Best Activities to Bond With Your Kids


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Finding fun family ideas to bond with your kids is one of the essential tasks you can do as a parent. It makes them feel secure and loved while developing social skills such as sharing and sensitivity. In addition, it will keep them feeling safe, supported, and understood.

Thankfully, there are many activities you can do to strengthen your bond with your kids. These activities are simple yet exciting, creating wonderful family memories for years to come. As with all team building activities with kids, you must give them autonomy in choosing the activity. 

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1. Go Recreate

Making time to bond with your kids creates fond memories and deepens your connection. Activities that promote physical activity and fun are the ideal way to foster the bond between you and your little one. There are plenty of ways to get your kids involved in recreation that aids family bonding and can strengthen your relationship with your children, including arts and crafts. Arts and crafts provide an excellent chance to express creativity and involve the whole family in something enjoyable.

Spending quality time in a team environment can be entertaining and beneficial, as it helps improve their mental well-being. Laser tag is a fun, active, family bonding challenge your kids will love. Laser tag is often open to parties of up to 20 people and is perfect for your next birthday or group event. It also helps parents stay in shape while improving hand-eye coordination. Laser tag combines physical exercise with mental strategy, which has always retained popularity. With two difficulty levels, Wintrust’s laser tag arena promotes your team’s physical well-being and tests strategy skills often used within corporate offices. 

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2. Experience a Story

Experiencing a story is another ideal activity. A well-crafted story can elicit powerful emotions in you, so watching a film could bring everyone closer if you and your children feel disconnected.

Carefully chosen movies can teach children about the world, including politics, psychology, and economics. Understanding how other cultures think and feel is beneficial for learning a language. Breaking up an hour-long film into manageable chunks allows you to absorb information quickly without spending too much time in “passive-watching mode.”

Reading a book together is another meaningful way to bond with your kids. Not only will this provide quality time together, but it also helps them develop their reading skills. While you read, ask them about their day and what activities they have been up to while you were reading aloud. One way to strengthen the bonds with your kids is by reading aloud. Reading stories aloud allows for even deeper conversations, leading to lasting memories. Reading with your child can also give you insight into their interests and personality. This will enable you to comprehend better how they perceive the world and how best to support those pursuits.

In addition to these ways to bond with your kids, there are plenty of other fun family activities. You can do these activities at home or a special event and create beautiful memories for the whole family.

3. Go to a Concert

One of the best ways to experience team building activities with kids is by taking them to a concert. Not only is it fun for all, but music also serves as an effective form of stress relief for everyone. When selecting concerts for children, it’s wise to opt for kid-friendly ones. Not only will this guarantee they have an enjoyable time at the concert, but it will also keep them safe. If you need help, check the band’s website or YouTube for videos and comments from other parents to determine if it’s suitable for your little one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that concerts can last a while. By arriving early, you can take advantage of all available entertainment for bonding, such as glow sticks or games like Eye Spy. While you wait, try to choose a quieter place so your kids have some space. Doing this will ensure they feel safe and gives you room to bond with your kids. Once inside, sit at the back of the crowd so your children don’t feel like they are in the way. Additionally, this will help them keep their voices down.

Knowing when your children are ready to leave the concert is also essential. If they seem unhappy or disengaged, let them go sooner rather than later. Doing this will allow for a smoother experience and reduce stress when returning home, ensuring concerts remain on your list of fun family ideas.

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4. Take a Food Trip

Treating your kids to food as fun is an excellent way to strengthen bonds. It can be a relatively inexpensive and effortless way to get away from the house and spend quality time together. Make this activity memorable by making a day of it and letting the children choose what they want.

Station Grille at Wintrust Sports Complex is your one-stop destination for food and drinks. Located on the second floor, our restaurant serves traveling families and residents looking for a lunch or dinner option and a local beer. 

Another excellent way to spend quality time with your kids is by organizing a family picnic. This will strengthen the bonds between parent and child, and it’s sure to be a lasting memory. So, have a picnic and bring sweet treats too. A family picnic is an incredible way to spend quality time with your family.

Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park offers the village and visitors a multi-purpose facility with vast recreation space for fun family ideas. Our sports areas, lounge, and family entertainment center welcome you and make you feel at home. If you’re looking for one-stop family bonding, our state-of-the-art sports facilities, arcade, laser tag, and e-sports cafe are just what you’re looking for to provide team building activities with kids.