Why Wintrust Is the Best Arcade in Chicago


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Playing games in an arcade is exhilarating and fun! There is no other place that can make you feel so young at heart. Arcades used to be everywhere, but they are few and far between today. Even though there are bars and game rooms in Chicago, they aren’t quite the same. Too often, the only arcade games you can find are in movie theaters or other places where the arcade isn’t the focus. So what makes ours the best arcade in Chicago? There are several reasons why the arcade here at Wintrust Sports Complex is the best Chicago arcade around.

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Arcade Space

Part of why the arcade at Wintrust is the best arcade in Chicago is the space! Our 4,000-square-foot redemption arcade has all kinds of games. You receive a game card that is rechargeable with gaming credits. Then, you can play all the games you want! For some games, you win tickets that save to your card. When you buy more credits at once, you can get deals on credits per dollar! You can use your credits on any of the games in the arcade. Going to an arcade in Chicago like Wintrust, which has ample space and unique games, is exciting. You can hold a birthday party here or enjoy a family game night! But the area isn’t even the most exciting part of the arcade. 

Laser Tag

What Chicago arcade would be complete without laser tag? Everyone loves laser tag, and we have a great setup at Wintrust. There are two levels of obstacles, a 2,000-square-foot arena, and it’s only $8 per person! You can bring up to 20 friends to play in each game, and you’ll surely enjoy the exciting adventure. Laser tag is such a fun experience, so it’s great to share with lots of friends, or you can play with other people at the arcade and still have a blast. 

E-Sports Gaming Lounge

Wintrust has arcade gaming. E-sports arenas are the next big thing, with tournaments popping up worldwide. Only a few arcades can claim this new entertainment offering! While you may have to book the e-sports arena beforehand, it is worth it! Try a competition with your friends and see how exciting this is! 


One of the best things about gaming and arcades is they are accessible. Little kids can play at an arcade, and so can adults of any age. Most games don’t require much physical activity, so almost anyone can play. People with disabilities or other impediments can still enjoy a fun time at an arcade! Not only that, an arcade is often an affordable entertainment option. No matter how much money you have, you can still have fun, even if you only have a few dollars to spare. This is one of the reasons why people love our Chicago arcade: almost anyone can enjoy it, regardless of their circumstances or situation.

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Why Wintrust Is the Best Chicago Arcade

While having the right games and atmosphere is essential, having other amenities to complete the package is just as important. For Wintrust, the arcade is only a piece of the entertainment. Several different aspects of our complex add to the arcade experience! 

Food and Drink

When you come to Wintrust, you can enjoy two different food options! Downstairs, we have a concessions stand filled with affordable and accessible snacks and drinks, perfect for quick access or if you get hungry while you game. The concessions are simple and enjoyable, and it might be precisely what you’re looking for as you enjoy arcade games with friends. In addition, we also have an upstairs option with our Station Grille Restaurant and Bar. 

Station Grille

With the fun of an arcade, our food and drink options, and various other scheduled events, you can enjoy the perfect night out! If you search for “arcade bars near me,” you might not see Wintrust first, but it’s because we offer so much more! Station Grille offers a delicious classic menu with options ranging from appetizers like BBQ Pork Nachos to a delicious Midway Smash Burger or Fish and Chips. Not only is the food delicious, but the drinks are also excellent. With options like Chicago-founded Goose Island Beer on tap or a curated selection of cocktails, you can enjoy a boozy lunch or dinner while you enjoy an arcade date and more. Other game rooms in Chicago just can’t beat our range of options

Options, Parties, and Events

Whether you’re looking for a venue for an arcade date, a birthday party, or a work event, Wintrust offers package deals and options! You can book a conference room, plan a party, and more! We have our arcade in addition to eight hardwood basketball courts that can be set up for games and other sports activities!

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The Best Arcade in Chicago

Stop searching for “arcade bars near me” or “game rooms in Chicago,” and come down to Wintrust Sports Complex. We have everything you need to have a fantastic time and enough room to invite your friends and family. When searching for “arcade bars near me” or similar, finding a place in Chicago that’s family-friendly and adult friendly is hard. You can enjoy our arcade regardless of your age, and you won’t have to go elsewhere to enjoy a well-deserved drink or a delicious dinner. That’s what makes our facility the best! Contact us today, and we can help you get started

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