Enhancing Your Students’ Hand-Eye Coordination and Reflexes: A School Field Trip at Wintrust


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Going on a school field trip is one of the most memorable experiences your students will have. But what types of Chicago fun activities can help improve the hand-eye coordination and reflexes of your students? If you’re looking for indoor Chicago field trip ideas for some Chicago fun and to keep your students’ skills sharp, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park is right outside the city of Chicago and has so many fun things to do on your Chicago field trip. Our facility has a 4,000-square-foot redemption arcade, a 2,000-square-foot laser tag arena, 8 basketball courts, and 16 volleyball courts. Bring your school field trip to Wintrust Sports Complex to improve the skills of your students.  

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Redemption Arcade at Wintrust Sports Complex

Take your school field trip to our redemption arcade, and your students will absolutely love our great selection of modern and retro games. Our refillable arcade card makes it easy for anyone to get started. And while the arcade is fun and exciting, playing arcade games actually enhances children’s hand-eye coordination. You can even make the competition more exciting by offering extra credit points to whoever gets the most arcade points. What a great way to keep improving the skills of students while helping them make exciting memories together!

Who said arcade games were bad for kids? In fact, studies show that actively playing games improves gamers’ reaction time. This is because arcade games reward children for their reaction speed. When children play arcade games, winning doesn’t feel like learning. This way, kids can improve their reaction time while having a blast with their friends. What better way to make your Chicago field trip fun than with some good, old-fashioned arcade games? That’s why visiting our redemption arena is one of the best Chicago ideas for a great field trip!

Laser Tag Arena at Wintrust Sports Complex

Why stop at arcade games? Bring your school field trip over to our laser tag arena for a day full of Chicago fun! Laser tag is a fun and exciting physical activity that offers many benefits for your students. Playing laser tag is an energetic workout because kids get to run around and look for each other, so they get a workout while having fun. Laser tag also improves strategy since students have to play on teams and communicate while looking for the other team.

Playing laser tag is such a great form of exercise that improves students’ health, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes. In fact, laser tag is so beneficial for improving reflexes and helping kids stay sharp that even the military uses laser tag simulators in training! If the military uses laser tag to improve their reaction time and reflexes, then students will surely benefit from playing laser tag as well. Who would have thought that such an engaging and exciting pastime activity could be so beneficial for students?

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Sports Facilities at Wintrust Sports Complex

If you want to make your school field trip all about staying active, head on over to the Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park, Chicago’s premier indoor sports facility. We offer a variety of fun sports activities, including basketball, volleyball, and a full gym. Our spaces are made from the best materials and will allow your students to play to their heart’s content!

Taking your school field trip to our sports facility will bring many benefits to your students. Sports improve kids’ hand-eye coordination and reflexes, as well as their reaction times. Playing sports with their classmates also helps students learn team-building skills. Also, playing sports improves students’ self-esteem and body image. We all knew sports were healthy, but did you know that playing sports offers that many benefits? Head on over to the Wintrust Sports Complex for the best field trip ever!

E-Sports Lounge at Wintrust Sports Complex

Did we mention that we also have the best e-sports lounge around? E-sports involve playing computer games for competition. Just like physical sports, e-sports help sharpen your students’ reflexes and improve their hand-eye coordination. This is because gaming requires a combination of fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Our modern lounge has the best technology at an affordable price, which means that your students get to enjoy top-of-the-line games like Overwatch, Fortnite, and League of Legends without worrying about having the best computer and software. Put a twist on your school field trip and head on over to our e-sports lounge for some exciting and unique fun! We guarantee your students will always remember their field trip to our e-sports lounge because of all the fun and exciting times they’ll have together.


Book Your School Field Trip at Wintrust Sports Complex Today!

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose entertainment center with modern amenities that offers all these fun activities for your field trip, check out the Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park. Our local indoor facilities, redemption arcade, laser tag arena, e-sports café, and team sports activities will take your field trip to the next level. Your students will have the most memorable experience while playing together and enhancing their hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

And if your students get tired from all the fun and excitement of your school field trip at Wintrust, head on over to the Station Grille. The Station Grille is your one-stop shop for food and snacks, located on the second floor of the Wintrust Sports Complex. Our restaurant has a variety of food, arcade games, and great fun! We also have a kids’ menu that offers many choices for those picky eaters. Your students can choose from mac and cheese, hot dogs, chicken tenders, or a kids’ pizza for their meal. We also have many other delicious menu items like BBQ pork nachos and Wisconsin breaded cheese curds with chipotle ranch. There’s something everyone will love at the Station Grille. Book your school field trip at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park today!