Try Something Different: A Sports-Themed Birthday Party


A birthday party is an important milestone in a child’s life. It is a time to gather friends and family, celebrate the special day, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Instead of having the same old parties, why not try something different this year? A sports-themed birthday party at Wintrust Sports Complex offers endless fun activities and will be sure to have everyone talking!

Secure Your Date with Us

The first step in planning your own sports-themed birthday party is to find the perfect space. There are plenty of options available for party rentals at our facility. Skip local gyms and outdoor parks, because we have activities to offer that others don’t. We will ensure your party is a hit with our top-tier, regulation-size basketball and volleyball courts, esports lounge, gaming arcade, and much more. Visit our website for more information on how to reserve! (Our calendar fills up fast, make sure you book well in advance!)

Invite Your Guests

Once you know where you’ll be throwing the party, it’s time to send out invitations! Create custom invitations with team logos or fun sports designs – your guests will love them! Don’t forget to include all of your event details, including date and time, so that everyone knows when to arrive. It’s also important to let your guests know what type of attire they should wear (i.e., tennis shoes/cleats) and if there are any additional items they should bring with them (beach towels, water bottles).

Designate Activities

In order to make sure that everyone has a great time at your sports-themed birthday celebration, it’s important to plan some theme-appropriate activities beforehand. Depending on who attends the party, there are plenty of activities that can be tailored to kids like dodgeball tournaments or obstacle course relays. For older kids consider some creative drills like dribble tag or three-on-three basketball games – no matter what activities you pick; there are sure to be lots of laughs along the way!

Fun Extras

Take it up a notch by adding in some extra touches like playing music during halftime or having snacks available throughout the night! If you want an extra special surprise; consider having uniforms designed with each guest’s name emblazoned across the back–they’ll love it! Be sure that food is served after all hard work – pizza is a classic choice, and don’t forget about the cake!

Birthday parties at Wintrust Sports Complex mean you don’t have to worry about coming up with enough ideas, because our expert staff can help! Let us do the work with unique activities tailored just for your interests. Make this upcoming birthday one they’ll never forget with a sport-themed bash at Wintrust! Book your birthday party today!