Activities to Get Out of the Cold


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The weather throughout Chicago and surrounding areas can change very quickly. In addition to the possibility of quickly fluctuating temperatures at many times of the year, the fall and winter months can also come with some brutal cold. When these times of the year hit, it helps to know some of the top activities to get out of the cold. There are many fantastic activities to try or revisit with friends and family this year, especially in the Chicago area. In this article, we’ll discuss things to do when it’s cold outside, some considerations for activities, things to do in the winter with friends specifically, and activities to get out of the cold at Wintrust Sports Complex.

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Things to Do When It’s Cold Outside

In the Chicago area, the fall and winter months of each year can come with a consistent amount of snow, ice, and wind. While temperatures don’t often drop into the single digits or even below zero degrees F., you can still have a fairly unpleasant experience outdoors if you want or need to spend some time outside during these times. However, the cold temperatures, weather hazards, and associated health risks aren’t unavoidable. There are many unique and diverse things to do when the cold sets in throughout Chicago and surrounding areas, affecting your ability to enjoy time outdoors with your friends and family.

In contrast to the perception held by many people that eliminating outdoor activities when the weather becomes unpleasant or unsafe can effectively limit your recreation options, there are endless activities to choose from and enjoy inside. Focusing on indoor activities can even help you develop other hobbies and interests you may have been less likely to discover or engage in otherwise. Some of the top things to consider doing when it’s cold outside in the Chicago area include reading a new book, starting a prank war, engaging in a cook or bake-off, trying out a new recipe, learning a new board game, discovering a new podcast or musical artist, and engaging in a dance party or fitness routine.

Considerations for Cold Weather Activities

There are many diverse indoor activities to choose from when the weather outside turns cold. Much of what you select to engage in the next time you want to avoid time in outside snow and ice depends on your specific interests, available materials, and willing participants. Cold weather activities not only present a unique opportunity to develop your skills and interests, but they also allow you to develop your relationships with others you’re inside with. You can bond and create many lasting memories you’ll look back on fondly. When choosing from the available cold weather activities, it can also be helpful to consider any potential time constraints and goals or aspirations for activities.

In consideration of your potential time constraints, goals, and aspirations for indoor activities during cold weather, some of the top activity categories to consider as options are creative and artistic, music, movies, and other media, making and documenting memories, revisiting old classics, getting active and expressing yourself, and planning and organizing. These activity categories and more can give some guidance and inspiration for a wide range of indoor activities to consider engaging in or rediscovering by yourself or with fellow companions you’re spending time with. You can find hobbies, stay active, accomplish tasks, and much more!

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Things to Do in the Winter With Friends

If you’re looking for fun things to do in the winter with friends specifically, there are many more group-specific activities to sift through and consider for endless entertainment indoors. When looking to have fun with friends while still avoiding and staying out of the cold, you can set up an indoor campsite, have a fake snowball fight, host an indoor sculpture competition, or shop holiday sales. You can also share music, movie, or television interests, create photo memories, decorate for the holidays, build a gingerbread house, or take a scenic drive through area neighborhoods and landscapes.

There are many great ways to explore and share your common and individual interests with one another when spending indoor time together. You can take the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level, discover new interests and hobbies together, and learn more about yourself alongside some of your close friends. Similar to indoor time spent enjoying your own company or engaging with family, there are endless opportunities to explore and expand upon these and more ideas with friends while enjoying the unique snow and ice views from the comfort and safety of indoors. You can also consider previous or regular activities done together and gain inspiration from there.

Activities to Get Out of the Cold at Wintrust

While there are many fantastic and worthwhile ways to get out of the cold and spend quality time by yourself or alongside others, you can also find yourself hard-pressed to remain engaged or keep others entertained, or to avoid any potential feelings of claustrophobia. When you’re looking for new things to do in the Chicago area while still staying out of the cold, an entertainment complex is ideal. Wintrust Sports Complex has a range of indoor activities to choose from that are sure to keep you and any other friends or family members occupied and having a great time despite the weather outside.

At Wintrust Sports Complex, you can enjoy many diverse activities, including laser tag, arcade games, and esports. You can also enjoy a full gym experience to entertain while staying active. For food and drinks, you can stop in at Station Grille.

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Get Out of the Cold at Wintrust Sports Complex

When the weather starts to turn cold, and you want to avoid the harsh snow, ice, and wind of the Chicago area with indoor activities, there are many great options to choose from. For a one-stop entertainment destination to stay engaged and get out of the house, get out of the cold at Wintrust Sports Complex.