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People either enjoy or dread planning birthday parties. Understandably, parties involve many components, such as locating birthday party places, gathering RSVPs, obtaining entertainment, and selecting catering options. About 71% of Americans classify party planning as a high-stress event. However, planning for birthday parties shouldn’t ever be dreadful, but filled with joy! At Wintrust Sports Complex, we know how easily party planning can overwhelm someone. In this article, we’ll discuss how to plan a birthday party, choose from birthday party places, and assess venues’ suitability for your party needs. 

How to Plan a Birthday Party

Are you wondering how to plan an action-packed birthday party, reasonably priced and enjoyable for all age groups and interests? Planning a party like this may seem initially impossible, but you just need to know the proper steps to prepping a perfect party. Luckily, if you plan your party at Wintrust Sports Complex and follow these steps, you’ll have a spectacular birthday party that will leave a lasting memory for years to come. 

Plan a Theme

When considering how to plan a birthday party, you should always first decide on your theme. Themed birthday parties are fun and especially engaging for hyperactive children. However, themed birthdays may also be pricey if you consider the cost of all the themed decor. To determine if a themed party is suitable for your party, review the following:

  • Why would the person or guests enjoy a themed party? Am I trying to create a party memorable for the birthday person, guests, or both with a specific theme? 
  • Choose an age-appropriate theme. The theme should always correspond to the birthday person’s age. For instance, children’s birthday themes may include movies, the circus, carnivals, or popular kid-friendly TV shows. However, adult parties may focus on themes with casinos, decades, black-and-white ties, or more mature TV series. 

In place of choosing a specific theme, you can instead use the existing decor or entertainment space to determine your theme for you. 


Budget availability will always factor into planning birthday parties. Depending on your budget, you should spend more or less on factors like catering, decor, entertainment, and so on. On average, Americans spend roughly $300 to $500 per party. Unless you intend on hosting a large party with a high guest count (50 people or more), you may have some flexibility with your budget. Typical party budgets include expenses for food and beverages, staffing, entertainment, technology use, and event venue rent. 

If you find yourself in the market for adult or child-friendly places for a birthday party, look no further than Wintrust Sports Complex. Our entertainment center is located in Bedford Park and offers exceptional experiences at budget-savvy prices. When you choose to host your event with us, you will experience all the benefits our entertainment center offers, such as e-sports arcades and an on-site bar. 

Create the Guest List

Before choosing venues to have a birthday party, you must first know the number of potential attendees and your main activities. Creating a guest list will provide an initial idea of where to host your party. For example, you could host a guest list of ten people in your home, but a guest list of 50 or more will probably require a larger venue. Additionally, you can start prepping how much food, cake, and decor you’ll need ahead of time.

Send Advanced Notice

Once you have completed most of the planning, it is time to send out RSVP invitations! The best invites arrive around three weeks in advance and include RSVP information. By sending this information early, you can ensure all guests reserve the date and know how to stick with the party theme – if you planned one. 

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Popular Venues to Have a Birthday Party

It can be difficult to find the best place for a birthday party. It becomes even more challenging when deciding on the event activities, guest list, food orders, and so on. Selecting an appropriate venue, however, remains one of the most challenging parts of hosting a birthday party. When choosing the best party place for your birthday party, consider the following tips and venue suggestions for Bedford Park.

Consider the Space

Ideal venues to have a birthday party normally have a fair flow. The venue’s “flow” refers to guest accommodation, appropriate sizing and space, and ongoing activities. Different types of parties will likely require different flows. For example, an adult’s thirtieth, cocktail-themed birthday party may only involve ten guests and a sports bar, whereas a child’s thirteenth, sports-themed birthday party may include a venue where children can zoom around the space.

To assess whether a place for a birthday party is right for you, consider the following questions:

  • Are specific spaces, like kitchens or entertainment spaces, conveniently located nearby? 
  • Is the party space an appropriate size to accommodate guests? 
  • Will high-flow areas like the bar, restrooms, or gift-unwrapping station become crowded?

To prevent these issues from turning a high-spirited party sour, ask ahead for an illustrated floor plan of the venue. Mapping out potential activities ahead of time lets you know if this is the right space for your party. 

Entertainment and Arcade Venues

Gamer parties are on the rise. USA Today reports that almost two-thirds of Americans play video games! Why not consider hosting a gamer-themed birthday party to celebrate a much-loved activity? Here are just a few activities Wintrust offers for gamer-themed parties: 

  • Video games
  • Video card games
  • Arcades
  • Laser tag
  • Virtual escape rooms
  • E-sports cafes


Most family-friendly entertainment centers only cater to those 18 years old and younger. However, our complex caters to both children and adults. Wintrust offers many adult beverages for you to enjoy after a game of laser tag, during a gaming tournament, or in our e-sports cafe. For an adult-only birthday party, consider testing some of our classic Ales from our on-site Station Grille beforehand to determine which drinks you want to be served at your party. 


Pizza parties are one of the most popular suggestions for birthday parties. People of all ages enjoy pizza celebrations. At most entertainment complexes, like Wintrust, pizza is offered for just this purpose. Consider adding on one of our pizza party packages– the gaming, sports, or esports package – to create a fun and hunger-free night!

Indoor Sports Venues

Indoor sports locations are some of the best venues to have a birthday party. These facilities are the perfect option when maximizing your budget or hosting large families or groups. Often, these facilities have special deals suitable for most party budgets. Additionally, indoor areas will offer many opportunities to engage various interests.

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Plan Your Party With Wintrust Sports Complex

Wintrust Sports Complex offers some of the most unique birthday party options in the Chicago area. With interactive experiences like laser tag, escape rooms, indoor sports facilities, and e-sports cafes, our entertainment options will liven any party. When considering the perfect place for a birthday party, visit Wintrust for a magical and unforgettable experience.

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