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There are many exciting activities to consider engaging in around Chicago and surrounding areas of Illinois when you’re looking for something to do with your friends or family. Year-round, and especially during the colder months of fall and winter, indoor activities are very popular. One of the most popular indoor activities to consider engaging in is laser tag, such as at an area arcade. There are also many physical and mental benefits to laser tag as a popular Chicago recreation. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of indoor laser tag, including laser tag in Chicago specifically, the best arcades around Chicago for laser tag, and indoor arcades near you. 


Indoor Laser Tag

A viral indoor activity for people of all ages is laser tag, the recreational shooting game engaging participants in quick, reflexive dodging, aiming, and laser shooting. As an indoor recreation, laser tag continues to engage many people since its relative introduction in the 1970s. Originally developed as a way to practice reflexes, targeting, and accuracy in the US army between trained soldiers, laser tag has since quickly become a widespread indoor activity enjoyed for generations. Since the 1970s, laser tag has grown in complexity, including in its technology, equipment, and options at available locations. This activity continues to develop as a timeless activity.

Initially, laser tag involved detectors and harnessed infrared transmitters used by army soldiers. The technology included a tool called M.I.L.E.S., which is essentially a multiple-integrated laser engagement system. This tool continues to aid army training to this day. This early technology provided the foundation for the game of laser tag we are familiar with and consider fondly in the present day. Later in the 1970s and 1980s, the involved technology developed further through the guided creations and other efforts of media and entertainment companies. These companies used the technology for arcade and other early video games’ content, including Star Trek phaser guns.

Laser Tag in Chicago

As laser tag toys, phaser games, and other activities similar to laser tag continued to develop through the 1980s into the present day, dedicated spaces for laser tag games continued to be more present and popular. Various businesses now provide this engaging physical activity to individuals and groups, with more options for diverse gameplay as time goes on. Some of the most popular and involved businesses in video games, technology, and other products and services similar to laser tag have a presence in the Chicago area. Due to these businesses’ work related to laser tag as well as the benefits and diverse engagement of this activity, Chicago laser tag continues to be highly popular.

If you’re looking for laser tag and other similar activities in and around the Chicago area, there are many opportunities to engage in these activities and with other avid fans. Many generations of fans and people previously unfamiliar with the activity engage in laser tag regularly for its diverse engagement as well as its physical and mental benefits. Laser tag can benefit your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, problem-solving, team building, and other skills, which can make a real-world positive impact on your professional efforts and personal relationships.

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Best Chicago Arcades for Laser Tag

The unique futuristic game of laser tag has arenas and dedicated spaces throughout the Chicago area and surrounding parts of Illinois. A literal blast from the past, it continues to entice new generations of gamers as well as many of the people present for its creation and peak amongst the general public decades ago. The first official laser tag arena opened in 1984 in Dallas, Texas at a dedicated laser tag center. Today, you can find laser tag and other similar game offerings at many types of locations, including amusement centers, indoor gaming venues, mall arcades, and entertainment complexes. 

When you’re considering where to play laser tag and other similar activities you or a group may enjoy, you can have all the top benefits of laser tag, other diverse activities, impactful convenience, and high quality at one of the best Chicago arcades. The best Chicago arcades for laser tag have laser tag as well as a number of other desirable activities, options for solo or group play for various activities, offerings for official events, such as birthday parties and tournaments, and a range of food and drink offerings for before, during, and after your activities. These arcades also offer a number of deals and pricing options to save you time and money for your effort.

Indoor Arcade Near Me

Though you might be tempted to simply type in “indoor arcade near me,” the results you’re the most likely to receive can be very numerous and ultimately overwhelming. Sifting through endless options online, including some that may not suit your needs and aspirations for an arcade, can take a great deal of time and keep you from effectively and efficiently achieving your goals. Wintrust Sports Complex is the option you’re looking for as one of the best arcades around Chicago for laser tag, as well as esports, pinball, basketball, volleyball, and a range of new and retro arcade game options. You can take advantage of all the options you’re looking for and more.

As one of the best indoor arcades near you in the Chicago area, Wintrust Sports Complex also has all of the impactful space you’re likely looking for to entertain, exercise, and enjoy your time on a day off or occasion with yourself or a group of your friends or family. You don’t need a specific occasion to stop in and take advantage of the range of activities, opportunities for exercise and skills development, and simply de-stress and enjoy yourself. 

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Enjoy the Best Arcade Around Chicago for Laser Tag

When you’re looking for all the benefits and options of laser tag and more, Wintrust Sports Complex is your one-stop destination. To enjoy one of the best arcades around Chicago for laser tag and much more, stop in today.