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There are many benefits to frequenting an indoor sports complex. If you love sports and live in Chicago, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. Scheduling sporting events can be a nightmare, even during the summer months. The number of annual sporting events that get canceled due to weather issues is astronomical. This is one of the many reasons indoor sports are becoming increasingly popular. No matter the weather, you can always count on having a game, rain or shine. But you don’t want to choose any old sports complex to host your event. If you live in Chicago, trust Wintrust at Bedford Park to accommodate your sporting event needs. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of indoor sports complexes and why this Chicago sports club should be your first choice.

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Why Choose an Indoor Sports Facility?

Weather is one of the most significant factors when choosing where to hold a sporting event. Anyone who has lived in Chicago for even a calendar year knows that the weather can be volatile. Winters here are no joke. We get a bitter cold with lake-effect snow and wind. And the summers can bring the exact opposite. Some days amid the summer months, you get insane heat and humidity. This doesn’t bode well for athletes playing on courts and fields outside. In the winter, it proves impossible to host a game outdoors. And in the summer, you risk players and spectators overheating. 

This is why indoor sports facilities are so necessary. Air conditioning and heating are a luxury, depending on which season you’re playing in. Plus, you can host sporting events year-round, rain or shine. The weather outside doesn’t necessarily matter for athletes playing indoors. The indoors provide a reprieve from the elements for athletes and spectators alike. Plus, there are usually other perks that come along with booking an indoor sports facility. Most sporting event spaces will have several different uses. For instance, Wintrust in Bedford Park has dining facilities and other recreational activities available to patrons. 

You no longer have to suffer through unbearable heat. Wintrust in Bedford Park also allows you to do so with extra perks. Indoor sports facilities like Wintrust Sports Complex enable athletes and spectators certainty in uncertain weather conditions. We also offer the luxury of an indoor sports playing and viewing experience. 

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Chicago Sports Clubs Near Me

Do you live in the Chicago area? Are you looking for an indoor facility to host your sporting events? Check us out at Wintrust Sports Complex. Our massive indoor facility boasts eight high school hardwood basketball courts (or 16 NCAA volleyball courts). We also have one championship court in addition to our private meeting and event spaces. Plus, we have something to entertain every member of your family. Do you have rambunctious kids who can’t sit still on the sidelines? Send them over to play laser tag or to game in the redemption arcade and e-sports lounge. We have enough activities to keep everyone well entertained and happy

You can also stop by Station Grille if you want a bite after the game. Station Grille is our complex restaurant that boasts a full-service kitchen and bar. Unlike the little snack shacks you find at most outdoor sports centers, you can order a great meal at our Chicago sports club. You can grab an appetizer like our BBQ Pork Nachos or Bavarian pretzels. Or you can get something more substantial like our Midway Smashburger or an order of our Fish and Chips. We also offer kids meals for the little ones. And, for those of age, you can even grab an adult refreshment. We proudly serve Goose Island beer and offer a full liquor selection. Signature cocktails include our Purple Rain Martini, Prickly Pear Margarita, and Bedford Elderflower.

Why Choose Wintrust?

Wintrust Sports Complex has an excellent reputation for indoor sporting events. We are located in Bedford Park, right by Midway Airport. This puts our facility on a short train or car ride away from downtown Chicago. You can enjoy the benefits of Wintrust parking. 

Bedford Park, Illinois is a village on the southwestern border of the Chicago city limits. It’s also an Illinois Enterprise Zone. It’s home to several local restaurants, shops, and other businesses. This location is a vibrant neighborhood that every Chicagoan should visit at least once. Because we are located just outside of the city, we offer amenities that sports facilities in the town can’t. For instance, Wintrust parking is widely available. Sports facilities in the area may not provide this luxury, and some even charge patrons to park. You can browse the rest of our website for more information about Wintrust parking or getting to our facility. 

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Host Your Event With Us

It’s never ideal to have a sporting event canceled due to weather conditions. You should consider hosting your sports events with Wintrust in Bedford Park year-round. You can guarantee that the show will go on rain or shine. Plus, spectators will undoubtedly enjoy the experience of watching your games more when they’re held indoors. The rest of our facility is open for spectator enjoyment as well. When you host your event in an excellent facility, you’re more likely to draw spectators week after week. So check out the rest of our website for more information on how you can host your indoor events on one of our courts.