How To Get Better At E-Sports


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E-sports are increasing in popularity, especially in professional circuits. While most people just dabble in the world of e-sports, some desire to take their game to the next level. If you’re serious about e-sports, it helps to consider how you can make yourself a better player. 

Before you can become a better e-sports player, it’s important to take the time to review the hobby you’re pursuing. E-sports are multiplayer games that are played competitively. E-sports have grown in recent years, attracting huge numbers of spectators and competitors alike. Even though competitive video games are nothing new, the rise of online streaming has transformed competitive gaming. Because of the large numbers of spectators that can be attained through streaming, e-sports has grown into a professional industry, much like other traditional sports. 

E-sports competitions have become huge gatherings with millions of spectators. Some attend in person while others watch via livestream. E-sports competitions typically have very talented players, some of whom may even be sponsored by companies. Competitors have a chance to win big prizes, sometimes sums of money over $50,000. While gaming is fun, professionals earn a living playing video games. 

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How to Become An E-Sports Player

In order to become an e-sports player, you need to be serious about your game. While you’re free to play as many different games as you want, in order to become an e-sports player you might need to narrow your focus some. E-sports games typically refer to games played on PCs. In order to hone your craft and consider yourself an e-sports player, you should focus on one game. Picking one game will give you the opportunity to practice your skills in the game. Obviously, you can change whatever game you wish to play, but it helps to be an expert in a specific game rather than a novice in many. 

When deciding on a game to focus on, try picking one that you already are familiar with. It will be a lot easier to dedicate a lot of time to a game that you enjoy and already understand. You may also want to pick a popular game. This ensures that you will have plenty of levels, competitors, and opportunities for competitions. Alternatively, a more obscure game may give you a better chance of making a name for yourself. 


Once you’ve picked your game, it’s time to make sure you’ve got the right equipment. Many e-sports players take their gear very seriously. Understandably so, since it can make or break your game. Invest in a quality computer that can handle a lot of gaming. Many laptops and some PCs just can’t meet the demands of constant gaming. Gaming requires a fast computer, a lot of storage, long battery life, and more. 

Even the mouse you use can have an effect on your game. A good gaming mouse feels comfortable to use for long periods of time. It should fit to your hand and give you a good grip. For gaming purposes, try to avoid an overly complex or curvy mouse. These can be cumbersome and hurt your hand. 

Many e-sports players choose to use headsets. Gaming headsets include headphones and a mic that allow players to communicate with each other. Many gaming headsets offer features specifically for gamers, including adjustable mics, virtual surround sound, and headset buttons. Picking a good headset will vary by preference and budget.

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E-sports are very similar to traditional sports when it comes to getting better: lots of practice. Playing regularly is the best way to make sure you stay on top of your game. If you have a gaming setup at home, you can practice there. If you don’t, you can try visiting an e-sports lounge like the one at Wintrust Sports Complex. An e-sports lounge is filled with top-of-the-line PCs, gaming chairs, headsets, and other equipment. 

Our e-sports lounge has 12 customizable setups that can be adjusted for your best gaming experience. Don’t want to lose your place when you leave? No worries, with our login system you can pick right back up on your next visit. The e-sports lounge is available to rent for parties in our awesome birthday party package. Or you can visit and play on your own for an hourly rate.

Professional E-Sports Player

A professional e-sports player is someone that plays with an official team or within official tournaments. Professionals play in large tournaments that are often international. Players from all over the world compete against one another. Many professionals compete on teams. These teams are very exclusive, only accepting very talented players. 

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Becoming a Pro-Gamer

Becoming a professional gamer or e-sports player can be difficult. There are a lot of people competing for similar spots in the same field. Luckily, not everyone has the drive or commitment to seriously attempt a career in e-sports gaming. In order to become a professional, you’ll need to start taking your craft seriously. 

Many of the steps to becoming a professional are similar to those needed to become an e-sports player in general. You’ll have to pick a game to play as well as professional equipment. The best way to become a professional is by practicing. 

Once you’ve reached a high enough level in your respective field, you can find a team to join. Joining a team doesn’t make you a professional, but it certainly helps to immerse yourself in competitions and community. Once you’ve made your way through local gaming events, try your hand at larger tournaments. These tournaments are a great way to get noticed in the gaming community. Most importantly, they’re an opportunity for teams and sponsors to see you in action. Being sponsored is one of the biggest earning opportunities in e-sports gaming. Making a living through e-sports is what sets amateurs apart from professionals. When you can support yourself through sponsors and tournament prizes, you can consider yourself a professional e-sports player. If you’re interested in becoming a professional e-sports player, practice your craft in the e-sports lounge of Wintrust Sports Complex.