Team Building at Wintrust Sports Complex


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Why Host Team Building Events With Wintrust?

Whether you intend to host a corporate retreat, participate in team building events, or wish to encourage employee morale, Wintrust Sports Complex will meet all your needs. Since team building remains a priority for most companies, we understand the importance of constructive events where team members can participate in interactive and mentally stimulating games. As one of the largest indoor sports complexes in Bedford Park, Chicago, we offer a variety of amenities, spaces, and activities to ensure your team has a positive experience.

Flexible Spaces

When searching for “team building activities near me in Chicago,” you will come across Wintrust Sports Complex. While many facilities may offer a building for you to host your team building events, they may offer less interactive spaces. We designed Wintrust to provide flexible spaces that engage participants. Instead of just an empty warehouse or simple gym, our facility provides multiple spaces that suit any team meeting games. Examples of flexible spaces include:

  • Our laser tag arena
  • Arcade center
  • E-sports cafe
  • Full-court gym
  • Station Grille sports bar

Flexible spaces are the better option for corporate or team building events as they encourage team members to think outside the box, enjoying their experiences instead of dreading them.

Modern Amenities

When you host your team meeting games at Wintrust Sports Complex, you will have access to our facility’s many amenities. Our Station Grille sports bar will keep your team fueled all day and night. Once you complete your team meeting games, you can all grab one of our signature adult beverages or beers and further bond during a watch party. Or better yet, grab your beers and head to our e-sports cafe to cheer for your favorite e-sports gamer.

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Team Building Activities Near Me

If you need to find results for “team building activities near me”, Wintrust Sports Complex will meet all your expectations. Located in Bedford Park with the best local beer and restaurants, as well as high-tech indoor facilities, arcades, and e-sports cafes, our facilities will meet your highest expectations.

Local Indoor Facilities

Whether you seek a location indoors to avoid Chicago’s freezing winters or blistering heat, our indoor sports facilities provide a convenient way to host team bonding activities without worrying about weather changes. Wintrust offers many indoor activities, including traditional sports, laser tag, pinball, arcade video games, e-sports, and a recreational center. If you seek to host an indoor sports game, our full-court gym of 116,000 sq. ft. gives you and your team plenty of space. 

Bedford Park Beverages and Restaurants

To experience the best Bedford Park restaurants, visit Wintrust Sports Complex’s very own Station Grille! Not only does our facility ensure you have a lively experience with fun arcades, e-sports, and other amusements, but it also ensures you keep up that energy by experiencing fantastic food and drinks. For the weary team member that went a bit crazy in the laser tag arena or the newly discovered e-sports betting strategist on your team, further bond as a team by sipping on some signature alcoholic beverages. 

Arcades and E-Sports Cafes

Despite any individual preferences, Wintrust Sports complex offers something to entertain everyone on your team. Any team meeting games at our complex will engage your team mentally, physically, or both. In fact, we have some of the best arcades and e-sports games in Bedford Park. 

While arcades and e-sports facilities are not typical team building venues, they continue to grow in popularity for a reason. Many businesses witness success regarding their team bonding exercises when participating in arcades and e-sports. These experiences either bring back childhood memories or encourage team members to learn new technological skills. As such, teams leave our facilities with either a strong bonding experience rooted in cherished pastimes or learning new skill sets.

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Team Meeting Games

In addition to our modern amenities, flexible spaces, and varying indoor facilities, visitors may participate in several team meeting games that specifically encourage team bonding. The following games foster connections and learning new skills

Traditional Team Sports

As a flexible space, your team can engage in almost any indoor sport – volleyball, basketball, tennis, and so on. Although physical sports are a more traditional team bonding exercise, they still encourage a lively atmosphere where team members feel free to express themselves. 

Workout Challenges

Workout challenge games encourage team members to maintain their mental and physical health. As mental health in workplaces remains a priority for companies, having team members participate in group or individual workout challenges creates a productive mindset. Better yet, start the workout challenge as a team when you visit Wintrust. Try tagged team exercises or Instagram’s viral “See 10, Do 10” challenge

Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are interactive venues testing your problem-solving and strategy-building skills. Most escape rooms require a team of at least four or more to solve the mystery in the designated time. Over the last few years, escape rooms have grown popular with adults and children alike. Use a different side of the brain for team meeting games and participate in a team escape room. After all, engaging the creative side of our brains is just as important as building our analytical skill set.

Laser Tag Teams

An activity that has never lost its popularity, laser tag combines physical exercise with mental strategy. With two difficulty levels, Wintrust’s laser tag arena promotes your team’s physical well-being and tests strategy skills often used within corporate offices. 

Watch Parties

Watch parties are all the rage these days – they always have been. While their popularity has always remained the same, the style of watch parties has changed. Nowadays, enjoyable watch parties outside your home occur at sports bars like our in-house Station Grille. For the best team building events, also aim to include a watch party so your team can relax after a busy day of mental and physical stimuli. 

Pub Trivia 

What better way to test your team’s knowledge learned from the day’s experience at Wintrust than to quiz them? Participating in pub trivia adds a fun twist to the typical post-assessment quiz. 

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Team Building Activities Near Me at Wintrust

Avoid boring team building events at a random warehouse or hotel lobby and instead attend a lively team bonding event at your local sports facility. Wintrust Sports Complex provides several interactive activities and other experiences suitable for team building. Whether your team participates in traditional sports, a game of laser tag, or learns new skills through e-sports betting, our facilities guarantee a productive and fun experience.