Tips and Tricks to Winning at E-Sports


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E-Sports Betting 101

Surely, betting on regular sports and e-sports are the same, right? Actually, betting for these sports requires two drastically different forms of strategy. If you were to participate in e-sports betting using strategies for regular sports, your chances of winning would remain slim to none. 

As the name implies, e-sports betting involves betting on electronic sports. Users use real money to place wagers on e-sports ranging from virtual games like racing, FIFA, and sports simulations to genres like MOBA and FPS. E-sports has quickly transformed into a booming industry with the rise of virtual and augmented reality. These online sports provide a dynamic and accessible environment for anyone who wishes to participate. However, this dynamic environment fluctuates quickly due to its dependence on the internet and changes in Meta too. 

While many enjoy participating in e-sports betting, winning remains relatively difficult. Most people go for the experience with the hope of winning rather than aiming to succeed in the first place. The best tips and tricks to winning at e-sports involve the ability to keep up with rapidly-changing trends and evolving e-sports betting strategies. 

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E-Sports Tips for Betting and Increased Wins

With the variety of games offered, you can bet on almost any e-sports game available online. The range of options available often leads players to develop their betting strategies through experimentation alone. While experimenting is excellent for beginners, some of the best tips and tricks to winning at e-sports involve studying the field and knowing which methods are best for your game. 

Before starting your e-sports betting journey, Wintrust Sports Complex recommends considering asking yourself the following:

  • Are you betting responsibly? 
  • How high are the risks of your bet?
  • Are you in an exclusive tournament? 
  • Are you familiar with e-sports in general?

Whether you identify as a beginner or an advanced player, these questions will start you on the path to success. That success begins with these e-sports tips:

Know Your Game

If you do not hold an average understanding of the rules or rapidly changing gameplay dynamics, your chances of winning any e-sports wagers can diminish. With the vast number of e-sports types, there is an equally vast number of strategies for winning. For instance, e-sports tips and strategies for winning Fifa e-sports differ from those for Fortnite.

Increase your chances of winning by increasing your knowledge base. After you develop a well-rounded knowledge of your game, start planning your strategy. 


With all the information readily available at our fingertips, why would you not use Google to increase your winning chances? A simple trick to winning e-sports, Google offers many websites specifically for e-sports betting. These websites and blogs provide team stats, overviews of different gaming strategies, and expose you to direct knowledge from professionals in e-sports.

Choose a Reliable Bookmaker

Before starting your research, choosing bets, or even making a bet itself, start by finding an e-sports bookmaker. A bookmaker refers to an online booker or booking website that monitors your e-sports betting tournaments. E-sports bookmakers differ from regular betting websites as they provide algorithms best suited to e-sports trends, not regular sporting trends. 

Know the Best Tournament Times

Carefully choose tournaments you participate in. Just like a range of players’ skill levels exists, tournaments correspond to those skill levels. On average, there are about 25 major e-sports gaming tournaments yearly, with tournaments for non-professionals occurring in between. Depending on the jackpot offered, each tournament will draw a different kind of crowd. As such, player skill levels will vary drastically as some smaller tournaments may not draw in the higher-skilled gamer teams. Therefore, average or less experienced professionals have higher chances of winning the jackpot. 

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Choose a Betting System

The industry’s three most popular betting systems include sports betting, casino games, and e-sports betting. All of these betting systems have unique strategies to win. While you could use a betting strategy from a different system, we recommend sticking with our e-sports tips for the best results in the e-sports system alone. 

Develop a Strategy

A proper e-sports betting strategy will determine your chances of winning. If you intend to bet for fun, strategy will not really matter. However, the professional knows that the trick to winning e-sports involves entering tournaments with a well-thought-out plan. 

Preparing with the right strategy, choosing the best bookmaker, performing research on team stats, and practicing your strategy will increase your winning chances. Why not have lots of fun while still winning that jackpot?

React Quickly

The e-sports industry experiences rapid changes in gaming trends, Meta changes, team rosters, and even the rules. To perform well in the industry, stay up to date on the latest e-sports tips. If you intend on making a career out of e-sports betting, serious gamers will prioritize staying knowledgeable. 

Measure Your Results

Improvements in the e-sports betting world take time to happen. For the best results, keep track of your e-sports history. As you participate in tournaments, track information like gaming odds, bets waged, winning potential, and tournament results. Professionals’ go-to e-sports tips advise keeping a spreadsheet and updating it with each bet. 

Practice Makes Perfect

By measuring your results, you can better plan your practice sessions. Although e-sports betting ultimately depends on a bit of luck, you only increase your chances of winning by practicing your strategy. Whether you lost or won your most recent tournament, study your bets and other stats to learn how to improve your odds for next time.

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Best Locations for E-Sports Betting

As experience will testify, the best gamers in the industry know that the location of e-sports betting tournaments matters. Whether you participate in an online tournament through a bookkeeper in your home or meet up at the library with your team, Wintrust Sports Complex’s top trick to winning e-sports involves finding a location that encourages winning

Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park, IL, has the latest technology, games, and e-sports betting systems. Whether you are an experienced professional or a novice gamer, our e-sports cafes encourage fun and competitive atmospheres. To hone your craft and transform from a novice to e-sports betting professional with these tips and tricks to winning at e-sports, join us to practice your skills in the industry.