Top 5 Reasons to Love Our E-sports Lounge


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At Wintrust Sports Complex, there’s something for everyone, from local programming to sports tourism events to our arcade and dining facilities. Wintrust is a place for the whole family to get their game on. And for the e-sports enthusiasts, our lounge is the best place to play. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more of a solo or multi-player gamer. The esports lounge at Wintrust accommodates all types of gamers. When you enjoy egaming at Wintrust, you also get all the other perks that come with it. If you want a break from playing, there are many other activities to engage in. This article will discuss five reasons you should be gaming in our esports lounge. 

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What Is Egaming?

If you’re not super into video games, you might wonder what egaming is. E-gaming comes from the term “e-sports.” E-sports, in simple terms, is organized competitive video gaming. Similar to traditional sports, there are professional e-sports players and tournaments. Players compete against one another, and viewers either come to watch in person or stream from home. Popular esport games include Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Today, the e-sports market size is valued at over one billion dollars. The popularity of esports lounges and competitive gaming is projected to grow exponentially by 2025. By then, competitive gaming will see a market value of almost three billion dollars. 

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Esport Games at Wintrust

In our esports lounge, you can enjoy access to the most popular esport games available at your fingertips. With the latest PC technology, you’re sure to have a blast each time you play. Here are the five reasons you’re bound to love e-gaming at Wintrust.

Wintrust Helps You Try New Things

Maybe you’re interested in e-sports but don’t want to go out and purchase a gaming PC. At Wintrust, you can give the whole gaming experience a trial run. This goes for dedicated gamers too. Maybe you want to try out a specific game but are unsure whether you’ll like it. You can come to our e-sports cafe and give it a try. During one day in our esports lounge, you can enjoy a trial run for all the most popular e-sports games. You’ll get a whole day of gaming in, plus you’ll get to learn which games you’re more interested in. 

There Are Plenty of Extra Activities

E-gaming is fun, but sometimes you just need a break. After an hour or two, you might get tired of sitting at a computer. Luckily, at Wintrust Sports Complex, our e-sports lounge is only one of many places to check out at our facility. We also have a redemption arcade full of all your favorite classic arcade games. Plus, if you want to do something more active, you can check out laser tag or laser frenzy. Not to mention all of the events we have going on year-round. And if gaming works up your appetite, there’s always something cooking at Station Grille

Connect With Your Community

E-sports lounges don’t simply exist for competition. Gamers who participate in e-sports are part of a vast international community. At Wintrust, you can play alone, one-on-one with a friend, or multiplayer. One of the best aspects of online gaming is the community surrounding it. By coming to our e-sports lounge, you have the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Like the gaming arcades that came before them, e-sports cafes exist to create a social atmosphere among gamers. When you come to Wintrust to game, you might make a few friends by the end of the day. 

Top Technology at an Affordable Price

Technology access is one of the best aspects of coming to an e-sports cafe. At Wintrust Sports Complex, we have the most up-to-date technology. Plus, you’ll have access to fast broadband speeds and reliable internet connections. We offer the smoothest e-gaming experience at the best prices. For people who are newer to gaming, this can be a great way to dabble in e-sports. Even experienced gamers sometimes try out new titles in lounges. Purchasing games and consoles can be expensive for anyone. It’s natural to want to know what you’re going to get before spending your hard-earned money. 

Test and Hone Your Skills

The final reason you should be gaming with us is that it helps hone your gaming skills. You can improve your gaming skills by watching other gamers at work. And if you’re serious about competitive gaming, you can make valuable connections at an e-sports lounge. 

Visit Wintrust Sports Complex

You might be a novice looking to get into e-sports for the first time. Or you might be an experienced gamer searching for a local spot to meet like-minded people. Whatever your reasons for going to an e-sports lounge, if you live in the Chicago area, choose Wintrust. We’re not your average e-sports cafe. We’re better. You’ll have all the games you know and love at your fingertips with the most up-to-date technology to run them. Plus, when you become tired, there’s a host of other things to do. Catch a game, grab some food and a drink at Station Grille, play laser tag, or check out the redemption arcade. 

There’s always something going on at Wintrust Sports Complex. Wintrust is a great place to hang out and game for people of all ages and backgrounds. Drop by or visit the rest of our website for more information today.