The Best Summer Bucket List for Your Family 


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Looking for things to do on summer break? We’ve got you covered with some fun summer activities for you and your family. Summer is the perfect time to make new memories- the kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and you want to spend quality time with them. Whether you want to relax or take on great adventures, creating a summer bucket list for your family is a great way to make the most out of the summer and make lasting memories. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best summer bucket list ideas for you and your family. 

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Explore Nature 

One great activity to add to your summer bucket list is to explore nature. One of the most fun ideas for summer is a family camping trip to the great outdoors. Camping can be a great bonding experience, from the car ride to the setting up the tents. Make sure to bring some s’mores to make over the fire! You’ll also want mosquito repellent for any pesky bugs.

Another fun idea for summer is a family hike to a national park or nature reserve. Here, you can discover hidden gems and beautiful scenery, such as birds, trees, and even waterfalls. Nature is a great energy booster, so if you’ve been feeling sluggish from work, take a camping trip! The last great option is to have a picnic in a scenic spot. Consider the Chicago skyline as your backdrop. Hit up your local grocery store and stock up on ingredients for sandwiches, as well as fresh fruits and other snacks. Your kids and family will be sure to enjoy quality time together while also enjoying the city views.

Beach Fun 

When it comes to things to do on summer break, the beach is a must. Grab your swimsuit and your family, and head to North Avenue Beach to spend a day building sandcastles and splashing in the waves. Family trips can be expensive, but luckily, our local beaches can provide the same escape. Consider trying new water sports while on the beach, such as kayaking, paddleboarding, or even surfing. Have your kids collect seashells and make sandcastles. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the beach. You’ll have so much fun with your family, all while getting hit with the sun’s warm rays. 

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Outdoor Adventures

The best part about summer is the warm weather. Chicagoans know our summer doesn’t last forever, so it’s essential to make the most of it and fill it with fun summer activities. Plan a family bike ride to add to your summer family bucket list, or buy some rollerskates! Biking as a family is so much fun, and you can even plan to bike to your local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop as a reward. Another great outdoor adventure is to plan a scavenger hunt in your backyard. Scavenger hunts can be an excellent activity for kids of all ages. Hide little gifts over your bushes, and then have your kids count to ten. They will be so excited to find the gifts as a summer treat. Finally, organize an “Olympics day” with relay races, activities, and outdoor games. Being competitive with your family can bring a lot of great memories. 

Food and Fun 

Summertime is the best time to sharpen your cooking skills and leave the grill. Consider throwing a backyard barbecue for your family and invite your friends and neighbors. Set up a DIY ice cream bar with different flavors, toppings, and candies. Visit your local farmer’s market for fresh fruits and vegetables to create a delicious homemade meal. There are many local Chicago farmer’s markets that have the best ingredients. Not into cooking but still want family fun? Then, check out our Station Grille, Wintrust Sports Complex’s amazing arcade restaurant. Explore our arcade and e-sports lounge, and then after, grab a bite or two to eat. We have an extensive menu filled with delicious food and premier cocktails. 

Have the Family Learn Something New

Just because the kids are out of school doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! One of the most fun ideas for summer is a class. Consider bringing together your family for a cooking class, and prepare your delicious meal together.  Or, visit a museum or art gallery to check out their newest exhibition. You’ll enjoy many amazing artworks and spend quality time with your family. If you’ve always wanted to learn gardening, you can make it a family event. Learning something new can be really fun and exciting for both you and your family. 

Family Movie and Game Night

Consider having a family movie night with a selection of old movies or new releases. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce to your kids your personal favorites. If you’ve been wanting to check out a new movie and spend time with family, then now is your chance to do these fun summer activities. You can also organize a game night and play board or card games. Pop some popcorn and get all of the candy in the world on display. This is a simple and cheap activity that you can add to your bucket list that will surely bring a lot of fun. 

Give Back to the Community

Another fun and rewarding activity to add to your summer bucket list is to find a local community service project and volunteer as a family. There are many local parks or beaches that need your family’s help with littering. If you love pets, consider visiting an animal shelter and spend some time with the residents or animals. It can feel very rewarding and can be a great bonding experience for your family this summer. 

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Visit Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park 

If you’ve been looking for things to do on summer break, Wintrust Sports Complex is your answer. Located in Bedford Park, just a couple minutes from downtown Chicago, Wintrust Sports Complex is the best destination to add to your summer bucket list. We are a family-friendly adventure filled with sports, e-sports, and arcade games galore. Come for a family basketball game, or discover our many arcade games. We are committed to making your family feel 100% at home. So, gather your loved ones and start checking off your bucket list, it’s time to make this summer the best one yet! 

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