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Arcades are a huge part of video game history and culture. Before consoles and internet gaming took hold, arcades ruled the video game scene. Back in their heyday, arcades were one of the only places you could go solely for gameplay. Originally, the biggest demographic for arcade games was kids and young adults. Having an arcade nearby while growing up was a huge deal. It was a place where you could hang out and compete with friends. And many adults are seeking out this nostalgic arcade experience today. It’s no wonder that adult arcades are growing in popularity, popping up all around the country now. There’s a huge nostalgia factor in visiting adult arcades in this day and age. Maybe you want your kids to have the same experiences you had growing up. Or maybe you just want to gather a group of friends and relive your childhood playing Pac-Man the whole day. If you live in the Chicagoland area and are looking for arcades nearby, check us out at Wintrust Sports Complex. 

Fun Arcades Near Me

Now you might be wondering what exactly a sports complex might have to do with gaming. This is understandable, as video games and sports are often pitted against each other in conversation. However, people are beginning to acknowledge the similarities that physical sports have with video gaming. Like physical sports, video games do require learned skills in order for a player to do well in competitive scenarios. With the rise of the e-sports industry, competitive video gaming is gaining more legitimacy and popularity, and finding “fun arcades near me” is easier than ever. Colleges now recruit gamers to be part of their e-sports teams, even giving out scholarships for it. In fact, Robert Morris University right here in Chicago was the first school to offer an e-sports scholarship. E-sports is a global phenomenon and is now a billion-dollar industry based on competitive gaming. 

For those not quite familiar with e-sports, here’s a short rundown of what it entails. The word “e-sports” simply describes the world of competitive (usually online) gaming. Competitors play on teams and go head to head against each other playing games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and League of Legends. Fans from all over the world tune in to these competitions, meaning finding “fun arcades near me” can involve never leaving your house. These tournaments can also be attended in person, but the bulk of fans watch from home. For gamers, brands, and video game producers, the e-sports market is incredibly lucrative. The biggest chunk of e-sports fanatics tends to watch from China, North America, and South Korea. Due to the popularity of this phenomenon, there are now professional gamers. These professional gamers are individuals who earn a living playing video games. Similar to traditional athletes, these e-sports athletes earn money from sponsorships and brand deals. 

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Best Arcades Nearby

It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran gamer or a novice. Adult arcades can simply be fun places to hang out and play games. For a long time, playing video games was a more isolating experience. When the home console was introduced, some of the best arcades started closing. Sure, you could still play multiplayer games with friends at home. But it was certainly not the same as going to an arcade nearby and hanging out for hours. Now, in 2023, e-sports is revitalizing that social aspect of gaming culture. Nearly every game that hits the market today has options to play with friends or strangers online. Plus, people are attending championships and tournaments in person more and more often. E-sports lounges, the modern-day equivalent to an old-school arcade with gaming machines, are becoming more common. 

Visit the Best Arcade at Wintrust Sports Complex 

At Wintrust Sports Complex, we believe that gaming is as much of a sport as basketball or volleyball. That’s why we tried to create the best arcade spaces for gamers in our facility. We cater to all types of gamers out there. If you enjoy keeping things simple, play all the classic arcade games we have to offer in our redemption arcade. Or, if you prefer a modern-day experience, hop on a PC in our e-sports cafe. You can battle it out on any of the latest titles in the online gaming world, including tournament favorites like Overwatch and Madden NFL. Whether you come alone or with friends, you’re sure to have a blast. 

Our facility is welcoming to kids and adults alike. Our complex also includes a fully staffed kitchen, bar, and lounge called the Station Grille. So, if you’re looking for arcades nearby where you can grab a drink and some food, Wintrust is just the place for you. The best thing about our facility is that there will never be a dull moment. There’s always something else to do if you end up getting tired of gaming. When you’re done in the redemption arcade, our e-sports cafe is a worthwhile transition. After that, grab some food and drink from Station Grille. Then play some laser tag or catch a sporting event. There’s always something new to do at Wintrust.

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Fun Arcades Near Bedford Park

Wintrust Sports Complex is located in Bedford Park, IL. Bedford Park is a village on the southwestern border of the Chicago city limits. It’s home to a number of great businesses and restaurants that make up part of the Illinois Enterprise Zone. So, if you find yourself in the area, there’s a lot to see and do. Our complex in Bedford Park is very close to the Midway Airport and only minutes away from downtown Chicago. There’s something for everyone at Wintrust, whether you’re just visiting the city or you’re a local. Bedford Park is a great place for a little weekend getaway with the family. And it’s also perfect for anyone looking to get out of the airport during a layover. For more information about the best arcades in the Chicagoland area, visit our website. Or contact us to plan your trip to Wintrust today. 

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