How to Get Better at E-Sports


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Get Better at E-Sports

If you or someone you know is looking to become a more proficient player of e-sports, there are a few different steps you or they may take to improve the various main skills common in e-sports. E-sports has taken the world by storm, and even for people who previously didn’t game too regularly, e-sports has become an engaging activity to pursue during free time or on a day off. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get better at e-sports for recreation or career pursuits. Whatever your reason for interest in this activity may be, knowing how to get into e-sports and how to join an e-sports team to increase your level of involvement can have specific benefits.

E-Sports Players

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E-sports is a recreational activity that has only grown in popularity since 1972 when home consoles started to become more commonplace in the average household. Later in 1980, the first nationwide competition surrounding the game, Space Invaders involved around 10,000 players. Today, so many more people worldwide connect over individual electronic sports games and compete for various prizes, notoriety, and other accolades. The further development of streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch is responsible for even more interest and creation surrounding e-sports. New and more complex e-sports games now release frequently.

Just as there is a diverse range of different electronic sports games becoming available to the public on a regular basis, there is also a diverse range of reasons why a specific person can find themself pursuing e-sports as a player. People who want to become better at this recreational activity often either simply enjoy the activity and want to experience the joy and benefits of being a better player and doing well in the involved activities of a given e-sports game, or they want to seriously pursue e-sports proficiency to become a professional in the field or turn this hobby into a job. For the dedicated gamer, learning how to get into e-sports is the first step.

How to Get Into E-Sports

If you’re looking at diving further into the world of e-sports and may be considering a career in this genre of gaming, there are some specific approaches to consider. These approaches include attending events and tournaments, spending time honing your core strengths related to e-sports, and utilizing social media for knowledge and connections. It’s also important to be highly proactive during the free time you have and to explore the opportunities available in your area.

Events and Tournaments

Many professionals in the field of e-sports express how much event and tournament attendance has made a difference in their career pursuits and success. On social media or at local facilities, you can find various postings about the latest e-sports events and tournaments that are happening near you. If you live in Chicago, electronic sports activities abound.

Core Strengths

Many companies that hire e-sports employees are newer businesses with modest budgets. Even if a business is well established, they usually have a conservative hiring budget for e-sports employees. Prospective employees should hone their core strengths to prove their ability to juggle various related tasks. You can hone skills through digital marketing and more.

Social Media

In addition to digital marketing, another way to develop your knowledge and connection to e-sports is to dive deeper into social media. Stay well connected to some of the top social media sites to remain informed of the current electronic sports news, events, and releases. Social media is also an outlet for building e-sports connections with those in the field.

Free Time

Whenever you have free time, you can also use it to advance your e-sports career by refining your digital graphics skills, becoming more proficient at e-sports games, and sharing your skills and achievements on social media. Sharing field skills and achievements publicly is a fantastic way to encourage connections and draw the attention of e-sports influencers and professionals. 

Local Opportunities

If you live in the Chicago area, local opportunities for e-sports career advancement are numerous. In addition to seeking out events in your area to watch or participate in, there are also many people involved in e-sports who are likely to consider helping you develop your electronic sports career. Professional e-sports players and others can offer advice and mentorship.

How to Join an E-Sports Team

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If you’re looking to get better at e-sports for the pure enjoyment of the hobby and want to receive more from your playing experiences with skill development, one effective means is through an e-sports team. Joining an e-sports team can provide you with varied skill development and a deeper way to enjoy e-sports as a whole. Experiencing challenges and battles with a team can be highly rewarding, allowing you to connect and bond over shared experiences. To join an electronic sports team, you can join a tournament, reach out to specific teams, and look for online posts from teams looking for new members.

Tournament Exposure

One of the most effective means of attracting the attention of an e-sports team is to exhibit your skills in a tournament. Tournaments provide valuable exposure and experience, whether you’re looking to get better at e-sports or to connect with other players to join a team.

Team Outreach

You can also reach out to a team or teams directly and express your interest in joining them as a fellow player. Social media and e-sports events can allow you to connect and pursue team leads.

Online Posts

Teams often post on sites such as Steam or Discord to find team members. Search these sites or post on them to find a team. Once you have a team, there are endless opportunities for gatherings.

Develop Your E-Sports Skills at Wintrust

Whether you want to get better at e-sports to pursue a career in the field, or you want a deeper entertainment experience, these steps can help you achieve your goal. To develop your skills at a dedicated, quality facility, stop by Wintrust Sports Complex.