Best Place for Beer and Games in Bedford Park


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Wintrust Sports Complex 

Wintrust Sports Complex offers a variety of entertainment options for friends, families, and adults as the best place for beer and games in Bedford Park. As a multi-purpose entertainment facility, we provide a modern venue that everyone can enjoy. Our facilities cater to several events, such as gaming tournaments, birthday parties, trade shows, and more. For the best Bedford Park restaurants, arcades, and entertainment facilities, consider visiting our venue for a merry night out.

Laser Tag Arena

Whether you are visiting Wintrust Sports Complex for a birthday party, family adventure, date night, or hanging out with friends, our complex offers interactive games that are sure to entertain. Wintrust hosts a 2,000 sq. ft. laser tag arena. With the ability to host parties of up to 20 people and two levels of skill difficulty, our arena will offer a unique experience. Show off your real-life action skills by competing in a game with your party group or test your expertise against other laser tag enthusiasts

Indoor Sports Facilities

Whether Chicago’s experiencing below-zero or heat-stroke-inducing temperatures, indoor sports facilities provide a convenient way to enjoy activities you love most. Wintrust offers many indoor activities, including traditional sports, laser tag, pinball, arcade video games, e-sports, and a recreational center. If you seek to host an indoor sports game, our full-court gym of 116,000 sq. ft. gives you and your team plenty of space. 

To improve your gaming expertise or discover a comfortable place to exercise, we have the highest quality technology, equipment, and materials to suit all your needs. Our indoor sports facilities promise to generate a lively environment for any entertainment option – birthdays, team sports, corporate events, or family gatherings. 

Classic and Innovative Gaming Systems

Are you a millennial searching for an existing and well-kept PacMan game, or are you a Gen-Z seeking to enter the world of professional e-sports? No matter your age, we have video and e-sports games for you to enjoy, ranging from traditional arcade systems to designated e-sports betting tournaments.

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Arcades and E-Sports in Bedford Park

Whether your life revolves around playing the newest video games, testing out the latest e-sports consoles, or reliving your best memories with classic arcade games, Wintrust Sports Complex has the best e-sports and arcade games in Bedford Park. 


Wintrust Sports Complex hosts some of the best video games and arcades in Bedford Park. Still a popular activity – with nearly two-thirds of Americans playing video and arcade games – arcades were the very first version of video games. A relatively simple version of video games, most have simple rules, calling for the ability to push a button or two. The most dedicated gamers still visit arcades whenever possible – some visit to relive their best memories, while the newer generation might visit to test them out for the first time. 

With the latest technology and PC games, individuals of any age will enjoy Wintrust’s gaming opportunities. Play individually, one-on-one, or set up a tournament and experience our video gaming centers. Play a game of Pac-Man or Fortnite while you enjoy refreshments at our in-house sports grille. 


While you might be familiar with traditional sporting events and sports betting, a new sports field is rising. E-sports have increased in popularity over the last decade, along with the rise of technology, video games, and virtual or augmented reality. In fact, nearly 29.8 million people view e-sports each year. These sports provide dynamic and accessible environments for anyone who wishes to participate. 

Within e-sports, some players become professionals by reaching a high enough skill level. While for others, this sport remains a simple hobby. Examples of popular tournaments for e-sports in Bedford Park include League of Legends, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Dota 2, and so many more. Just as a variety of skill levels exists, one can also achieve various professional levels. For instance, you might become a professional video game or Twitch streamer or a renowned strategist at e-sports betting.

Tournaments for e-sports attract a pretty large crowd. Consider participating in your next tournament, or forming a gamer watch party, with us here at Wintrust Sports Complex. 

E-Sports Cafe

When searching for local e-sports in Bedford Park, you might come across Wintrust’s e-sports cafe. However, you might question what an e-sports cafe is and why you would visit one instead of gaming at home. 

Most gamers visit e-sports cafes for the social atmosphere. For e-sports in Bedford Park, these cafes offer casual and professional gaming opportunities, the use of high-tech equipment, and a designated competitive gaming center. Unlike our center for arcades in Bedford Park, which features classic games, our cafe patrons can play the most recent video games on advanced gaming systems. 

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Bedford Park Restaurants and Drinks

To experience the best Bedford Park restaurants, visit Wintrust Sports Complex’s very own Station Grille! Not only does our facility ensure you have a positive experience with fun arcades, e-sports, and other amusements, but it also ensures you keep up that energy by experiencing amazing food and drinks. 

Sports Bar Eats

Our second floor is home to our popular Station Grille – our in-house Bedford Park restaurant. Serving all of your favorite comfort foods, Station Grille crafts food to fuel you throughout all your activities with us. 

Popular menu items include our BBQ Pork Nachos, Fish & Chips, Midway Smash Burger, and Wisconsin Breaded Cheese Curds. 

Sports Bar Adult Beverages

While many family-friendly entertainment centers cater just to the under 18 years-old crowds, our complex caters to children and adults. When you visit our facility, we offer plenty of adult beverages for you to enjoy after a heated game of laser tag or while lounging in our e-sports cafe. 

As one of the leading Bedford Park restaurants, our Station Grille provides many alcoholic beverages. Our wide selection of beers pairs well with any activity, creating a relaxed and casual vibe to accompany your adult laser tag party or gaming tournament. The Goose Island’s Green Line Pale Ale is a classic beer lending that comfortable feel – buttery and sweet, while the Goose Island’s Neon Beer Hug may encourage you to embrace the livelier side of yourself.

If beers aren’t your cup of tea, we also have spirits such as vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, and gin. Additionally, our signature drinks reflect elements of Chicagoland itself:

  • Purple Rain Martini
  • Bedford Elderflower
  • Maple Old Fashioned
  • Floradora Midway
  • Prickly Pear Margarita
mixed race group of friends toasting beer glasses 2022 03 16 22 13 29 utc

Join Us for Beer and Games at Wintrust Sports Complex

Whether searching for local Bedford Park restaurants or modernized arcades in Bedford Park, Wintrust Sports Complex promises to provide an exciting entertainment experience for all patrons as the best place for beer and games in Bedford Park. In fact, you can customize your experience to your preferences, choosing between visiting our e-sports cafe, arcade center, laser tag arena, or sports bar. Along with the best beer in town and the newest indoor gaming facilities, Wintrust Sports complex ensures individuals of any age have a fantastic time.