The Station Grille: Bedford Park’s Best Bar


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What Makes a Great Sports Bar?

We’ve all experienced a time when we want to participate in a fun activity yet also desire quality food. Unfortunately, we’ve also discovered that only some places offer a well-rounded experience. Never say never, though – Wintrust’s Station Grille offers the best of both worlds! For gamers and foodies alike, our entertainment complex provides modern gaming venues with an in-house, award-winning grille. To discover the best restaurant and entertainment experience in Bedford Park, IL, consider visiting Station Grille at Wintrust Sports Complex.

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Local Bars With Games

Why is the Station Grille in Bedford Park, IL unique? For starters, the Station Grille is not just a traditional restaurant or a sports bar with TVs – it’s better! When searching for “sports bars near me,” you may notice that our grille has many facets. Not only do we offer some of the best food in Chicagoland, but we’re a legitimate arcade restaurant. 

Arcade restaurants offer tons of fun to guests of any age. Instead of just one or two Pac-Man machines that take excessive coins to operate, we offer a fully functional, legitimate arcade. If you have yet to go to an arcade restaurant, we highly recommend your first experience be with Wintrust. 

Our complex in Bedford Park, IL hosts not only the Station Grille but also a plethora of arcade and other games. Ranging from classic retro games from your youth to the newest online gaming and e-sports systems, our arcades provide a complete gaming experience. Here are just a few of the many activities you can participate in while eating at Wintrust’s Station Grille:

  • E-Sports – Unlike traditional sporting events and sports betting, e-sports integrate the newest technology, video games, and augmented reality to create the next level in gaming. E-sports have increased in popularity, with nearly 29.8 million people viewing e-sports online each year. For those that cannot physically participate in interactive games like laser tag, e-sports are the best – or an even better – option. Examples of tournaments for e-sports in Bedford Park, IL include League of Legends, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many more. Consider forming a gamer watch party, or hosting your next tournament, here at Wintrust for easy access to gaming and eating facilities. 

  • Laser Tag – Laser tag has increased in popularity throughout the pandemic. Due to the spread-out nature of the game, you get to avoid close contact and still participate in a fun activity with larger groups of people. Our laser tag arena hosts up to 20 people. With two different levels of gamer difficulty, you can have some competition before resting at our indoor local bar. 

  • Arcades and Video Games – When searching for the best “sports bars near me,” you may also come across the best arcades in the area. Wintrust Sports Complex hosts classic and newer arcade games that anyone will surely enjoy. For example, you can play a traditional game of Pac-Man or participate in the most recent Fortnite tournament at our e-sports cafe. With over two-thirds of Americans playing arcade and other video games, we’re confident everyone will find a game that suits their interests. 

  • Team Trivia – What better way to enjoy your time at a local bar than to participate in team trivia? In a pub-style game, small or large groups can team up to answer customizable questions. For an added twist, try virtual trivia. The virtual host will deal with technicalities, provide questions based on a theme, and offer an immersive experience. Have some of the best beer around and watch as the atmosphere begins to liven at Station Grille’s trivia trials!

  • Gamer Birthday Parties – If you hope to host your party at the local bar, why not consider Wintrust’s Station Grille? Parties aren’t just for kids, so amp up your next birthday by hosting an adult gamer birthday party with us! Bring your friends, family, and many more to celebrate with the best drinks and food in town while playing old-school arcade games or the newest in e-sports. 
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Eat and Drink With the Station Grille

Undoubtedly, the Station Grille will appear as one of the top restaurants when searching for “sports bars near me” in Bedford Park, IL. With fantastic food and beverages, our facility ensures you have the best bar experience. Participate in fun arcade games, e-sports, and other amusing activities as you enjoy our delicious snacks. 

Eat With Us

When you visit Wintrust Sports Complex, you will discover our Station Grille on the second floor. As our in-house restaurant, we serve comfort foods to fuel you throughout your gaming endeavors with us. Our most popular items from the menu include Fish & Chips, the Midway Smash Burger, Wisconsin Breaded Cheese Curds, and BBQ Pork Nachos. Whether or not you choose to participate in gaming or relax for the evening, we welcome all guests to our Station Grille. 

The Best Adult Beverages in Bedford Park, IL

Unlike most family-friendly entertainment centers, which only cater to those under 21, our complex provides entertainment and beverage options for young and adult age groups. Whether completing an intense laser tag tournament or recovering from your e-sports games, our adult beverages will surely hit the spot. 

The Station Grille offers several prize-worthy adult beverages. Cultivate that casual, relaxed vibe with the rest of your adult gamer party members, and try one of our beers. We recommend Goose Island’s Green Line Pale Ale for a buttery and sweet treat. Try Goose Island’s Neon Beer Hug for a livelier sense and find yourself with enough energy to do several victory laps after your next laser tag game. 

We pride ourselves on crafting drinks that represent different areas of Chicago. For those that enjoy more of a party mix, we have several signature drinks with vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and tequila. For a tasting experience like no other, test out our signature drinks, including the Purple Rain Martini, the Bedford Elderflower, the Maple Old Fashioned, the Floradora Midway, and the Prickly Pear Margarita. 

mixed race group of friends toasting beer glasses 2022 03 16 22 13 29 utc

Discover the Liveliest Local Bar In Bedford Park, IL

Need help deciding between visiting the local arcade and reliving childhood memories or a night out on the town with your friends? At Wintrust’s Station Grille, you don’t need to choose! You can enjoy an exciting entertainment experience while still partaking in the best food and adult beverages Chicagoland offers. Our local bar is genuine – we’ve even named our signature cocktails after Chicago! No matter your game taste or preference, the Station Grille at Wintrust will always offer an unbeatable experience with endless activities.