Planning a Holiday Party in Chicago


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Are you planning a holiday party in Chicago? If so, Chicago is the perfect city to host a festive celebration for your family, friends, and colleagues. Here are tips for planning a holiday party in Chicago at Wintrust Sports Complex! We offer premier entertainment services in Bedford Park, just 20 minutes from downtown Chicago.

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Set Your Budget

When planning your holiday party in Chicago, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you need help with wealth management, you can connect with a Wintrust Wealth Management expert today.

Choose Your Venue

Choosing a venue is also crucial to planning your holiday party in Chicago. There are a variety of places to host your celebration, from hotels to restaurants and even private residences. Consider the size of your party, the type of atmosphere you’d like to create, and the amenities available before making a decision. 

Are you looking for a place that offers city sports indoors? Then check out Wintrust Sports Complex’s multi-purpose family entertainment complex for fun, inviting environment for all kinds of city sports. We are the ultimate entertainment center, located just 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. We offer a venue for city sports, a redemption arcade, an e-sports cafe, a laser-tag area, and a sports bar. Our redemption arcade is for corporate team building or relaxing. If you’re looking for a place to host your corporate event, look to Wintrust Sports Complex. There’s something for everyone- kids and adults alike. 

Think About Decorations

If you’re hosting a holiday party in Chicago, you’ll also want to think about decorations. Are you celebrating the Fourth of July? Consider buying red, white, and blue decor, along with classic American flag decor. You can rent or buy these items from decor stores all over Chicago and set them up in one of our entertainment areas or arenas. The same goes for a birthday party or a particular themed party. There are many theme ideas for a holiday party. 

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Choose Your Food and Drinks

There are a lot of options for food and drinks. You can go for a traditional meal or opt for something casual. You can also serve buffet-style food and drinks. This allows guests to help themselves and enjoy the food at their own pace. Consider catering from somewhere to get a unique touch. Catering is perfect for large holiday parties, but our facility also offers fantastic food and drinks. 

Wintrust Sports Complex has a fantastic dining restaurant and bar to help you entertain! Our second floor is home to our famous Station Grille, which is the in-house Bedford Park restaurant. Our menu includes delicious Wisconsin cheese curds, BBQ pork nachos, fish and chips, Midway smash burgers, and more.

If you’re planning a holiday party in Chicago or a corporate event, we have plenty of adult beverages for you to enjoy after a game of laser tag. We have a wide selection of beers that pair well with our relaxed and casual vibe. Some signature drinks include the purple rain martini and the prickly pear margarita. They are perfect when hanging out and enjoying the fantastic entertainment at Wintrust Sports Complex. 

Don’t Forget Entertainment

At Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park, we offer a variety of entertainment, perfect for all ages. We have every form of entertainment available, from sporting events to laser tag. There are a variety of activities to try for both kids and adults, so bring the whole family or corporate team around. Wintrust is perfect for corporate team building or regular family bonding. 

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Tips for Being a Great Host

Hosting a great event requires way more than just inviting people over. It also takes careful planning, attention to detail, and tons of preparation to ensure your guests have a wonderful time. Here are some tips for being a great host: 

  • Prepare in advance: Give yourself time to plan and organize the event properly. If you decide to cater your food, make sure to order enough food and drinks for your guests. If you decide to have your event at Wintrust Sports Complex, this can already be done for you. We can plan the flow of the night, such as your guests’ activities.
  • Greet your guests: Make sure to greet them as they come in the door. Give a warm welcome. This can set the tone for the night and make your guests feel special.
  • Make introductions: Try to introduce your guests to each other if you can. This helps everyone get more comfortable with each other and helps to break the ice. It is also great for corporate team building.
  • Have fun: Don’t be afraid to have fun and let loose. Have some music playing in the background to bring good energy. 
  • Offer help: Offer help if anyone needs it- and clean up if you can. 

Send thank you notes to your guests once the event is over. This lets your guests know you are thinking of them and appreciate them and their presence. 

Planning a holiday party in Chicago doesn’t have to be daunting. From the venue to the food and drinks, decorations, and entertainment, there are plenty of ways to make your holiday party or corporate event at Wintrust Sports Complex one to remember! With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a fun and festive event that your guests will be sure to remember.

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