Family-Friendly Fun for any Holiday


family dining at a restaurant

Family-Friendly Fun for the Holiday

Are you looking for an exciting twist on the holidays this year? Elevate your family holiday to the next level by switching up your usual holiday routine. No matter the occasion, having some family-friendly fun with the whole family can put an exciting spin on an otherwise mundane holiday. Gone are the days of preparing meals at home and entertaining guests. After all the time spent inside during the past few years, having a night out to celebrate a family holiday can help switch up the usual routine. Check out these family night ideas for any holiday that will make any occasion exciting—especially if you want to escape the cold this holiday season!

Hit the Arcade

While children sure do love their technology, it can be refreshing to step away from the screens as a family and enjoy some good old-fashioned arcade games together to celebrate any holiday. Elevate your special holiday by having a family game night at the arcade! Studies have shown that playing arcade games helps improve children’s motor skills, problem-solving, and even their grades! And did we mention that playing games together means bonding together while enjoying some family-friendly fun?

While arcades were wildly popular in the past, it’s difficult to find a good arcade room that keeps both children and adults entertained. If you’re looking for the best arcade in Chicago for some family-friendly fun this holiday season, look no further than the Redemption Arcade in Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park. Our 4,000-square-foot redemption arcade offers a variety of both modern and nostalgic games, so every family member can choose their favorite game.

Family Laser Tag

Looking for some family night ideas in Chicago during the winter holidays? Take your family out for a game of indoor laser tag. Not only will you escape the cold weather, but you’ll also spend a unique and exciting fun holiday with the whole family. Laser tag is an exciting family holiday activity because it promotes competition, includes any number of family members, and offers a uniquely fun experience. What better way to have some family-friendly fun together than with a competitive game of laser tag?

family laser tag

Compete Together Through Sports

If you want to put a healthy twist on the holidays this year while bonding with your family, why not play some sports together? Studies have shown that playing sports together with family members can create strong emotional bonds between parents and children, as well as improve communication between family members.

Indoor Sports at Wintrust Sports Complex

Our indoor sports facility at Wintrust Sports Complex offers something for every family member. We have 8 High School Hardwood Basketball Courts, 16 NCAA Volleyball Courts, and a full gym to choose from, so your family holiday with us will be packed with action! Hit the hoops or visit the nets, and you’ll be modeling active and healthy behavior for the whole family. Our facilities are crafted with the highest-quality materials, ensuring the fun never ends! Play some sports with your family this holiday to stay in shape together, improve family communication, and teach your children how to play sports.

Are you hosting a birthday party for your child and want more options? Wintrust Sports Complex also offers a variety of birthday and party rental packages to choose from, so the family-friendly fun never ends!

E-Sports at Wintrust Sports Complex

Are you a tech geek family looking for fun family night ideas this holiday season? Or do you want to enter your children’s world of gaming while promoting family time? Look no further than the Wintrust Sports Complex e-sports lounge! For those unfamiliar with e-sports, the term stands for organized competitive video gaming. Some more popular games in e-sports today include League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, and many more. In our e-sport lounge at Wintrust, you can game together with your family members without worrying about having to purchase expensive equipment and software. Go ahead and try out all the games we have to offer—and if you get bored or need a break, just hop on over to one of our other fun facilities on-site!

Indulge in A Meal Together

Every family dines together around the holidays. Dining together with your family is important, as research suggests that eating as a family at least four times a week promotes healthy eating habits in children later on.

family dining at a restaurant

The Station Grille Sports Bar at Wintrust Sports Complex

Spice up your fun holidays by going out for dinner this time around by visiting the Station Grille sports bar at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park. The Station Grille is located on the second floor of our facility, and it offers exciting and delicious options, as well as a special kids’ menu. Some of our menu options include BBQ Pork Nachos, Fish & Chips, a variety of burgers like the Midway Smash Burger, and our Wisconsin Breaded Cheese Curds with Chipotle Ranch—a Midwest delicacy!

The Station Grille also boasts a colorful adult drink menu featuring draft beer, signature drinks, wine, and spirits. Take a sip of our Purple Rain Martini to get into the arcade mood or try our Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc to complement our delicious menu. And why not get some beer on tap? We have a wide variety of draft beers including Leinenkugel Seasonal, Revolution Anti Hero, and Blue Moon. Feel free to enjoy our variety of arcade games while dining as well.

And if you can’t decide between the arcade, laser tag, sports, e-sports, and fine dining, there’s no need to worry since you can indulge in all these activities when you visit the Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park. Our facility is the most exciting one-stop shop for spending time together with your family around the holidays, especially if your family members all have diverse hobbies and interests. At our state-of-the-art facility, you can relax, make new memories, exercise as a family, and satiate your appetite—all while enjoying some family-friendly fun. Schedule your family holiday trip to Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park today.