Weekend Fun Places in Chicago


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Fun Places in Chicago

Whether you’re a local or just visiting the city, there’s always something to do in Chicago on a weekend. After a long week, it’s important to make time for fun and enjoyment by seeking out weekend fun places in Chicago. If you’re searching for new things to do today, consider visiting our multi-purpose entertainment center. Whether it’s just you or you’re looking to entertain the entire family, Wintrust Sports Complex is one of the best weekend fun places in Chicago. Wintrust Sports Complex is a sports and gaming facility located in Bedford Park, Illinois. Our complex is right by Midway Airport and easily accessible by car or train from downtown Chicago. In this article, we’ll let you know all the reasons Wintrust Sports Complex is the place to be this weekend. 

Things to Do Today in Bedford Park

The village of Bedford Park is situated on the southwest border of Chicago. When you’re looking for things to do today in Bedford Park, Wintrust Sports Complex as well as a number of other restaurants and businesses are available, making up the Illinois Enterprise Zone. The town is also an integral partner of the Illinois and Michigan Heritage Canal Corridor. This means that in addition to having a handful of great businesses, Bedford Park is also home to beautiful scenery. In its beginnings, the village was an industrial area but now has blossomed into a center for entertainment. There’s always something new happening in Chicago. Residents and business owners alike praise the town for its prosperity, giving it a great reputation. If you’re looking for what’s happening in Chicago today or this weekend, come down to Bedford Park. If you come to play games at Wintrust, we highly recommend staying for all of the action happening in Bedford Park.

Wintrust Sports Complex 

Wintrust Sports Complex is a multi-purpose entertainment center. We offer every form of entertainment, from sporting events to laser tag. There are a variety of activities to try for both kids and adults, so bring the whole family around. Plus, there’s something for everyone here. Whether your interests are more video game-based or sports-related, we’ve got tons of both. You can visit our redemption arcade or try out our e-sports cafe and game to your heart’s content. Or you can check our ever-changing schedule to find a sporting event to drop in on. And what’s game day without a little food? At our Station Grille, you can choose from many food and drink options, including anything from a simple appetizer to our Midway smash burger. Additionally, for those over the age of 21, there’s also a great selection of alcoholic drinks. This includes draft beer, wines, and, of course, specialty cocktails. If you find yourself wondering what to do in Chicago this weekend, consider checking us out at Wintrust Sports Complex. Visit our website to plan your trip. 

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What’s Happening in Chicago?

Depending on your personal interests and preferences, there are a ton of activities to choose from at Wintrust. Our center caters to many different types of people, from gamers to athletes. Do you have one kid who is interested in video games and another who is interested in sports? If that’s the case, this is the perfect place to go on a weekend. You can plan your trip in advance with us or come around and check us out on a whim. It’s completely up to you. For those celebrating birthdays or other special occasions, take a look at the party packages on our website. There, you’ll find information about planning an event with us. If you’re just dropping by for a good time, here’s some more information about our facility. 

Our Facility

When we say we have something for everyone, we really mean it. Our entire venue is 116,000 square feet. Within this square footage, there are 8 high school hardwood basketball courts. These basketball courts also function as 16 NCAA volleyball courts. Additionally, there is a championship court, our redemption arcade, e-sports gaming room, and laser tag/laser frenzy area. On top of all of that, we have a full-service bar and lounge, Station Grille, and plenty of private event and meeting spaces. To see more of the layout of our facility, check out the pictures and graphics on our website. 

Our Arcades

One of the main attractions of Wintrust Sports Complex is the plentiful opportunities for gamers. Maybe you want to play old, retro-style video games like Pac-Man. Or maybe you want to participate in online games like Fortnite. No matter what your gaming preferences are, there’s room for you to play at Wintrust Sports Complex. Gaming arcades have been around since the beginning of video gaming itself but have gone out of fashion more recently. Wintrust understands the social interest many gamers have. Being around people who enjoy the same activities as you is important. Come to Wintrust and join a community of gamers of all ages and experience levels. 

Indoor Sporting Events

Chicago is a city plagued by extreme temperatures year-round. From the lake effect chill in the winter to blistering heat in the summer, we can never catch a break. Wintrust hosts indoor sporting events for the public to enjoy no matter what the weather outside looks like. Plus, we have options that allow you to host your own event, rain or shine. Our indoor sports facilities are utilized for everything from basketball tryouts to birthday parties to youth camps. So, no matter your purpose or need, Wintrust has you covered. 

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Visit Wintrust

So, if you’re wondering what to do in Chicago this weekend, stop by Wintrust Sports Complex. Our facility is accessible by the Orange Line, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from downtown Chicago. So come by for some fun and games and be part of the action. Drop by to play some laser tag or catch a basketball game. Or, plan a party with us and invite all your friends. And, after you visit Wintrust, get the most out of your Bedford Park experience. If after your visit to Wintrust, you find yourself still looking for what to do in Chicago this weekend, there are so many additional great businesses and restaurants to visit. For more information regarding your visit to Wintrust Sports Complex, visit our website today!