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When you’re planning a birthday or other party and want to create the perfect event for guests, it’s essential to know your available options and some tips and ideas for inspiration. Suppose you’re looking for private venues for parties in Bedford Park or another nearby Chicagoland area. There are several exciting options to create memorable birthday parties and other events, whether you’re planning a kid’s party, adult party, or a party for people of all ages. Wintrust Sports Complex remains a top choice for people looking to rent private venues and they’ll provide helpful tips for successful and low-stress parties. The details of your next party can make all the difference.

There are several private venues you can choose from for your birthday party or other event. When renting private venues, a high-quality, trustworthy venue such as Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park can be ideal to satisfy your needs and party aspirations. Plus, it’s conveniently located! In this article, we’ll discuss some ideas to consider for your next birthday or other celebration, whether you’re planning a kid’s party, adult party, or party for all ages. We’ll also elaborate on some reasons to consider Wintrust Sports Complex as your next party venue and the rental options available to you. 

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Party Ideas

When planning a party, such as a birthday for a close friend, family member, or other person in your life, it can be helpful to look at top party ideas. Exploring some ideas can help relieve your party planning stress, help you remain within your party budget, and create a more organized and memorable event for yourself and your guests. Some of the top areas to focus on are your party’s theme, guest list, activities, and venue.


While a birthday party or other celebration is generally a joyous and exciting time to come together with family and friends to rejoice in life’s landmarks, it can also come with stress and anxiety if you’re doing most of the planning. Start by planning your party’s theme. When considering which theme to choose, it can be helpful to consider your guests. Having awareness of the party guests attending your celebration can help you think of ideas and find inspiration for details your guests will find engaging, entertaining, and ultimately, memorable. For example, if you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, some themes to consider might include mermaid, art, tea party, beach, LEGO, swimming pool, dance, and sports party themes. 

Suppose you’re planning an adult party. In that case, you can use some of the party themes mentioned above, such as sports themes, or other adult-friendly party themes like tropical, toga, cocktail, nautical, masquerade ball, film, and even zombie apocalypse party themes. Much of what can make a birthday party or other celebration geared more toward a specific age group are the choices of party games and other activities, your food and drink selections, and your chosen party venue. Designed with this in mind, you can easily adapt the various entertainment spaces of Wintrust Sports Complex to suit virtually any party theme, including any sports party theme and beyond.

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Guest List 

As previously mentioned, reflecting on the guests you anticipate inviting to your next birthday party or other event can help you better determine some of the other top party details. Are you anticipating predominantly child guests, young adult guests, or adult only guests? Will parents  be in attendance that need to bring their children? If yes, you should plan a theme, activities, and your venue around what would be most entertaining for all guests of all ages. 


Once you understand the general age range of your guest list and a theme that properly reflects your guests, it’s time to consider the activities for your upcoming party, including kids games and adult games. Activities should reflect the age range of your party guests.

Games to Play at Kids Parties

Some of the games to play at kids parties include Twister, Simon Says, and Duck Duck Goose. Other activities like arts and crafts, basketball, or other indoor sports can be a blast. Wintrust’s dedicated gym space and classic arcade games are the perfect option for kids of all ages. There’s also a fully equipped e-sports lounge for guests to enjoy. 

Games to Play at Adult Parties

Some of the top games to play at adult parties include Truth or Dare, Jenga, concentration games, arcade games, e-sports and indoor sports, and murder mystery games. Wintrust also has a dedicated restaurant and sports bar in Station Grille for entertaining, relaxing, or refueling before the next activity. 

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Wintrust Party Rental Options

When you need the right private venue to achieve gaming birthday party success, Wintrust has the perfect event spaces and entertainment options. Gaming birthday, sports birthday, and e-sports birthday packages are available as well as rental options for corporate or other catered events. Connect with our team today to explore your options.

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