Why Arcade Parties Make the Best Corporate Events


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It’s that time again. You’re planning your next company party and aren’t sure how to keep employees engaged on a budget. Maybe you’ll book the conference room and plan some games and snacks. But that has been done before. Instead, let’s look at why arcade parties make the best corporate events

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Let Them Unwind at the Arcade

Your employees work hard for your company. So, you want your corporate event ideas to break the mold. It is only fair to allow your employees to let loose and have some fun every once and a while. Where better to enjoy yourself than at an arcade party? Our Wintrust arcade is one of the premier arcades in Illinois. We have endless games that highlight strategy, focus, action, and competition. There is something for everyone. Do you have an employee who likes the arcade classics, like Pac-Man and Galaga? We got it! Or perhaps one of your workers loves the challenge of a claw machine? We have plenty to choose from. But no matter the skill set, we have games that are fun and user-friendly. All the while, your team will be wracking up tickets to win prizes. These mementos will remind your employees of the fun day you curated for them. 

The Benefits of Gaming

When it comes to corporate event ideas, letting your workers play at the best arcade in Illinois is wildly enjoyable. But it can also benefit your employees in more ways than you may think. Arcade games have been shown to:

  • Stimulate Brain Function: Arcade parties provide scenarios where concentration and accuracy are crucial to success, much like in the workplace. 
  • Enhance Reaction Times and Hand-Eye Coordination: There are many arcade games where sharp reflexes become a must-have in order to win. The more your employees play, the more honed these reflexes become. Depending on the field you work in, this may be a handy skill to inadvertently improve. 
  • Adapt to New Challenges: Many arcade games have various levels in which you have to adapt to new challenges. Perhaps the layout of the game is changed, or there is a stronger enemy to defeat. These hurdles will force your team to learn how to adapt to changes in their environment and goals. So, when their initiative shifts at work, they will be well prepared. 
  • Enrich Problem-Solving Skills: There are a variety of arcade games that encourage strategic thinking and creative problem-solving. As they play, your employees will be enhancing their analytical thinking. This, in turn, will benefit their decisions on the job. 
  • Reduce Stress: Stress is a huge factor in employee relations, especially when the end result is burnout. One WHO study found that nearly $1 trillion is lost globally each year due to burnout and the associated loss of productivity. Playing games and finding joy within your community can help battle stress and anxiety. Thus, letting your team have some fun at the arcade could in fact save you time and money!
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Get Their Blood Pumping with Laser Tag

The fast-paced fun of laser tag can’t be beat. Let your employees run free and loosen up for the day! Almost like recess at school, getting your employees moving has many benefits. This is especially true for those in sedentary jobs. The intensity of laser tag can increase an individual’s heart rate – giving them a healthier heart and some sweat to release toxins. It also offers players the chance to engage their muscles in a full body workout. And, all the while, the game will be aiding the development of both gross and fine motor skills that can help them in the office. 

How Laser Tag Can Build Comradery

Laser tag is also an impeccable corporate event idea due to its team building qualities. You’ll be splitting your employees up into teams and giving them a common goal. They’ll immediately need to start strategizing and building methods of communication. By building this comradery among your employees, you are investing in some incredibly important qualities. Studies have shown that team building can build trust, encourage clear communication, mitigate conflict, and increase collaboration. All of these qualities keep employees more engaged in their work and with their company’s culture. 

Foster Competition with E-sports

Let’s face it. When we think about e-sports, we often think of a teenager in a headset. But the allure of e-sports is bringing in a more and more diverse crowd. E-sports are simply a fun and engaging way to spend your time. E-sports may possibly be the most enjoyable way to boost cognitive function. The activity enhances abilities in strategic thinking, decision-making, and reaction time – all of which can benefit your team. 

How Healthy Competition Can Help Your Employees

Competition serves as a significant incentive to practice motivation, responsibility, excellence, and creativity. It pushes people to be and do better. Over time, the work ethic and communication developed by team building activities like e-sports becomes ingrained in the player. The more you encourage healthy competition, the more enhancement you’ll see in employees as they complete their own tasks. 

Share a Meal at Station Grille

Sharing a meal together actually encourages socialization and conversation. The more your employees can get to know each other, and invest in each other, the more likely they are to feel connected to your company. This boost in morale will make your workplace atmosphere more calm, cordial, and efficient. So, when you need a break from all the fun and productivity of your arcade party, your team can stop at Station Grille, our delicious bar and restaurant within the Wintrust complex. 

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Wintrust has it All

Here at Wintrust, our facility has everything you need. The experiences offered can improve employee relations and build a more efficient and skillful team. How will you move forward with your corporate event ideas? Sure, you could have a boring catered lunch in the office with no change of scenery. But why not give your workers something they can truly look forward to? 

Wintrust is more than one of the best arcades in Illinois. We are driven to provide a wide variety of games for people of all ages. We are focused on the well-being of our visitors – as we know the mental and physical enhancement they can experience by getting invested in the games. You’ve learned by now that arcade parties make the best corporate events. So, contact our team today to plan your next event!

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