Video Game Parties for Adults


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Rising Popularity of the Gamer Birthday Party

Have you been looking for unique party ideas for yourself, friends, or family, such as ideas for video game parties for adults? Gamer birthday parties offer a memorable experience for party-goers of any age. Whether you are an avid gamer, a fan of traditional virtual games, or want to explore the world of gaming more, gamer birthday parties are on the rise. 

Within the last two years, an estimated three billion individuals participated in gaming culture worldwide. Video and virtual gaming activities have grown in popularity due to their accessibility and ability to connect friends and family without them sharing physical space. With the range of video game genres and difficulty levels, they engage the mind through designs involving puzzles, challenges, action, and detective-like setups. 

If you are considering adult video game party ideas, Wintrust Sports Complex is the place for you. The perfect venue for adult e-sports and gaming activities, Wintrust offers an experience unlike any other. If you and your friends often enjoy lounging at home, eating popcorn with adult beverages, and playing the latest video game, consider a more elaborate experience with our e-sports facilities. Throw your best friend, spouse, or even yourself a birthday party centered around your favorite activities.

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Why Adults Should Still Host Birthday Parties

Individuals of any age deserve to celebrate! Whether you celebrate an anniversary, birthday, family event, or a casual friend’s night out, all activities deserve celebration. Despite the misconception that once you become an adult, life involves all work and no play, this is not true. Everyone should have the opportunity to relax, explore entertainment options, and have fun. If you have remained an avid gaming fan since childhood, why not consider hosting one or more video game parties for adults? 

Wintrust Sports Complex offers a wide variety of activities for both children and adults. As a mixed-age entertainment center Wintrust provides several opportunities for adults to celebrate their birthdays while reliving their love of gaming. 

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Gamer Birthday Party Activities

Have you ever considered hosting your party but could not think of any gaming ideas for birthdays? As an adult who wishes to host a party, it seems even more difficult to find adult video game party ideas to keep your friends entertained. USA Today reports that nearly two-thirds of Americans – adult and child – play video games. Better than a movie or traditional at-home celebration, gamer birthday parties offer the best form of amusement for adults. 

Luckily, Wintrust Sports Complex – located in Bedford Park, Chicago – will do all the prep, planning, and party hosting for you. As adults have so many responsibilities to take care of, they often put their own entertainment on the back burner. Avoid all the stress and let Wintrust plan the party for you. With outstanding adult video game party ideas, you will indeed find an e-sport or other video game activity to suit everyone attending your party. These are just a few of our gaming ideas for birthdays:

Video Games

Obviously, gaming ideas for birthdays must involve a classic video game or two. With the latest technology and the best PC games, individuals of any age will enjoy Wintrust’s gaming opportunities. Play individually, one-on-one, or set up a tournament and experience our party video games. 

Video Card Games

Are you an environmentalist who wants to lessen your use of paper? Or perhaps keeping track of multiple decks of cards seems like an irritating activity rather than a fun one. As card games are a go-to gaming idea for birthdays, consider video cards that offer twice the fun. You and your fellow party-goers can participate in a conversation or grab a drink across the room while still participating in the virtual game with your friends. 


A tried and true activity, arcades were the very first version of video gaming. The most dedicated gamers still visit arcades whenever possible – some visit to relive their best memories, while the newer generation might visit to test them out for the first time. 

If you are in the market for adult video game party ideas, arcades appeal to die-hard gamers and those new to the activity. A relatively simple version of video games, most have simple rules, calling for the ability to push a button or two. Play a game of Pac-Man or two while you enjoy refreshments at our in-house sports grille. 

Laser Tag

When your party has finished playing a game of Pac-Man or two, head on over to Wintrust’s laser tag arena. Laser tag has increased in popularity over the last three years since you can choose to play it inside or outside. Even if you have concerns over close contact, our arena hosts up to 20 people, with plenty of room to avoid feeling closed in. With two levels of gamer difficulty, show off your real-life action skills by competing in a game with your party group. Then, grab some refreshments and relax in an area designed according to your desired party theme

Virtual Escape Room

Over the last few years, escape rooms have grown extremely popular with adults. An interactive activity testing your problem-solving skills, most rooms require a team of four or more to solve the mystery in time. However, consider a virtual escape room if you cannot quickly gather that many friends or family in one place, or have too many friends attending your party to enter the room at one time. 

One of the most favored gaming ideas for birthdays, entertainment complexes like Wintrust offer virtual escape rooms. As escape rooms use clues, puzzles, and other detective skills, they easily keep gamers’ interest. A virtual escape room will surely captivate the attention of your fellow gamers during your party.

Virtual Team Trivia

A pub-style game, virtual team trivia involves customizable questions that are great for small or large groups. Different from having the means to book an entire pub or get everyone to attend that single trivia night, virtual trivia simplifies the planning process. The virtual host will write questions, deal with technicalities, count team points, and offer an immersive team experience.

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Book Your Gamer Birthday Party Today

Wintrust Sports Complex offers one of the most unique experiences in the Midwest. Located in the Chicago area, we provide a modern and interactive experience sure to liven any party, including any video game parties for adults in your life. Perfect for any gamer birthday party, stop by for a short gaming experience of laser tag or relive your favorite childhood experiences in our arcade. If you seek an in-depth video game-themed experience, let our team at Wintrust Sports Complex plan your party for you. For the ultimate birthday party experience for video gamers, book your party with us today.