Birthday Ideas in Chicago to Make Your Day Extra Special


birthday ideas in Chicago

Coming up with birthday ideas in Chicago can feel overwhelming. There are simply so many options! We will go over a few of them today and try to match them with the personality traits you and your friends share. So, let’s take a look at how to make your day extra special

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Find the Best Bars and Restaurants

Sure, this may not be the most exciting in terms of ideas for birthday parties. However, it may be the best in terms of chatting and catching up. Let’s face it. Adult friendships can often mean seeing those you love less often. So, having a birthday where you can forge meaningful connections through communication may be what you need. We absolutely recommend Station Grille – it is the best bar in Bedford Park and has an arcade for extra fun! Planning your party at a bar or restaurant is an excellent option for those who are talkative, food-loving, and dedicated to knowing their friends deeply. 

Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

There are so many excellent places to do karaoke in Chicago! There is practically a karaoke bar in every neighborhood of the city, so you have plenty of choices. Perfect for those looking for indoor party places, karaoke is a great option no matter the weather. Plus, who doesn’t love to let loose and share their favorite music with their pals? This is an excellent plan for those who are bold, confident, and not afraid to be the center of attention. 

Dance the Night Away at Your Favorite Club

Sometimes, you just have to let loose! If you’re looking for birthday ideas in Chicago, a great one is to let the DJ take over your night at your favorite club. Have a distinctive experience at the kitschy Beauty Bar in River West. Or maybe explore the many levels and rooftop deck of Sidetrack in Boystown. No matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed to find good music to groove to. A celebration centered around clubbing is best for folks who are outgoing, musically inclined, and ready to bust a move. 

Have a Laugh at a Local Comedy Club

Chicago is known for its thriving comedy scene. In fact, many SNL performers have been recruited from well-established clubs in Chicago. So, catch a show at Second City or The Laugh Factory! You’re sure to have a good, hearty laugh. And who knows, maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of a future comedy star. Heading to a comedy club is a fantastic idea for birthday parties for those who are jovial, light-hearted, and ready to have a chuckle with their friends. 

Check Out the Flourishing Theater Scene

Astonishingly, Chicago has over 250 theaters. Some are foundational regional theaters, while others are small storefront theaters. But all of them deliver incredible performances. In fact, five of the theaters are Tony Award winners. Some are perfect indoor party places, while others may offer an outdoor experience. With diversity in story, tone, and perspective, there really is a show for anyone, making it a wonderful birthday idea in Chicago. Celebrate your birthday with a bit of escapism into an imaginative world. This option is best for groups that love getting sucked into a story. 

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Watch a Flick at Your Local Movie Theater

Prefer on-screen acting? No problem. Chicago is home to some iconic movie theaters that are full of movie ideas for birthday parties. Whether you like a multiplex like AMC or an independent theater like the Music Box, there is a spot for you. You can find blockbusters, art-house films, or documentaries depending on what you love in a movie. The perfect match for introverted cinephiles and extroverted movie buffs alike, celebrating with a new flick is a great idea for a birthday celebration.  

Catch a Baseball Game

Visit the second-oldest baseball field in the United States and catch a game! Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, is open for ball games from March to October. The plaza outside of Wrigley, Gallagher Way, also has year-long events for those less sports-inclined. But ultimately, this is the perfect birthday party idea for a baseball fan, or someone who just loves some ballpark grub. 

Explore Nature with a Birthday Hike

It can be easy to forget that despite being a bustling city, Chicago has fantastic opportunities to connect with nature. You can stay in the city limits with the Chicago Lakefront Trail. Or, if it is accessible to you, you can venture out to the many beautiful trails of Illinois. One special spot is the North Branch Trail System. This runs through Chicago, Glenview, Morton Grove, Niles, Northbrook, Northfield, Skokie, and Winnetka, so you have plenty to explore. In terms of ideas for birthday parties in Chicago, this is probably your most active choice. A birthday hike is perfect for outdoorsy types who want to stroll and chat with their friends and family for the day. 

Enjoy a Leisurely Spa Day

Prefer a day of pampering over a day of exercise? Chicago is a fantastic spot for that too! For a traditional spa day, try The Peninsula Spa in the Near North Side neighborhood. Or, for a truly unique experience, visit the AIRE Ancient Baths in River West. This may be a pricier option for your party, but it is a day of relaxation you’ll never forget. This type of celebration is ideal for those who are ready to indulge or even individuals who have been a little too stressed recently. Let go of all that tension with a spa birthday party. 

Hit the Arcade for Some Extra Fun

Perhaps the most interactive birthday idea in Chicago, an arcade birthday party is the best way to have a playful day with your fellow partiers. Lift your spirit with the fun and exuberant atmosphere that game birthday party ideas offer. Places like Wintrust Sports Complex offer more than your typical arcade venture. This establishment includes an e-sports lounge and laser tag for some good, old-fashioned competition. Throwing a party at Wintrust is a flawless match for those who are young at heart and are looking for an engaging party for all. 

birthday ideas in Chicago

Mix and Match

Still indecisive about what birthday ideas in Chicago to go with? You can always mix and match! Pick a free day from your calendar and fill it with activities that will capture every vibe you want. Our recommendation for the ideal day? Go with a game birthday party idea. Visit Wintrust for a playful day of laughter and follow it at the adjacent Station Grille to decompress. This indoor party place even offers excellent party packages! So, contact Wintrust today and start planning your perfect day.