun

When looking for things to do on Labor Day with your kids, there are numerous exciting options to choose from. Some of the top options for outdoor family fun in the Chicago area include listening to live music in Highwood, Hyde Park, Navy Pier, or another outdoor venue – or burning off those barbeque calories with a bike ride through Elmhurst. You can watch one or more fireworks shows, such as those available on the lake – or enjoy end-of-summer and start-of-fall community celebrations in Buffalo Grove, Naperville, Schaumburg, Melrose Park, or another surrounding area. There are also some exciting opportunities for other Chicago family fun as we head further into fall. Some fun things to do closer to fall include taking a trip to Starved Rock or another beautiful nature spot – or taking advantage of apple-picking season at a local orchard. 

chicago family fun

Indoor Family Games

With a change in seasons, such as the marked transition of the summer season into fall, there are some great venues to choose from in Chicago and the surrounding communities. However, with a change in seasons, there is the potential for unpredictable or quick weather changes that can make planning and executing family fun with your kids somewhat difficult. You can experience a daily chance for noticeable heat, rain, wind, and cold, in addition to early darkness during your days. When you need indoor family fun in the Chicago area, Wintrust Sports Complex has you covered!

Some of the indoor family entertainment you can explore at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park involves sports, events, food and refreshments, and other recreation. Wintrust Sports Complex is the ultimate destination in the Chicago area for sports tourism, indoor family games, and entertainment for all ages. The available full-court gym space can host all of your basketball, volleyball, and other sports entertainment needs and desires. Also available is the Redemption Arcade, which hosts many unique and beloved classic and modern arcade video games for kids and adults to reminisce with or find new favorites among. There is also a laser tag/laser frenzy area where you can exercise creatively and bond in teams. For any e-sports lovers, there is a dedicated e-sports lounge.

Arcade and Food

If you and your kids have an interest in finding an arcade and food, ideally in one convenient location, Wintrust is an ideal entertainment venue for you. With a dedicated sports bar in Station Grille, Wintrust Sports Complex has you and your kids covered when it comes to food and drink needs in a quality indoor venue. Station Grille is home to a fully-stocked bar with options for every taste and a comfortable lounge area with full kitchen service. There’s nothing better than being able to entertain your whole family and any friends with numerous options for creative and engaging fun, visual entertainment, a relaxing lounge area, and delicious food and drinks. Savor and unwind – or refuel between your games and indoor activities. Wintrust truly has it all!

indoor family games

Spend Labor Day with Your Kids at Wintrust

When you’re looking for new ideas for things to do on Labor Day, other holidays, and times off from work or school, it’s important to find new and exciting things to do outdoors and indoors. When you want to meaningfully entertain and make lasting memories with your kids, friends, and family, stop into Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park.

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