How to Plan the Best Arcade Birthday Party


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Planning a birthday party for someone, young or old, can be tricky. You want to make sure they have a fun time, but you also want to ensure everyone else has a good time too! When looking for Chicago birthday party venues, it seems many places can’t host a larger group or are pricey. If you have a mixed group of children and adults, that makes it even more complicated. You might have difficulty finding places to have adult birthday parties that are child-friendly and vice versa. That’s why having an arcade birthday is so fun, but that isn’t the only reason you should book Wintrust for your next birthday party! 

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Arcade Birthdays

Having an arcade party is one of the best things you can do to celebrate for many reasons. It’s a price-controlled situation, fun for everyone, easy to set up, and memorable. 


The prices of parties continue to go up yearly, and Chicago birthday party venues are no exception. At an arcade birthday, you set the price. For example, at Wintrust’s arcade, if you provide every person with a card, you can start with a minimum fee of only $10 per person. If you purchase them simultaneously, you could receive bonus credits and have more play time! Having a set price in mind is a great way to save money. At Wintrust, you can also book a party and get game cards, laser tag, and more deals! You can make an arcade birthday party fit any budget.

Fun for Everyone 

One of the best parts about arcades is that they don’t have an age limit! Just about anyone can have a great time at an arcade. There are so many kinds of games, and everyone can find something to enjoy, whether they’re 5 or 75. At Wintrust’s 4,000-square-foot redemption arcade, anyone can have a good time! You can also win tickets and use them to buy prizes so everyone can take home a toy, candy, or maybe even a bigger bonus. There are prizes that everyone can enjoy! Laser tag can have more physically demanding, but it is also fun and exciting. Children and adults can enjoy themselves at an arcade birthday, especially when there are other things like food, drinks, games, and a court to play on. 

Easy Set-Up

The most challenging part of any birthday is preparation, especially when planning kid birthday games or having a party at your home. When you have an arcade party, you only have to figure out the basics, and the people entertain themselves with endless kid birthday games and more. It’s even better at Wintrust because, with a party package, we take care of all the preparation! Food, drinks, snacks, and a place to rest between games make it much more exciting. You also get a party host to help determine the logistics and keep the celebrations going. The only thing about a party that might be worse than preparation and setting everything up is cleaning up afterward, and Wintrust takes care of all the cleanup for you! Your arcade party at Wintrust will be a blast! 


Planning a birthday party can be stressful, especially because you want your loved one to have the most fun possible. When you plan a party, you hope everyone will remember it and look back on it for years. An arcade birthday party is something that everyone will remember. For adults, sometimes it feels like fun parties are in the past. Places to have adult birthday parties are usually venues for food or drinks. At Wintrust, you can enjoy one of the best places to have adult birthday parties and still have delicious food and beer on tap! Station Grille is Wintrust’s restaurant and bar, conveniently located just upstairs from the arcade. Other Chicago birthday party venues can’t encapsulate the experience of nostalgia and fun of an arcade without compromising adult fun. Wintrust can make your birthday party a night to remember, no matter how old you are.  

Ideas for Arcade Parties

When you plan your arcade birthday party, you can make it even more exciting with a few of these tips and tricks: 


You can make your party even more fun by bringing in a theme your loved one enjoys. You can bring gift bags, balloons, and themed party utensils! Give everyone party hats in that theme and take pictures. 


You could hold a competition for who can win the most tickets! Classic kid birthday games like musical chairs can be fun, especially when you have a party room. If kids get tired of playing arcade and court games, there are many other games to try. 

Other Party Options

At Wintrust, you can have an arcade party with a court rental, which makes for fun with sports and court games. You can also plan a party with access to the esports lounge! Esports is a fast-growing new field, with competitions worldwide drawing millions of fans. 

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Book Your Arcade Birthday Party

If you are planning a party and don’t know what to do, consider an arcade. You can make it your own and truly enjoy a special occasion without spending a fortune or planning the same old thing. If you live in or near Chicago, consider planning your party with Wintrust Sports Complex. Contact us today to set up your next event