Corporate Event Ideas That Won’t Bore Your Staff


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No matter what type of corporate event you’re planning for your workplace, coming up with a great corporate event idea is no easy task. Hosting a successful corporate event that involves many team-building activities while keeping coworkers engaged can be quite difficult. The city of Chicago is full of many different private event venues, and you need to choose the right one to make your corporate event a success. Building relationships with coworkers is important to your work culture, so you must take the time and do some research to find the most exciting and unique corporate event ideas.

Some team-building activities, such as trust falls or gift exchanges, can be somewhat embarrassing for your coworkers. And other mundane corporate activities like virtual team building can be just plain boring. If you’re wondering where to spend your corporate holidays in Chicago and have a blast with your coworkers, look no further. Keep reading to explore our guide to the best places to go during corporate holidays in the great city of Chicago.

Friends singing karaoke

Sing at Karaoke

Who doesn’t love going to the karaoke club? We all love singing in the shower, but now it’s time to take your coworkers’ talents to the stage and make your corporate event a fun-filled musical gathering. At the karaoke club, you can use the power of music to promote fun and inspire team building. Going to the karaoke club is one of the most creative corporate activities you can choose for your corporate event this year.

Since your coworkers typically only interact through e-mails and meetings, adding some musical fun to your corporate event by opting for karaoke can bring joy back to the workplace. Karaoke allows people to step out of their comfort zones and bond with each other in new ways. Before you know it, your coworkers will be humming the same songs at their desks, and they might even make new friendships with people they don’t typically have contact with in the office. What great fun!

Hit Up an Escape Room

Another great corporate event idea is to hit up your local escape room. Just like karaoke, solving an escape room puzzle together with your coworkers can promote team building. Solving an escape room is a fun activity that challenges your staff and inspires them to work together toward a common solution. You can even choose to have a business-themed escape room to promote problem-solving in a business setting for your coworkers. Either way, solving an escape room puzzle with your coworkers is a gear team-building game that helps coworkers collaborate in new and unique ways. You can either host an escape room at your workplace or head to an off-site facility for your escape room outing.

Host Your Corporate Event at Wintrust Sports Complex

If you’re planning a holiday party in Chicago, consider hosting it at Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park, Chicago’s premier multi-use modern entertainment facility. Hosting your corporate event at Wintrust is one of the best corporate event ideas because all of our activities at Wintrust Sports Complex promote team building. Our state-of-the-art modern facility is easily accessible and close to the city. Our facility boasts a 4,000-square-foot redemption arcade, a 2,000-square-foot laser tag arena, 16 volleyball courts, 8 basketball courts, an e-sports lounge, multi-purpose rooms, and a full gym. And make sure to stop by for a meal at the Station Grille, Bedford Park’s best sports bar and restaurant.

friends at the arcade

Redemption Arcade

The Wintrust Sports Complex redemption arcade is an exciting way to invigorate your corporate event with fun and exciting team-building games. Our arcade has a huge selection of both new and nostalgic arcade games that will have your coworkers jumping for joy and reliving their childhood. Our simple refillable arcade cards make it easy to get started playing arcade games. You can even refill them with credits and use them over and over again at your next event! You can even make the competition more exciting by offering coworkers prizes for getting the most wins at the arcade. Not only will you be rewarding your coworkers for team building together, but you’ll also be helping them improve their organizational and decision-making skills at the arcade. What a fun corporate activity to consider!

Laser Tag Arena

There’s no need to stop the fun at arcade games! Booking your next corporate event at our laser tag arena is another great corporate event idea. Laser tag is a team sport that promotes strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, cognitive abilities, and concentration. When playing laser tag, your coworkers will learn to cooperate and work together seamlessly to achieve their goals. They will also get to interact with members of the workplace that they don’t typically talk to in the office. Hosting a laser tag event can help your staff strengthen their relationships with their coworkers and create a positive office environment. These are all essential skills that workers should have in any workplace, making laser tag an amazing and unique idea for your next corporate event.

Sports Facilities and E-Sports

If you want to turn your corporate event idea into a huge success, consider hosting your corporate event at our sports facilities. At Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park, we offer a variety of sports activities such as volleyball, basketball, a full gym, and even an e-sports lounge. We also have multi-purpose rooms for rental, as well as an expansive e-sports lounge to cater to everyone’s hobbies. Our modern and clean facilities will make the perfect venue if you wish to host an active and healthy corporate event.

restaurant arcade fun

Grab Some Grub at Station Grille

The Station Grille at Wintrust Sports Complex is Bedford Park’s best sports bar. What better way to end your corporate event than with a fulfilling and delicious meal? Our Station Grille offers a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and mains, such as our Midway Smash Burger, BBQ Pork Nachos, and Wisconsin Breaded Cheese Curds. We also serve a variety of beers on tap, as well as wine, spirits, and signature drinks.

What are you waiting for? Book your next corporate event at Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park for an excitement-packed event of fun, games, and grub.